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By:Andrea Kuehl


Bella’s POV

Everything I have learned as a vampire has brought me to this point. My ability to love so deeply for my husband, daughter, family, and friends, has only strengthened my abilities. For love is the greatest emotion that drives any creature, whether human, vampire, or werewolf. I had taken these last four months for granted with a distant thought to the Romanians. Now before us stand Jane and Giovanni. On the side of me, my wonderful endearing husband, Edward, and my best friend in the world, Jake. Why would they choose this day to come to collect on a bargain only made four months ago? We had defeated the Volturi, what possible threat is there now? I think we all believed or wanted to believe that we had more time of peace and tranquil days ahead. Our future looked grim with Jane and Giovanni standing before us. It seemed like we were destined for a life of servitude. I looked to Edward who was now in my same thought. Leah’s wedding was in less then five hours and the Romanians come to pay us a visit now. I wanted to panic as I threw my shield around us. I knew it would be of no use to try to attack them because Giovanni’s shield was as equally strong.
“Hello Bella, Edward, and Jake! How are you on this glorious day?” Giovanni asked us all. Glorious? What could be glorious if they were here standing in our front doorway?
“Giovanni, may I ask why you have come today?” Edward asked very firmly.
“Well, we were told there was a wedding and Antanasia thinks maybe our invitation was lost! We do not understand why we were not invited along with your other friends! Do you all not think of us as friends?” Giovanni asked us.
“We think of you as friends, but there will be humans at this wedding and we did not want to taunt you or the guard!” Edward stated very cautiously.
“Well, Edward to be quite clear, your presence is requested in Romania!” Giovanni announced. Just then Antanasia walked in with Felix, Alec, and Demetri.
“We will be attending the wedding! There is much to discuss after!” Antanasia instructed us. I turned to Edward with agony on my face. Did they plan this? They knew we would all be in one place. They knew we would not make a scene in front of humans. That would be certain death. This has been planned since the day they left, but how did they know when the wedding was?
Jacob’s POV

Of all the days these leeches decide to show up. It has to be on Leah’s wedding day. Leah was going to lose it if she found out they were here. By look on Bella and Edward’s faces they were a little unglued too. I didn’t know if I should call for Seth, Leah, Quil, or Embry. None of them were in wolf form right now, not even Sam. I would have to call using an Alpha howl. Edward shook his head no at me. ‘What do you mean NO?’
“Just wait Jake! Let me see if I can control the situation!” Edward said muffled. Just then Alice, Jasper, Carlisle, and Esme came through the doorway. The looks on their faces were not ones of joy and happiness.
“Ahh, Carlisle! We were just telling Bella and Edward that we heard about the wedding! Our invitation must have been lost, so we did not want to be rude and not make an appearance for such a joyous event!” Antanasia said condescendingly. Creepy creepers gave me chills!
“Actually, Antanasia there will be humans there and we didn’t want to be inconsiderate and put you all through unnecessary pain.” Carlisle thoughtful answered.
“But you would be so inconsiderate of your other vampire friends? Come now Carlisle, we can control ourselves!” Antanasia pushed. “ We have other issues to discuss Carlisle. There is an issue that has come to our attention. We require your talented family’s abilities as per our bargain!” She said calmly.
“We remember our promise Antanasia! It was not that long ago that it was made! May I ask why you chose today to come?” Carlisle sounded very disturbed.
“Well, we figured that this would be perfect timing since all the witnesses would be here also!” Antanasia replied smugly. I just wanted to rip that look off her old crusty face. I was starting to believe that the Volturi were easier to deal with then the Romanians. I looked to Edward.
‘Now do you think we need backup?’ He shook his head no. ‘They can’t come to Leah’s wedding! If you don’t want her to freak out, they can’t come!’
“I think it would be better that you stay here! After all we don’t want to upset the bride!” Edward calmly told Antanasia.
“You think our presence will upset the bride?” Antanasia said furiously.
“I think that the pretense you are here under will upset her and we wouldn’t want that on her wedding day!” Edward very cautiously continued.
“Very well, we will wait here! After the event is over everyone will come back here!” Antanasia ordered.
“Better yet, we will come and bring you back to the main house!” Alice replied.
“May I ask why you came to the cottage and not the main house?” Carlisle asked the question we all wanted an answer to.
“There might have been humans and we did not just want to simply show up!” Antanasia laughed in amusement. This was planned from the day that they left. Two questions were left unanswered though. One, how did they know where the cottage was? Two, how did they know when Leah would be getting married? I then wondered when we would break the news to Leah, Jaiden, and everyone else. This had to be a happy day for Leah.
‘I need to go phase back before someone, like Seth, tries to find out where I am.’
“Go upstairs and go phase back Jake!” Edward told me. I ran upstairs and phased back to my human form and ran downstairs quickly.
“What did I miss?” I asked Bella
“Jake, you were gone all of three to four seconds! Not much!” She sarcastically replied.
“We are going back to finish getting ready for the wedding. I ask that you do not hunt in this area once again!” Carlisle stressed. I was glad he did that’s all we needed to worry about.
“Yes, we will stay indoors! You come back to get us as soon as your guests have left!” Antanasia instructed once more.
“Yes, one of us will come back as soon as they have left!” Edward assured her.
“Tell Leah and Jaiden that I send my congratulations, since we could not make it!” Antanasia said jokingly. My mouth turned into a grimace. Edward touched my hand to stop the words from flying out of my mouth. He may have been able to stop me from saying them, but he couldn’t stop me from thinking them! ‘Old Hag!’ Edward smirked when he heard it.

Bella’s POV

I was as in much shock as everyone when the Romanians showed up on our doorstep. I knew that this would not be good. I wondered if they were all here, somewhere.
“I don’t know Bella, but I really hope not!” Edward said as worried as I was.
“What could this urgent matter be?” Jasper asked. We were all heading back to the house before Leah and Jaiden could realize that something was wrong.
“Alice, how did you manage to see that vision? Any clues?” Carlisle asked her.
“I don’t know! It’s strange! Either I am finding holes in Giovanni’s shield or he is allowing me to see through it!” Alice was confused. That could possibly make sense.
“Giovanni has helped us in the past!” I said hopefully.
“The note!” Esme replied reading all of our minds.
“But I am sure he was told to make sure we could not see this coming!” Edward said.
“Did you see Jane’s face? Even she seemed worried.” Edward reminded Jake and I.
“Do you think she is part of the reason Alice saw the vision?” Carlisle asked Edward.
“I don’t know, but she wasn’t shocked to find us all there. Maybe she is growing tired of Antanasia and her treatment towards her.” Edward answered. “It was as if Bella was the only one that was supposed to be there!” Edward finished. We headed around to the back of the house and through the back door.
“Not a word to anyone yet!” Carlisle instructed us.
“I am going to listen to our friends thoughts. Maybe one of them told the wedding date and where the cottage was!” Edward said quietly.
“I would hate to think that.” Carlisle said disturbed by this thought. I quickly kissed him and Alice and I darted up the steps to Leah.
“Where have you been?” Leah shrieked panicking. Rose rolled her eyes at her.
“What am I chop liver?” Rose sounded annoyed.
“No, Rose you have been great! Sorry.” Leah told her.
“We just had to make sure that everything was under way! Besides, Bella couldn’t find her shoes.” Alice lied quickly.
“Oh No! Bella, those shoes are perfect! Did you find them?” Leah asked very concerned.
“Yes, see right here! Alice moved them and forgot to tell me.” I lied as well.
“Alice? That isn’t like you to forget things?” Leah said.
“Well, I have a lot on my mind! I can’t be perfect all of the time!” Alice snapped at her.
“Geez, Alice, don’t take my head off! Sorry!” Leah apologized giggling at Alice’s little meltdown. If she knew why Alice was having a meltdown she wouldn’t be giggling anymore.

Jaiden’s POV

Everyone was running around at last minute trying to make sure everything was perfect. Edward came and told the men that we would use Carlisle and Esme’s room to get dressed.
“It is easier for us to get dressed here, then to take all the stuff back to the cottage and get dressed there. You will not see Leah before, I promise. This way if Alice needs us to do something else we are all here.” Edward said with a reluctant tone. It made me question his motives.
“Jaiden, I promise you it is just easier this way.” He assured me reading my thoughts.
Esme got her dress, her shoes, and went into the room where all the women were getting ready. I could hear giggling and gossip coming from the room. I just smiled to myself.
“What are you grinning about Jaiden? You do know you are about to be married, right?”
Emmett jokingly asked me.
“That is why I am smiling because I am about to marry the most amazing woman I have ever met!” I laughed rolling my eyes at him. He really is clueless half of the time.
“You got that one exactly right!” Edward was laughing now.
“What? What did I miss?” Emmett said very confused. This made Edward and I chuckle even harder.
“Everything Emmett! Everything!” Edward replied trying not to laugh again. Just then Jasper and Jake walked in to get dressed. They were whispering and it sounded like they said Jan or Jane. I wasn’t exactly sure. Edward glanced over to me quickly. He looked at them and they stopped talking. That was weird.
“So Jaiden, did you see the outside yet? Do you think Leah will like it?” Jasper asked me almost like he was trying to distract me.
“Yes, I think Leah will love it! Your Alice sure has a knack for this stuff!” I exclaimed. I was very thrilled about Alice’s ideas and when I saw it all come together it was amazing. The altar was covered in Roses of all different shades of light pink, ivory, and white. It just the right about of greenery intertwined. Then down the aisle were Calla lilies and Cherry Blossoms. The smell was magnificent. All of this was accented with antiques candle holders with silver, light pink, and white candles. She had a silk tenting around the guests' seating and over the altar. The back of the tent was opened up to a beautiful scene of rolling hills. So as Leah and I said our vows, our guests could see the scenery behind us. The only thing that would add to the elegance of the beautiful scene would be my Leah! My Leah! Wow, I could say that over and over again. Just then there was a knock on the door.
“Come in!” Edward called. He already knew who it was. Just then Charlie walked through the door.
“Hello everyone! I was just in to see the bride and Jaiden, she is a knockout!” Charlie told me. “ Uh, Alice wanted me to bring all of you your boutonnieres. Sue is in with Leah right now. Hey Jaiden, your eyes are a look a little different? You okay?” Charlie asked confused. I hadn’t put my contacts in yet.
“Need to know basis, Charlie!” Jake said to him.
“Yeah, right! I am gonna go! Good luck, not that you need it! Edward when you get a minute Bella wanted to see you!” Charlie replied quickly and he was out of the door.
“Need to know basis? What is that about?” I asked Jake.
“Charlie is on a need to know basis! What he doesn’t need to know, we don’t tell him and he is perfectly fine with that!” Jake answered back.
“So does he suspect something?” I asked even more curious now.
“Only when wolf boy decided to phase in front of him!” Emmett laughed.
“He doesn’t know what the Cullen’s are and we do not ask if he knows. He knows something is different! So when he questions something we simply say ‘Need to know basis’ and the matter is dropped!” Jake explained himself.
“Wow that is an understanding father!” I thought out loud.
“No, that is a father who loves his daughter enough to put up with the strange and unusual” Jake laughed at me.
“I guess so!” I looked up at the clock it said 5:30 p.m. I would be marrying Leah in an half an hour!
Leah’s POV

Bella and Alice helped me into my dress. I loved to look at the transformed girl in the mirror. Transformed into a woman and for a little while I could forget I was a wolf. I was going to be Mrs. Jaiden Morale. I couldn’t wait. There was a soft knock on the door. My mom peeked her head in. She was dressed in a pale pink dress and her hair was swept off of her neck into an up-do. She looked so beautiful and for a moment I was sad, remembering my father. I wish he was here to see my mom, walk me down the aisle, and give me away to Jaiden. I wonder if he would approve of my choice for my husband. Not that it really matter, it wasn’t like I had a choice. I knew my father would approve. He would have done anything to see me happy after Sam. I just missed him so much. Then a voice snapped me back into reality. It was my mom sobbing.
“Leah, my beautiful little girl, your father would be so proud. You have always been beautiful Leah. You are absolutely breathtaking. Here is something old, borrowed, and blue.” She said as she opened her hand. Inside were my grandmother’s sapphire earrings, my mother never let them out of her sight.
“Mom, grandmother’s earrings?” I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes. Alice must have noticed too.
“Don’t you dear! I just got your make-up finished.” Alice warned me. I quickly started to wave my hand in front of my face to dry up the tears that wanted to pour like a waterfall down my face. Rose was still working on my hair.
“Thank you, Mom! This means so much to me!” I exclaimed trying to still fight the tears.
“Here Leah, this is something new and it is from your husband-to-be!” Bella held out a jewelry box. What could be inside? I opened and gasped at the beautiful diamond bracelet set in white gold. My mom was as shocked by it as I was.
“Oh, I just sent him a note and a pocket watch that I had engraved. This is way too extravagant.” I wanted to cry again.
“He will love just having you be his wife and the pocket watch, he will cherish it for eternity!” Bella said stroking my cheek. I was lucky to have her. I was lucky to have all my family and friends. There was another knock on the door. This voice came from outside.
“Bella, your father said you wanted me!” Edward said making sure to stay outside.
“Yes, darling! Just a minute!” She told him.
“I just need to make sure that he has the rings and some other stuff.” Bella said sheepishly. This was odd she could have just let him read her mind.
“Oh, okay. Go ahead, I am almost finished here.” I told her. She left out the door and I could hear whispering outside of the door.
“Alice, is there something that I should know about?” I asked her concerned.
“No! Not that I know of ! Why?” Alice replied. Something was going on and I didn’t know what, but it would have to wait. The clock now read 5:45p.m. I was not able to contain myself.
“Make sure you walk down the aisle and don’t run! Remember you are beautiful Leah today, not wolf girl!” Alice said to me sternly. I could hear guests gather outside. Just then another knock on the door. It was Seth. He walked over to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.
“Wow, sis, you clean up nice!” He joked with me. I wasn’t amused. I gave him a scowl.
“Yes, she doesn’t look like we dragged her in from the woods anymore!” Alice said joking right along with Seth.
“Hey Alice, you sure know how to throw a party!” He complimented her.
“Thank you! I try.” She replied back very proudly.
“I came to tell you that we are ready for you and Charlie is waiting.” Seth told me. All of the sudden the nerves kicked in and I had a lump in my throat.
“Okay.” I managed to squeak out.
“Just remember to breath, Leah.” Alice told me noticing my uneasiness. Just then another knock on the door. Now who could be here.
“Who is it?” I asked. “We are coming out.” I said thinking it was Charlie telling me to get going.
“It is me Leah! May I come in?” Sam said very nervously. Sam, what on Earth could he possible want?


Sam’s POV

I wanted to knock on the door, but I had so much hesitation. Bella was standing near Charlie and whispering something to him. She kept looking at me while I tried to gather the courage to knock. Finally, I just did. I could hear rustling around the room.
“Who is it? We are coming out!” I heard Leah say. She didn’t know it was me and I didn’t know if she would want to see me.
“It is me Leah! May I come in?” I asked so nervous. There was a long pause before I received an answer. Seth opened the door and let me in. I looked up and I could see Leah. She was so beautiful, so classic and picturesque. I swear my heart stopped for a brief moment. I actually wished it was Emily I was looking at. I wouldn’t feel so guilty.
“Let us have a moment!” Leah instructed everyone. Everyone began to file out of the room.
“She is happy! Let her be happy!” Seth whispered to me. It almost sounded like a warning.
“Your father would be so proud, Leah.” I started to say before I was interrupted.
“Let’s not pretend that you are here to give me well-wishes and a pathetic speech about my father!” Leah sternly told me.
“But, I.” I started to say again before she interrupted again.
“I know what my father would be and I don’t need your approval to understand how happy he would be.” She went on. “Let’s cut the CRAP! Why are you here?” She finished and I was in shock. I thought about leaving, but that would just make her angry.
“I came to say I was sorry about giving you such a hard time. I wasn’t use to you having feeling for anyone, but me! It was selfish, but I never did think you would imprint!” I told her very honestly.
“Yeah, Sam, I figured you loved having your little LeeLee to tug around! You loved having Emily and knowing that I would always love you! Do you think I am stupid, Sam? It was satisfaction for your blown-out-of-proportion ego! Well, I have news for you, as soon as I saw Jaiden, I had no more thoughts of you! You became a distant memory and that is where you will stay! Not if you don’t mind, I am about to marry the man of my dreams!” She gave me the speech I expected.
“Well, you are truly beautiful! I just!” I stopped myself.
“You just what, Sam? Spit it out!” She yelled at me.
“I just wish I never would have hurt you, but did you have to go get married before Emily and me?” I blurted out. I didn’t mean for that to come out.
“You are lucky I am in my wedding dress Sam Uley! This has nothing to do with you or Emily! This day is mine and if you can’t shut your mouth and be happy for me, then LEAVE!” She snapped at me. Just then Charlie walked in.
“Leah time to go sweetie! I think you better go take your seat, Sam!” Charlie told me very calmly. I gratefully left the room. As I did, I looked back to get one more glimpse of Leah before she would be someone's wife.
Alice’s POV

When Sam knocked on the door, I already knew that it was coming. I had already witness the outcome and I smirked to myself. He deserved every harsh, cruel reality that Leah was about to throw his way. I was smiling and almost laughing as Leah asked us to leave the room. Bella’s face was in utter shock that Leah agreed to see him.
“Alice, we are just going to leave them alone!” She screeched at me as I approached her and Charlie.
“Don’t worry Bells, Sam would never step out of line!” Charlie told her.
“I am not worried about Leah!” Bella replied to Charlie.
“Oh.” Charlie managed to get out of his mouth. I was giggling to myself.
“You have already seen the outcome. Haven’t you Alice?” Bella whispered in my ear.
“Let’s just say our girl tells him where he can go and it isn’t nice!” I replied to Bella, who was now giggling along with me.
“She isn’t going to phase on him is she?” Bella asked worried.
“Do you think I would have put the dress on her if that was the case? Give me a little more credit! No, she keeps it together!” I answered her.
“Okay, okay stupid question!” Bella said laughing. I nodded in agreement. We could hear Leah yelling at Sam. Then we all realized it was 6:03 p.m.
“We have to get going!” I exclaimed. Charlie walked into the room and told Leah that it was time to go. Sam left in a hurry. We were all staring him down as he made his way pass us.
“Nerve!” Leah came out blubbering. I just had to giggle.
“Yeah, but you really told him! How did that feel?” I said still laughing.
“Alice you could have warned me! I am sure I forgot to tell him something.” She said a little upset with me.
“Now I feel like I am definitely ready to get married! He is so lucky that my wedding dress was on!” She said still fuming.
“Okay, let’s forget him and get you down that aisle! We have a big night tonight!” Bella said sadly.
“Yes, we do!” Leah stated “Let’s get married!” Leah said like she was ready for it all.
All I could think was 'big night' was not the way to put it. We all lined up and Charlie held out his arm for Leah. She was glowing. I just hoped I could make this night magically for her at least for a little while.

Bella’s POV

I went out into the hallway to go talk to Edward. Leah looked at me as if I was up to something and we all were.
“Edward, you look so handsome!” I exclaimed as his arms wrapped around me and he started to steal kisses.
“You are absolutely beautiful Bella!” He whispered in my ear.
“Make sure Renesmee has her flowers! Oh and tell Jake to walk slowly!” I told him casually. This was not exactly what was on my mind.
“No, I haven’t figured it out! No one is thinking about the Romanians.” He told me with remorse.
“What if the person isn’t here?” I said to him.
“What do you mean?” He asked puzzled now.
“What if it was someone that once visited us? What if it was someone that stood against the Volturi with us here, but they are not among our guest now?” I told him
“Like someone who would know that the wedding was today and someone that would know where the cottage was!” He said as the same light bulb lit up.
“I think that you need to talk to Benjamin and Tia. See if they told Amun! I am sure he is not happy about Benjamin taking part in our bargain.” I said to him.
“Do I really have to keep telling you how brilliant you are!” He smiled at me.
“No, but I do like to hear it!” I replied with a smirk.
“Okay I will talk to Benjamin after the ceremony and I will make sure Renesmee and Jake are settled.” He replied as he kissed me softly on the lips. Just then Charlie walked up.
“Hey kids, Bells are we about ready to get this show on the road?” Charlie asked me anxiously. I guess if I were him I would be anxious too! It had to be hard walking in the spot were your best friend should be.
“You look beautiful by the way, Bells!” He said in that father way.
“Thanks dad, is that a new tux?” I asked! I could tell it wasn’t the one he wore to my wedding.
“Alice!” We both replied laughing at the same moment. Just then Sam Uley walked past us.
“I wonder what he wants?” I whispered to Charlie as I eyed him. He stood there trying to decide whether or not to knock on the door. Alice came out with the rest of the bridal party except for Leah. I looked at her shocked that she would let Sam in. Maybe I was more shocked that Leah had agreed to talk to him. We could hear Leah fussing at Sam, more like yelling at him. Good for her. Alice filled me in on the details. Then we realized we were three minutes late. Charlie went to get Leah and Sam couldn’t get out of the room fast enough. That made me laugh. She really gave it to him. We all lined up to head downstairs. We paired up and as the music began we all took our turns walking to the altar. Jaiden looked so nervous.
“Is he nervous?” I whispered to Edward as we walked towards him.
“No he is anxious to be married, but nervous to get married.” Edward reassured me. Renesmee and Jake walked slowly down the aisle. Jake had her by one hand and helped her throw flowers with the other. It was very funny to see this big guy throwing flowers on the ground with a little girl. Renesmee looked to be about five. Quil looked even funnier trying to control Claire, who wanted to hand the petals to the guests.
“No Claire on the ground!” he kept whispering to her.
“Purtty flowwerd.” Claire kept repeating as she handed them out. She was adorable. Even our vampire friends thought she was funny. Then the Wedding March began and the doors opened once more to reveal Leah holding onto Charlie’s arm. He looked more nervous then she did. Leah stood in her element and for the first time took in the beauty of what Alice designed for her. I could see tears welling up again.
“You better get the tissue! This is going to be an emotional one!” Alice whispered in my ear.
“Not fair you already saw!” I whispered back to her.
“Yes, too bad I can’t see what waits for us at the cottage.” She said sadly.
“Shh. Here she comes!” I scolded her.
Jaiden’s POV

As the door opened up, I could see everyone turn to look at Leah. Her essence filled the air and I felt light-headed. I felt like I might pass out. There walking down the aisle to meet me was this stunning, beautiful creature. Words could not describe what I felt at that exact moment. I was speechless. I hoped it would pass because I had to say my vows that I had written. The guests were making the ‘ooh and ahh’ sounds as Leah passed them slowly. Charlie looked like he was about to pass out too. My heart beat was racing and I could feel a surge rush through me. Watching her walk down the aisle getting closer and closer to me was my future and my destiny. I felt suddenly relaxed and immediately I knew it was Jasper. Was I becoming that anxious? Charlie and Leah took their last steps and I went down to meet them.
“Who gives this woman in holy matrimony?” Mr. Weber said. Sue then stood up next to Charlie.
“We do!” They both answered. I took Leah’s hand in mine and we walked up the few steps to start our wedding vows.
“Leah, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on!” I whispered to her as we made our way up the stairs.
“Thank you! And you are very handsome! Thank you for my beautiful bracelet!” She whispered back to me with excitement. The preacher opened with the usual ‘Dearly Beloved’ and then announced that Leah and I had decided to write our own vows. I was first and I was nervous now. Once again I could feel Jasper calming me down. The crowd waited intently.

“This is entitled Angel.” I said to Leah.

‘When you walk into a room
I take a deep breath to see if
What is in front of me
Is real and serene

You bewitch my heart
My mind races to catch
My senses to restart
What I am seeing
Is an Angel from above
That God has released
To be my one and only love.

I am gracious
That this Angel has chosen me
For her one and only to be
I take her hand today
I take her in every way
She is the other half of my soul
And she will be mine to forever hold.

Leah, my Angel I promise
To always be
What you always need
And I pledge my endearing love
Forever to thee!’

“Leah, I love you and will always love you!” I finished my poem for her and I could hear sniffling in the room. I looked up to see Leah had a tissue trying not to let the tears roll down her beautiful face. Then it was Leah's turn.
Leah’s POV

As the doors opened up, I gripped Charlie’s arm a little tighter. It was simply amazing. Amazing was not the word for it, astounding was more like it. I could smell the Cherry Blossoms and Calla Lilies. The tent was engulfed by the sweet scent of flowers. Before I knew it I had gasped at the mesmerizing effect of it all.
“You ready Leah?” Charlie whispered to me. “You have a young man waiting for you down there!” He continued softly. Oh Yes, Jaiden! I looked up to meet the gaze of those magical blue eyes and slowly I felt like I was floating down to meet him. I felt like Cinderella meeting Prince Charming. My very own fairy tale and I was the princess. Alice was pleased to see the look of amazement on my face. I could see Emily out of the corner of my eye. She was staring down at the floor. No bother, my eyes were focused on Jaiden. It seemed like it took no time to get down to the altar. Jaiden was waiting for me with his hand extended. My mom and Charlie gave their blessings. We walked up the few stairs and in no time we were reciting our vows. Jaiden went first and I did all I could to fight the tears from rolling down my face. His poem was beautiful and I was speechless. I had to ask for a moment before I could say my vows. I didn’t write a poem, but I knew what Jaiden meant to me. Bella just kept handing me tissue after tissue.
“Jaiden, when my eyes first met yours, I knew you were going to be my future. You would become my destiny, the path to which I wanted to travel. You have intertwined my heart, my soul, and my being around you! I take a deep breath and I can breathe again. This is all possible because you have graced my life with your presence. So on this day, I take you to be my husband, my lover, my best friend, my leader, my follower, my want, my need, and my everything. I stand by you through faith and love. I love you Jaiden and I forever will!” I said all of this weeping.
Bella took the old tissues and handed me new ones. The only dry eyes were the vampires, of course, and the wolf pack. There was no way the guys would let one single tear fall. I think I even seen Charlie wipe his eyes. He was helping my mom with tissues as she sobbed. I wondered if she was crying because I was getting married or because my father was not here. Probably both. We exchanged rings and lit our unity candles.
“I Now Pronounce You Husband and Wife! You may kiss your bride, son!” Mr. Weber told us. I could not contain myself any longer. We kissed for a good minute before Bella told us to hurry up! I was married and I was Mrs. Jaiden Morale. Nothing could ruin this for me. Nothing!

Bella’s POV

The ceremony was beautiful. If I could have cried, I would have. Both Jaiden and Leah’s vows were stunning. They are really truly in love. I was so happy for her until my thoughts traveled back to who was waiting at the cottage. I wondered if Leah and Jaiden would be able to take a honeymoon. Or maybe they wouldn’t want to.
“Bells, something bothering you?” Charlie asked me as I sat in trance. I suppose I better tell him something.
“Dad, I might have to go away for a little while in a couple of months. I was just trying to find the right time to tell you. Please do not say anything to anyone that I told you!” I begged him.
“Is this one of those need to know basis things?” Charlie asked me.
“I’m afraid so, Dad!” I was so sorry that I kept hurting Charlie. I was glad that he had Sue, whatever their relationship was. I just sat and wondered how we were going to break the news to Leah and Jaiden. They were cutting their cake and they looked so happy. I didn’t want this to ruin their day!

Edward’s POV

I slipped away from the party with Jasper. I asked Benjamin and Tia to meet me in Carlisle’s office. They looked at me curiously.
“Benjamin, I am so that glad that Tia and you could make it today! I know that it means a lot to Leah and Jaiden. I was just wondering, did Amun and Kebi know that you would be attending the wedding today?” I asked them.
“Why, yes! Of course, they have chosen not to come! Amun is upset by the treaty with the Romanians!” Benjamin answered sadly.
“So when you went back to Egypt to join Amun and Kebi, you both told them what had occurred?” Jasper asked very intensely.
“Why do I feel like I am being interrogated?” Benjamin answered. Jasper and I looked to one another . We had to make sure that Benjamin and Tia could keep our secret. We had to be sure that they would not go tell anyone else until the reception was over and the human guests had left.
“Well, the Romanians are here Benjamin! They came this morning! They had hoped to just confront Bella in the cottage, but Alice was able to see them coming.” I answered. His face turned from confusion to shock.
“Do you think that Amun had something to do with them coming today?” Benjamin asked puzzled again.
“I doubt that Amun would do such a thing!” Tia replied.
“Well, this is what we do know, they are here to collect on our bargain. They knew that we would all be gathered here for the wedding. They also knew where the cottage was. I am suspecting that it has to be someone who knows these things. Someone who is upset and someone who knows we would all be here!” I replied to both of them.
“Maybe it was not Amun and Kebi, but we have to figure out who betrayed us all!” Jasper answered. Tia was looking at the ground like she did not want to say anything.
“I do know it is no one here!” I added. “Tia do you know something?” I asked with a stern tone.
“Kebi came to me two weeks ago and asked where your beautiful cottage was so she could send Bella a note!” Tia replied solemnly. The look of bewilderment crossed Benjamin’s face.
“Why would she ask that? What was her reason for the note?” Benjamin asked Tia.
“Well, she wanted to send her apologies for not coming to the wedding and she said she had to tell Bella something that Amun could not find out!” Tia answered. The puzzle pieces were fitting together.
“Maybe Amun found the note and displeased spoke to the Romanians.” Jasper stated excitedly.
“Bella never received a note from Kebi! Furthermore, Demetri could not track Bella, so this had to be planned!” I replied. All of our faces were petrified at the thought that one of our friends would betray us.
“Not a word to anyone! We wait for the guest to leave and then we will break the news to Leah and Jaiden! This is not going to be easy. We need to get back before anyone realizes that we are gone! Just act happy and normal!” I firmly told everyone. “As normal as we can!” I replied. Normal was never the case here. I had to tell Bella and Carlisle. Well, I believe that we figured out who, but what was the issue at hand that Antanasia needed our assistance with. This morning the vision that Alice seen looked like they were only looking for Bella. I wonder if that was the case. I wouldn’t leave Bella’s side, I had to protect her. As we were all exiting Carlisle’s office Leah came pass us with Bella.
“What is everyone doing up here?” Leah asked.
“Oh, Jasper and I were showing Benjamin and Tia all of Carlisle’s pictures in his office.” I lied quickly.
“Oh, I know Bella showed me them last week. He has some beautiful original art!” Leah said. “Well we better be off to the powder room! It might take me an hour to get out of this dress! Bella no more to drink for me tonight, okay!” She continued. It appeared that Leah may have had one too many glasses of champagne.
“You don’t have to tell me twice!” Bella told her. “ I don’t even go to the bathroom anymore and I have to do this!” Bella was laughing at her.
“When you get a moment Bella, I need to talk to you!” I whispered in her ear.
“Oh, Edward is whispering sweet-nothings in Bella Wella wittle ear?” Leah asked in her drunken state.
“Of course, I am always!” I answered her inebriated question. Wow , this should be really interesting tonight! Maybe it will go over easier with Leah drunk. Bella elbowed me in the side realizing exactly what I was thinking.
“This is not fun! I can’t even get drunk” Bella said to me. I smiled back at her and she left to take Leah to the bathroom. This was not going to go over well and I hoped for the night to drag out!

Alice’s POV

The ceremony was perfect. The reception was in a separated part of the yard. The yard was covered in silk tents. Similar to the ones I used for Edward and Bella’s wedding. The inside was lit with soft light from the candles. The table linens were silver and the chair covers were white with silver bows tied in the back. On the table were more Cheery Blossoms, Calla Lilies, Orchids, and Roses arranged in the most beautiful centerpieces. There was a dance floor with spotlights.
“You know kid, you sure have got a great eye for this stuff!” Charlie said to me.
“Thanks Charlie!” I said to him giving him a hug.
“Alice, thank you for making this so beautiful for my daughter!” Sue said to me. It was then that I noticed that they were holding hands.
“No problem! It was so enjoyable! Maybe one day I can do it for you two!” I laughed as I gave Sue a hug. Just then Charlie’s cheeks turned that scarlet red that Bella’s use to change when she was human.
“Maybe one day!” Charlie answered me looking at Sue. Sue was now turning red.
“Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone!” I whispered to them. They both walked in and took their seats. I was really happy for Charlie and Sue. He was genuinely a nice and considerate guy. We all took our seats as Emmett announced Leah and Jaiden. They came in and had their first dance as husband and wife. They were barely moving because they were too busy laughing and kissing. I noticed that Jazz, Edward, Benjamin, and Tia were nowhere to be seen.
“Ahh, Alice what a wonderful party! They look so happy!” Tanya said looking at Leah and Jaiden.
“Yes, they do! They both deserve it! Jaiden and Leah are family and as you know we take care of our family!” I told her lovingly.
“Where is Jasper and Edward?” Tanya asked looking around.
“I think they went to get something from the house.” I replied to her. I was still confused as where they were.
“Time for a toast!” Emmett announced. As the toast went on I noticed Leah probably had about three to four glasses of champagne. That was okay. Bella would be the one taking her to and from the bathroom tonight. That is the Matron of Honor’s duties. All of a sudden a flash of all of us going to the cottage. Then it was over. Well, that wasn’t a big help! At least I knew we all would be going. I wondered if one of us backed out, if that would mean certain death for the rest of us. I was not looking forward to telling Leah and Jaiden that on their wedding night we had to meet with the Romanians. Sam and Emily sat at their table expressionless. Emily’s head was towards the ground all night. It made me wonder if she was trying to hide her face. Everyone joined for a dance on the dance floor. Jake had Nessie in his arms spinning her around. Then he would pass her to Charlie, who would whirl her around. Bella joined me watching everyone having such a good time.
“It is during times like these that I am glad for these memories.” She said softly to me. I gave her a hug and we continued to watch everyone dance and enjoy themselves. Right in the middle of everyone was Jaiden and Leah. They had no clue to who was around them. They were totally delved in their love for one another. It was as if Jaiden had stopped time around them.
“We sure have a unique family Bella!” I told her quietly.
“You can say that again! There aren’t anymore shocks right? Frankenstein isn’t like a distant uncle or anything, no fish people or aliens, maybe some ghosts!” Bella laughed at herself. Just then Leah was leaving Jaiden and was coming across the dance floor towards us.
“Have fun!” I told her. Her faced was full of confusion.
“What is that suppose to mean?” She asked still confused.
“Just don’t let her have anymore to drink, okay!” I said laughing as Leah walked up to Bella.
“Umm, Bella, I kind of have to use the ladies room!” Leah explained a little embarrassed.
“Thanks for the warning Alice! Let’s go Leah!” Bella said to Leah shooting me a scornful glance. Bella was right though. It was times like these that we had to be thankful for because we didn’t know what lay ahead for any of us!!

Bella’s POV

It took forever in the bathroom with Leah. I had to hold her dress up while she went to the bathroom. I got her dress back down and she had to go again!
“That’s it Leah no more to drink for you!” I instructed her.
“I promise!” She said with a hiccup.
“Great, you are drunk on your wedding night! You need to eat something Leah! Did you eat at all today?” I asked her.
“No I was too nervous!” She said while shaking her head.
“You didn’t eat and then you drank! LEAH!” I whined.
“I had a piece of cake, plus I was scared if I ate I wouldn’t fit in my dress!” She whined right back at me. We finished in the bathroom and headed back to the reception.
“Jaiden get her to sit down and eat something. Otherwise, she is going to feel like crap!” I told Jaiden with a motherly look.
“Okay, I will! Leah let’s go sit at the table.” Jaiden guided her to sit down and then one of the servers got her a plate.
“Glad you never got to experience that!” Edward said to me.
“Yes, by the looks of her, she is going to feel it in the morning!” I said to Edward.
“What was it we had to talk about?” I whispered to him.
“Well, let’s get Carlisle so I only have to explain what I found out once!” Edward told me as we headed over to the table where Carlisle was seated with Esme. Edward gestured to him and he followed us to a corner of the tent.
“What I found out from Benjamin and Tia might be helpful!” Edward started to tell us about the note and how Amun was upset that Benjamin was in on our bargain with the Romanians.
“I never received a letter from Kebi!” I said to Edward.
“No, we believe that Amun intercepted it and was upset by its contents.” Edward said
“Furthermore, from Alice’s vision this morning, it looked like they were just looking for you Bella.” Edward continued.
“Just me, but why? The bargain is with all of us!” I said very confused now.
“Well, I think that once Antanasia realized that Jake and I were there, she had to make some excuse. Your shield is very powerful Bella. I wouldn’t doubt if that is all they are after!” Edward said concerned.
“Very possible, that could be a great factor here!” Carlisle added. Then it hit me! Giovanni and talk of the ancient scrolls, the capabilities of my shield and his ‘Amazing’ comment. Edward read my thoughts as they poured over what he just told me.
“I would be curious as to what is in those scrolls!” Edward said to me. Carlisle was confused. I just sat and wondered if they were only after me. I wondered if I was the reason that my family and friends had to enter into such an agreement. Edward quickly filled Carlisle in on all the details.
“Bella, this is not your fault! Do not beat yourself up my love! We need to see those scrolls though!” Edward said to both of us. It would help if we knew the contents of the scrolls.
“But how will we find out?” I asked.
“We will have to wait until we get to Romania and somehow get them!” Edward answered. A frightened look came over my face.
“Are you crazy?” I yelled. Some of the guests looked over to our direction.
“Are you crazy, Edward?” I said in a hushed tone now.
“What other choice do we have? The answers are in those scrolls and God only knows what else is in them! We have to figure out a plan tonight, before we go back to the cottage!” Edward said to both of us. A plan might just get us all killed. This night would not get any easier!

Jaiden’s POV

I couldn’t have asked for a better night. I would remember this day for the rest of my existence. Bella brought Leah to me and she had just a little too much to drink. I sat down with her at the head table. She was refusing to eat at first, but then I convinced her to eat. No more to drink for her. She kept gently kissing my neck and whispering how happy she was. I wanted to ravish her right there. It took everything I had to hold back from sweeping her off her feet and taking her to the nearest room without people in it. Sam kept watching me and Emily was watching the ground. I felt bad for her.
“Why is Emily so sad?” I asked Leah. “Well, according to Sam, she is mad that we were married before they were!” Leah said spitefully. “I am tired of always having to live in her shadow and tired of everyone always worried about her! Tonight is our night and I will not let Sam or her ruin it for me! Sam already made me mad when he came to see me before the ceremony!” Leah continued her rant.
“What? Why would Sam come see you before the wedding?” I asked her furiously.
“Jaiden, sweetie, calm down! He came to tell me that he was sorry for all the trouble! Then he asked why I had to get married before him and Emily! That is none of their business!” Leah continued in her drunken state. She sounded quite cute slurring her words.
“Leah, my love, have you ever drank alcohol before?” I asked her very curious as to why she was drunk only after three glasses of champagne.
“NOPE! Well once, but just a sip!” She replied trying to hold up one finger. This was going to be an interesting night! Just then I heard Bella kind of shout at Edward in the corner of the tent. There was Carlisle, Edward, and Bella all huddled in a corner secretly. I knew there had to be something that was not right. I got Leah to finish her plate. She had some water to drink and she started to come around a little. Well enough to tell me she had to go to the bathroom. I walked over to the corner where Bella was with Edward and Carlisle. They immediately stopped talking as soon as I approached. I looked at them questioningly.
“Hey Bella, Leah has to go to the bathroom again! She has sobered up some. Could you take her?” I asked quietly.
“Sure, I will help her!” Bella replied as she headed for Leah. I stood there looking at Carlisle and Edward.
“Something funny is going on! I know there is! Why don’t you just tell me already? Maybe I can help?” I said very sternly. Edward and Carlisle looked at each other.
“Well, Edward, he is going to find out soon enough!” Carlisle said to Edward.
“I do not know how to tell you this Jaiden! You or Leah!” Edward started to say. I thought what could possibly be that bad especially, on a day like today. This day was perfect and would stay perfect, at least it was until those words came out of Edward’s mouth.
“It’s the Romanians!” Edward continued. I felt my heart beat accelerate. I sure hope he wasn’t about to say what I think he might say.
“They are here and they have come to take us up on our bargain!” Edward finished. I was in shock! He kept this from me all day! I didn’t know what to say!
“I know, I know, we should have told you, but we all wanted this to be perfect for Leah and you! We were not trying to deceive you, but only protect this day for you!” Edward said very remorsefully. Carlisle hung his head.
“What do they want?” I was able to stutter out.
“We are not for sure! We do know that it was planned. We have suspected that it was planned! There are some details that we have found out along the way, but we are not certain at what may threaten them. Antanasia said it was an issue!” Edward finished telling me. Just in time too, here Bella and Leah were coming in our direction. Leah looked at everyone’s faces and could see that there was something wrong.
“What is going on?” She asked concerned almost like she instantly became sober. What would I tell her? I couldn’t lie and keep it from her! Edward looked to me. I don’t know what to tell her!

Bella’s POV

As we came back from the bathroom, Leah noticed the hesitation on Jaiden, Edward, and Carlisle's faces. I froze not knowing if she would realize that they stopped their conversation. She sure did notice.
“What’s going on?” Leah asked curiously glancing at everyone’s faces. I wanted to panic.
“What makes you think anything is going on? We are talking about how beautiful the ceremony was!” Edward quickly lied, but this time Leah was not buying it.
“No, you have all been secretive all day and I may not be centuries old, but I am not stupid!” She told all of us. She looked at us one last time.
“Well, what is it already? You look like you have all been caught doing something you shouldn’t” She added. Maybe we had! Maybe we should have told Leah from the start.
“Jaiden, do you want to tell her what I just told you? Or do you want her to find out later?” Edward asked him.
“No, I suppose it would just make her angry if we kept it from her any longer!” Jaiden answered Edward sadly.
“What is it? What happen?” Leah asked starting to panic.
“Calm down Leah! What I am about to tell you is not easy! But it is very important! Bella could you get her a chair?” Jaiden asked me very politely. I graciously walked away and personally I did not want to be there when they told Leah. I also lied to her all day, but I knew she would need me. I brought her the chair and she sat with a confused look on her face.
“Leah, something happen this morning when Bella went to the cottage this morning.” Jaiden said to her and immediately her eyes looked me over concerned.
“The Romanians showed up and please stay calm, but they are still here at the cottage!” Jaiden finished. He was now on one knee by her side. Her hand was in his, but her face was in shock.
“What, what are they doing here?” She squealed out softly. We all looked at one another because we still didn’t know the answer to that question.
“We are not sure, but after everyone leaves, we all have to go back to the cottage to find out!” Edward chimed in. Leah was still in shock.
“Why would they come today of all days?” Leah whispered to herself.
“We think it was planned! As a matter of fact, we know it had to be! Antanasia knew we would all be gathered in one place, but when she surprised us at the cottage, she was only expecting Bella! We are not sure of her exact intentions. Please understand we did not want to ruin your day!” Edward sounded like he was pleading with her.
“I thank you for that, but if this is to be my last day with my family before we go to Romania, I really wish I would have known earlier!” Leah said disappointed.
“Leah, remember that they have to give us some time before they can expect us to go to Romania. It is just not certain how much time!” I told her trying to ease her mind as much as mine!
“I hope that is true!” She trailed off into a trance.
Leah’s POV

I was trying to absorb everything that was being thrown at me at once. I just sat there thinking it all through. I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs. Should I be mad at the Cullens? No, they wanted to ensure that Jaiden and my wedding was flawless and that was evident. They must have put themselves through turmoil today trying to keep this. I felt so bad. I couldn’t help it the tears started rolling. I was blubbering and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. They were all at my side. Carlisle appeared now with a paper bag in his hand. The tears flowed so rapidly that I couldn’t even tell that he left.
“Leah, Leah breathe sweetie! Breathe into the bag, it is okay!” I followed Carlisle’s instructions and after a couple of minutes I was fine. I looked up as the tears slowed to see Bella, Edward, Jasper, Alice Jake, Carlisle, Esme, Jake and then holding my hand was my new husband. I was starting to feel calm and relaxed and I knew it was Jasper!
“Thank you Jasper!” I whispered quietly. “I am so sorry everyone had to worry about my feelings when there is so much more to be concerned with!” I finished as Jaiden wiped a tear from my cheek.
“I wouldn’t want anything to ruin this day for you, Leah! You deserve your happiness and so does Jaiden!” Bella bent down to look me in my eyes. I reached for her hand and instantly her hand was in mine.
“I know Bella, but I am sure this has been lurking on everyone’s mind. You are all really good at putting on a happy face though!” I said with slight smile.
“We are happy! We are celebrating a new beginning and a new life that has merged together! No matter what problems are abroad, we are still happy and overjoyed for Jaiden and you!” Alice said to me with such kindness.
“You are going to make me cry gain Alice!” I replied tearfully.
“No, she won’t” Jasper smiled at me.
“Thanks! Thank you all! This has been the most beautiful day! Thank you Jaiden, for marrying me!” I said looking into his eyes.
“I would do it all over again!” He replied softly caressing my face.
“What do we do now Edward?” I asked still a little dazed from all the information I took in.
“Well after everyone leaves, we will send someone to get the Romanians from the cottage!” Edward answered my concerns.
“Correction, I think we should all go! I saw us all going there!” Alice answered Edward.
“How did I miss that one?” Edward looked at her dumbfounded.
“I think that are of our abilities are a little effected by the matter at hand! Besides it was very quick!” Alice answered Edward’s confused look.
“I think it makes sense for us all to go to the cottage. I do not know if I am comfortable just one of going!” Bella answered in agreement. Just then Emmett announced that he wanted Jaiden and me on the dance floor for one last dance before we left on our honeymoon.
“Honeymoon!” I trailed off. We would not be leaving. This was so unfair.
“We don’t know that Leah! We just need to meet with the Romanians and maybe they will allow enough time for your honeymoon. We can always rebook the tickets. Emmett just wants everyone to believe that you are both leaving! Go enjoy the dance, enjoy each other!” Edward told us both. I wiped the tears off of my face that were still drying. Alice quickly powdered my face and applied more lipstick. She definitely was handy. Jaiden took my hand and led me to the dance floor. The music started to play and I laid my head softly on his shoulder. His arm tightened around my waist. He began to twirl me around the floor effortlessly. I felt so heavy with grief.
“I do not want you to regret anything about today Leah! This would have happen regardless if it was our wedding or not! I love you with all my heart and I would have married you with shackles on if necessary!” The song played on ten thousand angels the chorus sang. Jaiden was my ten thousand angels sent to rescue me.
“I love you too and I do not regret a thing!” I managed to smile to reassure him. He grinned and held me closer. I forgot about the Romanians and allowed the dance to embrace us.

Edward’s POV

As I watched Leah and Jaiden spin around the dance floor in love, I reached for Bella’s hand. Then as we headed to the dance floor, I picked Nessie up. I held her tightly in one arm and Bella in the other. We danced with Nessie between us. She showed Bella visions of Leah walking down the aisle, saying their vows, the look of joy on their faces, and then Leah’s face sadden.
“It’s okay Nessie! We will all make it better!” I told her in my soothing tone. Bella nodded in agreement.
“This moment right here is the best! I have both of my beautiful girls in my arms! I love you both!” I said to Bella and Nessie. Then Nessie showed Bella an image of her telling her, ‘more than my own life.’ This was her way to say I love you.
“Yes, Nessie always!” Bella said.
“Yes, always!” I agreed as I twirled them around the dance floor. Nessie started to fall asleep in my arms.
“Hey Edward, may I dance with my beautiful daughter?” Charlie asked me.
“You sure may! I am going to put Nessie down in the house. It is past her bedtime!” I told them both.
I left Bella on the dance floor with Charlie as I went into the house to put Nessie down.
As soon as I put Nessie down, I got a flash of the future. This usually happened when Alice was having a vision. I could see Antanasia and Giovanni talking. There was another vampire with them, but I could not make out the face or what they were saying. Then just like that it ended. I now understood what Alice was saying by our abilities being effected.
I walked back out to find Alice. She was standing talking with Carlisle.
“What do you get from that vision Alice?” I asked her. She looked confused and before the words came from her mouth I could hear her think them, ‘what vision?’ I stood there not sure of what was going on.
“You had a vision right? Just a minute ago? It was of Giovanni and Antanasia. There was another vampire, but I couldn’t make out who it was or what was being said! Didn’t you have a vision?” I said stunned. Her look said it all, her thoughts need not tell me a word.
“What vision? I had no vision of Antanasia with Giovanni and some other vampire!” She said firmly.
“But you did!” She replied answering her own question that was now forming in her mind! Carlisle looked as confused as I felt.
“Edward what happen and when?” Carlisle asked me.
“This has to be a mistake! I have never had visions! How could this be?” I asked him.
“I don’t know, maybe the visions are unable to reach Alice and came to you! Maybe someone is forcing the visions.” He answered. The bewilderment on all of our faces was evident.
“But wait, the vision was not of them here! It was in Romania and it felt distant, almost old! Like it was the past!” I exclaimed. Alice and Carlisle’s eyes widened at my announcement. But how could I see past events?

Alice’s POV

What in the world was going to happen next? Edward is now able to see visions from the past? But wouldn’t that be blocked by Giovanni also? Maybe Giovanni was thinking about a past situation and letting Edward see it?
“Edward do you think maybe Giovanni is allowing you to see past events? Maybe he wants to help us! So maybe he is thinking about a past situation!” I said very softly
“This felt different though, Alice! It didn’t feel like just someone’s thoughts, it felt like a rush of knowledge. I feel what you feel when you have your visions, not just the thought of the vision, but I feel the sudden onset and the intensity! Maybe it is just Giovanni, but I would really love to know what exactly I was supposed to be seeing then!” Edward said with such confusion. It was clear that we were all confused. Esme could see were very much involved in our discussion and came over to us.
“Carlisle is everything okay? Edward did I hear right you had a vision from the past?” Esme questioned.
“Yes, but it may just be Giovanni wanting me to see something in particular!” Edward told her with disappointment. Maybe Edward wanted this new gift! He looked to me quickly and half-grinned.
“No I do not think it is coincidence at all.” She stated very proudly. We were all puzzled at what Esme could know that we didn’t.
“Do you remember when Giovanni told Bella that her talent works on the greatest emotion she knows rather then hatred and anger?” Esme asked as she was teaching a classroom. We all just nodded.
“Well going through some documents, I found that a telepathy can develop his/her powers even more when in a hard-pressed situation. It is like your mind seeks to find an answer or a thought! So you are in fact searching others’ memories. So you managed to find a h*** in Giovanni’s shield and you were able to search an old memory from someone!” Esme finished eloquently. We were all stunned that she knew more about Edward’s ability then we all did. Edward nodded to me in shock.
“Don’t be surprised! I am not just a mother! I have to stay informed too! Also, you might want to know that a telepathy can be very powerful if developed all the way!” She exclaimed very proud of herself.
“Well, why now? How come not before?” Edward whispered still trying to understand what Esme was telling him.
“Well, it is obvious Edward! Have you ever loved before? I mean before Bella and Nessie, well us of course, but have you ever loved anyone or anything as much as you love them?” Esme asked him. I understood now. Edward’s love for Bella and Nessie was more intense now because of the wedding and the upcoming situation.
“Do you think?” Edward asked me. “Really? I have always loved Bella and Nessie with every grain of being I am!” Edward answered.
“But this wedding has made me realize that I am the luckiest man alive!” He went on.
“I guess as I saw Leah walking down the aisle all I could think of was Bella on our wedding day!” He finished. The answer was apparent! Edward was able to further his abilities because of the love and passion he felt for Bella and Nessie. I had an epiphany all of a sudden and Edward’s eyes widened as my thoughts came to be.
“Well, if love is the answer maybe it is the answer for me to get pass Giovanni shield!” I exclaimed. “Maybe I need to focus on my love for Jasper and let it fill me! Maybe then I will be able to see future events again!” I was ecstatic. I wondered if we rally were all just raw in our abilities! Edward looked to me with a shocked look on his face.
“Do you think the Romanians know that? The ancient scrolls must say something of all abilities too!” Edward said very worriedly. I hoped that he was wrong! Just then Emmett announced that it was time for the bride and groom to leave on their honeymoon. They would really be leaving for an hour or so until the guest where gone, then we would call them back!!!

Bella’s POV

I finished my dance with Charlie and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.
“Thanks Bells!” He said blushing a little. I smiled widely at him
“You are welcome, Dad!” I said wishing I could blush a little too.
“Don’t worry about me kid, I have someone to help the time pass!” Charlie said looking to Sue.
“You have become pretty close with Sue. Anything I need to know?” I asked being the questioning daughter. I was happy that Sue and Charlie found comfort in one another.
“Yeah, Sue is great! So are Leah and Seth! I was never quite sure why you and Leah didn’t see eye to eye before, but I am glad you do now!” Charlie said.
“Leah is great! She would make the perfect sister!” I laughed at him.
“Ha, don’t get to ahead of yourself , okay!” He laughed back at me. Just then Emmett announced that Leah and Jaiden would be leaving on their honeymoon.
“Oh Dad, I need to go help Leah get ready to leave!” I said as I gave him another peck on the cheek.
“Okay Bells!” He replied as I slowly headed to the house. I looked to Alice who was in deep conversation with Edward, Carlisle, and Esme. I motioned for her to come with me. I wondered what that was all about. Alice ran slowly to join me. We headed into the house and up the stairs to Alice’s room. Leah was already there.
“Could you help me please? I think I am trapped in this dress!” Leah whined pouting. I laughed at her expression.
“Yes, we will help you Leah!” Alice laughed with me.
“Oh thank you! So what is the plan? Jaiden and I leave in the car and go where?” Leah asked curiously.
“You and Jaiden may go anywhere you like until you get our call!” Alice answered.
“So use your time well Leah!” I giggled at her.
“Bella, you are so bad!” Leah replied giggling at me.
“Yes, she and Edward can be quite annoying sometimes! Oh speak of Edward, he may have developed a new ability!” Alice told me as we helped slide Leah out of her dress.
“What are you talking about?” I asked very confused by that comment.
“He had a vision of the past!” Alice said excited. “We are not sure exactly how, but Esme believes it has something to do with his love for you and Nessie!” She finished.
“That is shocking! So Esme believes that Edward’s abilities strengthened because of his love for Bella and Nessie? I am starting to believe I got short-changed on being a wolf!” Leah said as if she was a little upset.
“That is so weird, but it makes sense Alice! Once Giovanni taught me that love was the key to my ability it opened me up!” I said to Alice. This day was beautiful, but strange at the same time. It was a strangely beautiful day! Alice picked out a black Versace short dress and slipped over Leah’s head. It hung beautifully on her slender frame. We gave her a suitcase and everyone was waiting for Jaiden and her to make their exit. Jaiden met her half way up the stairs, grabbed her hand, and they kissed everyone as they left out the door. Of course Emmett was waiting with the rice. They got in the car and sped down the driveway! Now it was time to get ready for tonight and the Romanians.
Leah’s POV

We decided that we wanted to go to La Push Beach. We wanted to dance under the moonlight. We could hear the waves crashing as we stood on the beach. The smell of salt filled the air. We could hear the whales calling to one another. They sounded like long lost love calls. Jaiden surprised me as he pulled out a blanket, some of our wedding cake, and what looked like champagne.
“No more of that for me!” I said a little sick to my stomach. He grinned like he knew a secret that I did not.
“No, I thought you would say that! That is why this, my darling, is sparkling white grape juice!” He laughed at me hysterically. “But I am glad you know your limits.” He finished.
He gently fed me a piece of our wedding cake and I sipped the juice. I looked into those earth-shattering blue eyes and fell into them without hesitation. Before I realized it, I was exuding my passion. My lips desperately met Jaiden’s and they moved gently around his.
I couldn’t breathe. I was too enthralled in the passion.
“Leah, you have made me the happiest hybrid alive!” Jaiden told me through our kisses.
“And you have made me the happiest wolf girl alive!” I laughed at him. I pulled back to look at his beautiful face. His face was traced with joy at the corners of his mouth. He leaned in again to meet my lips. His lips were the eager ones now. I wanted this night to last forever. Our honeymoon did not have to be in some foreign place, I would have settled for La Push Beach. Just then time froze around us. There were no more sounds of whales or waves. The sounds of the forest behind us were distant.
“We can have our time now!” Jaiden said proudly.
“How long can you hold this?” I asked him.
“I’m not quite sure! Long as I am with you, I am sure I can manage a long time.” He answered me softly whispering in my ear. Then I remembered love is the key.
“Love is the key to expanding your powers! Edward expanded his through his love for Bella and Nessie! Bella expanded her powers through the love she has for Edward and Nessie.” I answered very quickly. Just then time began and the sounds came back. A look of disappointment crossed my face.
“Oh no, Leah, I stopped because I wanted to listen to what you were telling me. I have to intently focus on my power. I held it longer then I have ever held it before! Maybe your love theory does hold water!” Jaiden exclaimed and time froze again. Just as he leaned into kiss me, the phone rang. I guess time wasn’t frozen everywhere.
“I’m sorry! I do not know the distance on my power, but apparently it hasn’t reached the Cullen’s.” He said sadly looking at the phone number. He answered the phone and began to speak.
“Yes, they have all left! Have you begun to tell the others? Oh, I see! Okay we will leave shortly! See you soon and thank you again for a beautiful day!” Jaiden finished as he closed the phone.
“That was Alice. They want us to leave soon. Everyone has left except the entire pack and all of our vampire friends!” Jaiden told me calmly.
“Have they told them yet? No, Edward and Carlisle want to wait for us.” He replied. Jaiden took my hands and kissed me one last time. Then we packed up our blanket and headed to the waiting car.
“I love you, Leah! Again thank you for marrying me!” He said to me as he held my door open. I looked into those gorgeous blue eyes.
“I love you, too! And thank you for marrying me!” I said very happily. We were back in the car speeding back to the Cullen’s house. We were about to tell the pack and our friends about the Romanians. I wasn’t looking forward to this at all. I do not think any of us were looking forward to telling our friends.


Carlisle’s POV

Everyone stood quietly waiting to hear what we had to tell them. Benjamin and Tia already knew and they stood distant from everyone else.
“What is it Carlisle? Just tell us please!” Tanya asked very curiously.
“Please be patient! They will be here any minute!” I replied.
“Edward, who is coming? This is becoming a little ridiculous that we are being made to wait! Who are we waiting for?” Siobhan asked Edward very impatiently. I could hear the car pulling back up the driveway. There we all stood waiting for Jaiden and Leah to come back, but half of did not know who or why. The whole pack waited with us except for Collin and Brady. They were told to do patrol. Just then Jaiden came back through the front door with Leah. Everyone was very confused now.
“I thought that you left on your honeymoon?” Kate questioned with a puzzled look.
“Okay we are all here. There is something that has come to light this morning. All of us are affected in some way by this. I have been dwelling all day on an easy way to tell everyone this!” I started to say.
“Just out with it already Carlisle! You know I am not one for mysteries!” Tanya said firmly.
“Okay, here it is! The Romanians showed up this morning at the cottage to collect on their bargain! Antanasia claims there is an issue that we need to help her with. We believe that it was planned for her to come today because she knew that we would all be here, including the witnesses. We all need to meet them at the cottage.” I finished. No one spoke. Their faces were all blank. Then out of nowhere Alice chirped up.
“I know this is a lot to take in, but we asked the Romanians to wait at the cottage because we did not want to ruin Leah and Jaiden’s day more then we had to already. We really do need to get going to the cottage. We need to find out the details of what may lay ahead for most of us!” Alice said sadly.
“How did they know that we would all be here?” Kate asked very confused. “Did you send them an invitation?” She asked.
“No we certainly did not! We suspect, but are not for certain that Amun might have informed them.” I said as I nodded in Benjamin’s direction.
“We know that Amun is not happy about the agreement we decided to participate in. Carlisle sent all of us an invitation to the wedding, but Amun refused to come. He believes that it is Carlisle’s fault that Tia and I are part of this bargain. Kebi apparently tried to warn Bella and Amun found out about it. This is what we suspect!” Benjamin said shamefully.
“What could the issue possibly be? The Volturi are no more!” Eleazar said in total astonishment.
“We do not know, but we do know that either Alice was allowed to see through Giovanni’s shield this morning or she is learning to see around it! Edward also had a vision from the past today!” I said trying to boost the confidence in the room. Half the room gasped at the fact that Edward had a vision.
“How did you have a vision Edward?” Eleazar asked dumbfounded. Edward smiled and looked at Bella holding Nessie.
“Edward was able to further his ability we believe because of his love for Renesmee and me. Of course, he loves you all too, but our bond is very strong!” Bella started to explain.
“Not strong enough to knock down walls though! Yet!” Emmett opened his mouth. I threw him a scowl. This was no joking matter.
“Emmett, I don’t have time for your jokes! Do you like trees?” Bell asked him. Edward, Jake, Jaiden, and Jasper all laughed.
“Anyways, when Giovanni gave me the note in Volterra, it stated that to make my shield stronger I had to act on the greatest emotion I knew! The greatest emotion I have always known was my love for Edward, Renesmee, and all of you! But the strongest being Edward and Renesmee!” Bella went on explaining.
“Well, if you will all follow us we will head to the cottage! We don’t want them to become restless!” I instructed everyone. We were on our way to see what would lay ahead for all of us!

Jacob’s POV

I felt bad that Leah and Jaiden had to come back. They both deserved to be happy. I was just glad that nobody else in the packs were affected by this deal. We were all in our human form. Collin and Brady were running patrols.
“Hey Sam, maybe we should phase? Leah can stay in her human form!” I was telling Sam, but he seemed so distant.
“What’s wrong Sam?” I asked. He looked like he just lost his best friend. He had tears in his eyes.
“She really is happy! Isn’t she?” He asked while a single tear fell down his cheek.
“Yes, what is this about Sam?” I was confused he loved Emily, he imprinted on Emily, and left Leah behind for Emily! What did he have to cry for? Leah was the one that was completely broken.
“I just feel horrible that I hurt her so much! You have to know Jake that your imprint is the other half of your soul! I loved Leah so much though and it is really hard to imagine her not loving me at all anymore!” Sam finished. I was in shock. He was crying because Leah was happy, but felt horrible that he hurt her. I was so angry with him. How could he be so selfish? I could feel myself start to tremble. Just then Edward walked up to me and touched my hand.
“It is selfish! It is wrong, but he hurts more for hurting her!” Edward said looking at both of us. Sam wiped one last tear from his face.
“I know I am selfish Jake, trust me Leah already told me! And Emily is not happy that I feel like this either! But I do feel horrible for hurting her. I am just so use to her having a love for me! She said she feels nothing.” Sam said sadly.
“What do you expect her to feel? Be happy that she found someone and she is happy! Now do you want to go in wolf form?” I said very sternly.
“Yes, let’s go in wolf form! Go tell Leah the plan!” He replied as he looked away from me. Edward nodded in agreement that we should go in wolf form. I walked over to where Leah and Jaiden stood holding one another.
“Hey Leah the packs are going to phase. You stay in human form!” I told her.
“Are you sure Jake? I can..” She started to say but I held my hand up.
“That is an order!” I said smiling.
“Thanks, Jake!” Leah said. “But if anything goes down, I am busting out of this dress!” She finished.
“I wouldn’t expect anything less!” I told her. We all went outside. We all stepped in the woods to phase. We were on the move in no time. Seth ran along side of me.
‘Hey do you think that Leah and Jaiden will have time for their honeymoon? Or do you think we will have to leave right away?’ Seth asked me. What did he just say? Did he just say we?
‘Yes Jake, we! I said we!’ He replied to my thought.
‘Now you wait a minute kid! I need you to stay and take care of La Push, your mom, Charlie, watch the perimeter, so don’t even think for one minute you are coming with!’ I said firmly.
‘That’s not fair Jake!’ Seth repeated.
‘Yes, it is! Your sister would kill us both before we could leave!’ I thought loudly.
‘Okay, Okay! But I am not happy!’ Seth thought and I knew he wouldn’t be. We were almost to the cottage now!

Bella’s POV

We got to the cottage in no time. Carlisle was the first through the door. When we arrived we noticed that more of the Volturi guard were present. I guess we should call them the Romanian guard now.
“Ahh, my friends please come in! I thought we would be going to the house, but do come in! We can talk here!” Antanasia said inviting me into my own house. Giovanni stood next to Antanasia. Felix, Demetri, Jane, and Alec stood behind them. It was apparent that Giovanni was shielding them.
“It is so good to see you all again! And Leah and Jaiden congratulations! How was the ceremony? We would have been present, but it seems that we were not invited!” Antanasia said to Leah and Jaiden.
“I am sorry! The ceremony was beautiful! We can’t wait to go on our honeymoon though!” Leah said very sarcastically. Antanasia studied her face for a minute.
“Oh I am sure you can’t wait. What young couple in love can? Perhaps you may go on a short honeymoon, but we have much to discuss here!” Antanasia said forcefully. Jake growled a little bit. I rubbed my hand through his russet color fur to calm him. Renesmee was up and her hand was on my face showing me images from Volterra. She was worried we were going back.
“No, Renesmee we are not going back there!” I said reassuring her, but we would be going somewhere. Edward wrapped me tighter in his grip. He could hear my thoughts and my disapproval on the whole matter.
“Well, we would all like to know what issue it is that requires our services Antanasia!” Carlisle calmly explained.
“Ahh, yes! Well we require the presence of anyone that was present for the bargain in a week and a half. There is a pressing matter that has been brought to our attention and we need to move swiftly!” Antanasia replied to Carlisle. All of us were in shock, a week and a half. This was not enough time to get everything together.
“Those of you that do not show will be hunted and killed!” Antanasia added with a stern tone.
“What is this issue?” Carlisle asked again. “I think that it is only fear we know what we are going for, so we prepare properly.” He said to Antanasia looking right at her.
“I agree. There has been a issue with some new breed of vampire, not hybrid, we don’t know what they are, but they are powerful. We have this information from a reliable source. They are building and they plan to strike out against all vampires. They are being driven by someone, but we do not know who!” Antanasia answered our concerns.
“All newborns are powerful though!” Jasper stated.
“These are not just newborns, my dear child, these creatures defy all vampires with not just strength. They have the ability that I do, to be reborn and not burn. They have immense tracking, mind-reading, and other capabilities as well. It is as if there genetic make-up has been tampered with. They are set to strike against us all in a couple of months! We all need to train and increase abilities if any of us are to live!” Antanasia finished.
“But what about our shields?” I asked confused.
“My dear child, you and Giovanni may be our only hope. We need Giovanni to teach you more because it will take both of your shields.” She said desperately.
“It would also be wise for any vampires that are not part of the bargain to come with and any that you know that are not present!” Antanasia sounded very concerned for all of us. All of a sudden I could feel Edward tense his grip around me. He was more rigid then usual. I looked back to him and his face looked blank like Alice did when she had a vision. What was he seeing? Everyone in the room was looking at him now.
“What is the matter with Edward?” Giovanni asked bewildered by his blank gaze.
“He is having a vision into the past!” Carlisle answered their question.
“What? When did this ability start?” Giovanni asked insisting the answer.
“Today! Why?” I answered now worried by what this meant to the Romanians.
“Then it is true! The prophecy is true! We may all survive after all!” Antanasia replied most pleased by Edward’s new abilities. I had chills again and I didn’t like the way she was looking at Edward, Renesmee, and me. What prophecy was she talking about?
Giovanni’s POV

Was it possible? Was it true? Could it be that the ancient scrolls had been so accurate? Well, if that was the case nothing seizes to amaze me!
“Unbelievable! Simply amazing!” I gasped so loudly. Jane, Alec, Felix, and Demetri were equally shocked. They gasped as we all watched Edward’s expressions so intently. His face appeared to look blank at first, then a look of astonishment had come over his face. I wished to be able to see into his thoughts. I looked to Antanasia, she was whispering with Stefan and Vladimir. I could hear bits and pieces. She knew that I had a soft spot for the Cullen’s. This bothered her greatly. She would only allow me certain privileges into conversations now. She loved me greatly, but she said she need to protect us all.
“Could this be a possible threat later on?” I heard Stefan whisper to Antanasia.
“Not if we make them our allies forever, this could be to our benefit!” Vladimir responded to Stefan’s comment. Antanasia looked as if she was pondering both statements. She looked to me and she knew that I had also heard the comments.
“My love I do not think that the Cullen’s will rise against us, if we treat them accordingly!” I added trying to ease her conscience.
“You have too much of a weak spot for them! Especially after Bella helped you destroy Aro! You have to understand my hesitation on trusting anyone! I will not let my empire be destroyed again! This will take much thought over the next few months!” Antanasia scolded me in a whispered tone. Edward face was starting to relax and calmness returned to his face. Bella looked to him with great worry. What was it that the ancient scrolls said ? Ah, yes!
‘When the Great One will come to be, he will not recognize his true potential, He will simply dismiss it as a happening of current situations at hand. His mate is the key for him to unlock his powers. Without her, his powers will never fully mature. The child is the answer to all that they seek.'

I specifically remember this entry in the ancient scrolls. I came across it as I was looking up about a powerful shield. The scrolls did not link the two of them together however! I wondered if I was missing a piece to the scrolls? Could it be that this was the link and Edward would be the ‘Great One.’ If that is the case, then Antanasia would have reason to fear for her empire. Edward looked bewildered now.
“Edward are you okay?” Bella asked stroking his cheek. She looked so worried.
“Yes, my dear, are you okay?” Antanasia asked very cruelly. Edward’s bewildered gaze broke.
“Yes, I am fine, but I cannot make out what I am seeing!” Edward answered very disturbed by his new powers.
“What is it you are seeing , my child? Perhaps we could help you figure the rest!” Antanasia answered very sinisterly.
“I cannot make out faces, but I know it is vampires that I am seeing!” Edward answered, but I had a feeling he was not giving Antanasia and the rest of us the whole truth. He looked to Carlisle. What did Carlisle know? I did not want to announce that I thought that this was a lie.
“Well, Edward, you will have to keep working on it!” Antanasia answered his distress.
“Antanasia, could we ask that Leah and Jaiden be allowed three weeks for their honeymoon and then join the rest of us in Romanian?” Carlisle asked. Antanasia spoke with Stefan and Vladimir.
“Agreed, but no more then three weeks! There is much to prepare for!” She answered Carlisle request. Leah and Jaiden smiled at one another. I was glad that Antanasia gave them this time.
“So I expect the rest of you in Romanian in a week and a half!” She added very callously.
Edward was intently whispering something in Bella’s ear. Bella’s face had an expression of amazement. I wonder what the vision had unfolded for Edward.

Edward’s POV

I was just standing there listening to Antanasia and then the next thing I knew, I was in a different place. The vision was much stronger. I actually felt like I was standing in the room and not just witnessing from afar. I could smell the dampness of the room. I could feel the stone floor beneath my feet. It felt like I could reach out and touch the others in the room. This was not the exact same vision as before. I could clearly make out faces, but there were two vampires that had their backs to me. A woman and a man vampire, they appeared to be together. I did not recognize their voices either. So it was no vampire I have ever met. Antanasia was speaking to Giovanni.
“Do you think, my love, that they would ever succeed ?” Antanasia asked Giovanni.
“No, I do not the scrolls predict the future of the Great One and from what he will arise! I believe that to be you and me my love!” Giovanni answered kissing her hand as they sat on their thrones. Stefan and Vladimir came out and joined them both on each side. They looked very different. Their skin looked much smoother and they appeared to be younger. Looking at Antanasia she looked to be younger also.
“I believe you are right, my dear! We are the Chosen Ones that the scrolls talk about!” Antanasia told Giovanni.
“Stefan, I want you to destroy that piece of the scroll in question! Should it ever fall into the wrong hands, it would be detrimental to us!” Antanasia instructed Stefan. As he walked away, I was wondering what she was talking about. I didn’t understand what in the world was going on. I was lost and who was the Great One? I stayed focused trying to take in every bit of the conversation. There had to be a clue to what this was about. Maybe this would save us against these new renegade vampires!
“But Antanasia, the scrolls talk about a child! Where is that child if you are the Chosen?” The woman vampire asked her.
“I do not know! And you should not question me about such things! Maybe I have to find the child!” She yelled at her.
“Yes, I should know not to question your judgment! I am sorry!” The vampire replied solemnly. How far back in the past was I?
“Constantin, my darling, we must search for the child!” Antanasia sweetly told him! Huh! But that was Giovanni! He looked like Giovanni! What I did not understand? Why was I this far back into the past? This was over fifteen hundred years ago. It was quite disturbing to see how much Giovanni looked like Constantin. Who were these other two vampires? They were the key to this puzzle! I only wished that they would turn around for me to see.
“Ah, are you leaving again? When will you be back? I hope soon!” Antanasia replied to both of the vampires.
“We will look or the child, but after that I want no more of this life!” The woman vampire replied scornfully. Just as she started to turn around, I caught a glimpse of both of their faces. Then the vision ended! No, it couldn't be!

Bella’s POV

I was worried it took Edward a long time to come back to this reality.
“Edward are you okay?” I asked very softly caressing his beautiful face. He looked to me and he was as confused as we all were. What in the world did he see? Antanasia questioned him as well, but he denied knowing what the vision was possibly about! I could tell he was only telling a half truth. By the look on Giovanni’s face, he knew Edward was not telling the truth either. Carlisle asked for Leah and Jaiden to have three weeks for a honeymoon and then the rest of us were instructed to be in Romanian in one and a half weeks. Edward still looked like he was trying to put something together. I looked at him with concern. Renesmee put her hand to my face and showed me the same worried look on his face that I was looking at.
“I know my darling, daddy does not seem to be himself!” I whispered to her. Edward snapped out his trance.
“Bella, I do not know what I just saw, but it has to do with the ancient scrolls and the Great One!” Edward hastily whispered in my ear. He sounded so desperate.
“Who is the Great One?” I whispered back to him curious now.
“I do not know! But I was back in time over fifteen hundred years ago and in the Romanian castle! Antanasia’s husband, Constantin, looks exactly like Giovanni! That is why I thought the vision was of the recent past earlier today! There were also two other vampires in the room! And they spoke of a child that they needed to find!” Edward finished telling me.
“You don’t think that child is Renesmee!” I started to panic. Edward gently touched my shoulder and told me to calm down.
“Bella, calm yourself please! I have to be given time to figure all of this out!” Edward told me cautiously. He looked over to Carlisle. Carlisle now knew that Edward’s vision held great importance. Wait! He said something about there being two other vampires.
“Who were the two other vampires in your vision?” I whispered to him.
“I only caught a brief look at them and then the vision ended, but I have seen them in the paintings in Carlisle’s study! When we get back to the house, I will have to ask him who they are! I do not know! But I do know that they are in his paintings!” Edward answered me. None of us would be able to figure out Edward’s vision until the Romanians left.
Giovanni was staring at Edward and me whispering. I wonder how much Giovanni knew about the Great One? He has been the one in the ancient scrolls, he would have to know!
Maybe in Romania I could get him to tell me more during training! He seemed to trust me.
“Maybe you will be able to Bella, but be careful he is still Antanasia’s mate first and foremost!” Edward warned me. Edward was right I would have to be careful.

Emmett’s POV

I couldn’t contain my excitement! The chance to mess with Felix and Demetri was just to enthralling to me. Hey Antanasia did say that she would save Demetri for me! Edward was now giving me that look again! ‘Go back into your trance!’ I snapped at him in my head.
“So I would expect you all in a week and a half! You can make private arrangements or we could send the jet for you all! Let us know what you decide!” Antanasia told us all. The Romanians were getting ready to leave, this was my chance. I started to bounce around like a little kid.
“Em, what in the world is your problem?” Rose asked me annoyed by my enjoyment. No way was I letting anyone ruin this for me now! Felix and Demetri just eyed me the whole time.
“Oh, nothing Rose! I just want to mess with Felix and Demetri!” I whispered to her.
“Is that all you think about? You really are thick headed aren’t you?” Rose said as she walked over to stand by Bella and Edward. Fine, whatever! Antanasia was saying her goodbyes.
“Felix, where is that pretty little thing? What was her name? Gianna, that’s it! Did she find out about your little secret with your buddy Demetri here?” I laughed at Felix. A hiss rolled off his tongue.
“She is back in Romania! What’s it to you?” Felix shouted at me. I laughed in amusement at how easy it was to make him enraged.
“Just forget him! Let’s go Felix!” Demetri told him patting him on the back as they walked by.
“Yes, listen to your lover boy! I am sure you loved leaving her back in Romania so you could have your alone time with Demetri!” I laughed after them. I could see Felix’s fists start to ball up.
“Felix, behave yourself!” Antanasia said looking at me with a smile. That was cool the old hag found pleasure in this taunting too!
“Antanasia, I was just wondering if you thought about that promise you made me? The one concerning Demetri!” I said very calmly to her.
“Ahh, yes we will discuss that in Romania, my friend!” She said as she patted my shoulder.
“You have some strength in you! Good to see!” She added looking at me. I laughed and thanked her. They all left out of the room and now everyone was staring at me.
“What? They can come here and scare everyone, but I can’t have any fun! Gosh!” I replied and all at once Edward, Carlisle, Rose, Bella, and Alice were all yelling at me. Their voices started to blend. I did hear idiot, moron, what were you thinking, self-centered, etc. I just laughed at them some more. Jasper was laughing at me. He loved when I got abused. Just then, I was lifted in the air and crashing through a wall. I got up and brushed off the concrete, dry wall, and nails off my tux. I looked at Bella who was now grinning ear to ear.
“You wanted broken walls, Emmett! There you go! There is a broken wall for you!” Bella laughed at me.
“Well all I can say is Edward must be jealous now for sure!” I said laughing at her little rant.
“Why would that be Emmett?” Bella asked me.
“Well because you broke a wall with me before you broke one with him!” I roared at my own joke. Rose was giggling too. Oops! Mistake, because here I was crashing through trees again!
Giovanni’s POV

We left the cottage with Carlisle's word that everyone would be in Romania in a week and a half. Everyone except Leah and Jaiden. They seemed very pleased that they would have a honeymoon after all. Something bothered me, the look on Edward’s face as he watched me after his vision. I wondered if it was anything like Alice’s visions. Could we be in the presence of the Great One, the Chosen Ones? I know that was what Antanasia was wondering. I knew that this would bother her so much. I knew that Constantin had once had an ability similar to Edward’s ability to read minds. They had believed at one point that they were the Chosen Ones. A frown crept over my face, as Antanasia was talking with Stefan and Vladimir. I knew that they were discussing the very same thing I was debating in my own mind. I like the Cullen’s and I would do everything in my power to make sure that Antanasia would not harm them.
“He would have had to drink her blood and not just during transformation!” Antanasia calmly whispered to Stefan and Vladimir.
“But Constantin never drank of you and he believed that he was the Great One!” Stefan replied with discontent. What were they talking about? I do not remember reading anything about drinking the blood of the Great One’s mate! Was there something I missed in the scrolls? No I have studied them over and over again! I stretched my ability to make their voices a little louder. I sat very still making sure not to move.
“Edward has not drunk of Bella! She would be dead!” Antanasia said very careful.
“How do we know for sure? Have we ever asked them if he has drunk of her? Her blood would bring life to his power! Of course, this would take a few of years according to the scrolls!” Stefan argued. “ We need to make sure he did not drink of her ever! Maybe we should ask the guard?” Stefan finished. What were they concerned about I still did not understand?
“Jane, my dear, you were extremely close with Aro, did he ever say if Edward drank Bella blood?” A look of enjoyment came over Jane’s face.

Jane’s POV

I took this as my opportunity. My true revenge would start now. I thought back to that day that Edward came to ask for a death sentence because Bella had died. Aro had seen into his past memories. Aro did reveal to me that Bella was almost one of us, but Edward stopped the process by sucking almost every drop of blood from her. So, yes I knew that Edward had drank Bella’s blood once upon a time, but why would I give this filthy old witch one piece of information. I thought quickly. As much as I hated Bella and the rest of the Cullen’s, I loathed something awful and from the deepest, darkest part of my existence for the Romanians. I hope that Bella and the Cullen’s destroy them and set us all free.
“Aro never told me of Edward drinking Bella’s blood. He would have divulged such information. He loved sharing what he learned through his ability with a few select of us! But no, I am sorry, Edward has never drunk Bella’s blood.” I said very sincerely. I looked to Alec, Felix, and Demetri and they all nodded in agreement.
“Aro would have told us if such a thing occurred!” Felix added supporting my statement. I could feel a smile creep over my lips. Whatever vital piece of information this was would die with me if need be.
“Thank you, my pets!” Antanasia said gratefully. She went back to her secret conversation with her disgusting, decrepit brothers. I could feel the smugness overcome my face. I would have triumph some way, some how. I could feel stares upon my face. I turned to meet Giovanni’s glares. He was studying my facial expressions. Study away because I would never tell.

Bella’s POV

After I threw Emmett around a little to teach him a lesson, we all started to talk about Edward’s vision. Alice was on the phone re-booking Jaiden and Leah’s plane tickets. Jaiden had wanted to take Leah to Paris and to the place of his birth. I suggested Isle Esme, but Jaiden said it was important to him for Leah to see what a beautiful city he came from. Plus, Jaiden had told us that his father had a secret workshop that the Volturi did not find and there were documents that he wanted to get.
“Okay everything is set, you leave in five hours!” Alice announced. It was already one o’clock in the morning. Renesmee fell asleep again after the Romanians left.
“I am telling you Carlisle I have seen that woman vampire before in one of your paintings.” Edward told Carlisle. Carlisle looked confused.
“Let’s go back to the house and see who it is that you are referring too!” Carlisle replied.
“Constantin and Giovanni look so much alike, it is uncanny! That is why I thought the vision earlier was from the recent past!” Edward added. “And the vision was more then a vision, I could smell the dampness of the stone castle! It smelt as if it has been standing for thousands of years, just very old! I could feel the stone beneath my feet! I felt like I could have reached out to touch everyone! This was much stronger then a vision. The talked about the Great One and Constantin thought he was the Great One! But the woman challenged them and said if you are the Great One then where is the child?” Edward finished looking to my arms where Renesmee slept peacefully.
“What else did you see or hear Edward? This may all be very important to us! I believe you were shown this vision for a specific purpose and we need to figure out what that purpose may be!” Carlisle said very thoughtfully.
“What if what you saw hold relevance to you and Bella, Edward? What if Giovanni knows the truth?” Jasper spoke to us. Edward’s vision held relevance and we all knew it, but not to us! We could not be the Chosen Ones! Could we?
“I do believe that it may hold relevance to Renesmee! Antanasia was looking for a child and that is what the other vampire left in search of! She also told Stefan to destroy part of the scroll! That it was detrimental to them if it ever fell into the wrong hands! So, Giovanni does not know the whole truth! But what does he know?” Edward excitedly replied.
“Interesting! He was studying you quite intensely after your vision.” Jasper murmured under his breath like he was in thought. Just then Emmet came running back into the house and he didn’t look to pleased either! I just giggled at him. Once again he was covered in wood splinters, bark , and sap.
“That was uncalled for Bella! Can’t anyone around here take a joke?” Emmett said sadly.
“I am just trying to lighten the mood!” He added and I started to feel sorry that I did that to him until.
“But you have to admit Edward, I can knock down the walls with your wife better then you can!” He was laughing hysterically. That was it he was going to meet some more trees! By time I was done with Emmett the Cullen’s property would be cleared. So back again I threw him through the forest. I could still hear him laughing until he hit the first tree again.
“He is hopeless Bella! He will never learn!” Rose laughed. We had all decided it was time to go back to the house and see who exactly this woman vampire and her mate were.
Maybe then we would have a piece to the puzzle.

Leah’s POV

I was so ecstatic that Jaiden and I could go on our honeymoon, but then I looked at my family and friends and lost that feeling automatically. Jaiden noticed my facial expression go from excitement to distress. He looked around the room and he clearly knew why I looked so depressed.
“My sweet, sweet Leah, we are not leaving them. We will be with them in no time!” Jaiden answered my dismayed frown.
“I know Jaiden, it’s just, it’s just..” I didn’t finish my sentence. Instead I sighed, my shoulder rolled downwards, and my body just slumped. I felt nothing but complete despair. I felt his finger lift my chin to meet his perfectly, mesmerizing blue eyes. My heart sank as I could see the pain I was causing him. I could feel the tears slowly building in the corner of my eyes. My eyes felt moist. I broke the gaze with Jaiden and looked to Jake. I have never left Jake’s side when it came to danger, but now he would be in Romania without me. I felt helpless and even worse I was hurting Jaiden.
“We do not have to go Leah! We can go with the rest of them, if that would make you feel better.” Jaiden said concerned with my grief. Just then Alice was in our conversation and everyone was looking at us.
“OH NO! You are going on that honeymoon! There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it! Leah, Jake will be fine! Do you think that we would ever let anything happen to him?” Alice apparently was very angry by my sadness. It wasn’t just Jake though. For the first time since my father had passed away, I had felt like a had a family. Bella, Alice, and Rose were like sisters to me. Edward, Emmett, and Jasper were like brothers. Carlisle and Esme were a second set of parents. Jake and Nessie, well they were my brother and sister too. I never said I had a normal family, but I had a family. Then there was Seth, Mom, and Charlie. When would I see them again? My head was back staring at the ground and I sobbed silently. The tears poured down my cheeks and down my chin. I felt another finger lifting my face. I expected to see Jaiden’s beautiful face, but instead I was looking at Edward. I was kind of shocked to see him coming to comfort me. He opened his arms and pulled me into them to hug me. This made sense he was the only one who could feel my pain through my thoughts. I felt bad that I inflicted my pain on him like that.
“Don’t you even go there Leah!” He whispered to me. For the first time, I understood Edward.
“I don’t know how you can put up with everyone’s emotions all at once, Edward!” I whispered back to him.
“Leah, listen to me you deserve this more then anyone. I want you to have happiness so that when you come to Romania you will have your head on! Leah, you are not abandoning us! We all love you and you are part of this family! When one of us hurts, we all hurt! We are definitely not the most practical family, but we are your family! Jaiden and you need to go!” Edward spoke to me very softly. He was right, they would all be okay!
“You know I am right!” He finished. Okay now you’re just being annoying.
“Now that’s the Leah I know and love!” He laughed hysterically and I couldn’t help but laughing with him.
“Okay, okay I am going and I will have a great time with my wonderful husband!” I said looking to Jaiden.

Alice’s POV

We all went back to the house. Leah and Jaiden’s bags were already in the car from the first time they left. Leah left to go freshen up before their long flight. I should have been calmer with her earlier, she is worried just like the rest of us. I went upstairs to help her get ready.
“I am so sorry Leah for the way I behaved! I should have let you explain!” I said to her.
“It’s okay Alice, you have done so much for me! It is just hard to imagine everyone there in Romania and Jaiden and I celebrating!” Leah replied still sad.
“I know that it must be hard! I just want you to be happy, if it pleases you I can call and change your tickets for just a two week stay. That way you may come back and see everyone here before you join us in Romania!” I told her hoping this would ease her mind.
“That might be a good idea! I will explain it to Jaiden, I am sure he will agree!” She said with a little less sadness.
“Just promise me something Alice!” She said.
“Sure, anything!” I replied hoping to make her happy.
“If anything should start to go wrong, you will call us immediately!” She said very sternly.
“Yes, anything and I will call you!” I replied promising her. She gave me a hug and whispered in my ear.
“Alice, I love you all and you are all very important to me!”
“We all love you too! Promise me you will try to enjoy yourself!” I whispered to her.
She nodded to me and wiped a tear from her eye.
“Let’s get downstairs and see if they have figured anything out!” I said as we headed out the door. Just then I had a vision, I could see Giovanni looking desperately through some old papers. The scrolls! He was searching frantically through them. He was talking.
‘Where is it? Why isn’t here? Would they have destroyed it? Why do they want to know if Edward drank Bella’s blood before? I must find it before Antanasia suspects I am up to something!’ Then vision vanished and before I could make it through the doorway. Edward was standing in front of me.
“What does it mean Edward?” I asked hysterical. It frightens me to see Giovanni so desperate. They couldn’t be back in Romania yet, but I knew that Giovanni would be searching the scrolls. And why was he so concerned with Edward drinking Bella’s blood. Didn’t they know that he had?
“I don’t know Alice! I don’t know anything anymore! I am so lost! Maybe no one has told them about James!” He ran his fingers through his hair wanting to pull it out.
“Edward, does any of the Volturi guard know that about James?” I asked scared of the answer. I knew I would have not had this vision unless it was important.
“Yes, Jane does for sure!” He said hysterical now. I didn’t understand. Leah was lost.
“What happen? What has changed?” She asked in distraught by our frantic behavior.
“Let’s find Carlisle and we will explain everything! Or what we can explain!” I said.
“Yes, we found the woman in one of Carlisle’s paintings! We know who she is!” Edward said still trying to fit the puzzle pieces together. I sure hope she fits in to the conundrum we were trying to solve.
Jacob’s POV

We all stood in Carlisle’s study, when suddenly Edward darted out the door.
“Edward, where are you going?” Bella asked him.
“I’ll be right back!” He said firmly. Carlisle studied the painting that Edward had pointed out. He had pointed to a woman vampire in the painting. She has very long blonde hair to her waist. She was petite and slim. Her eyes were very peculiar. They were painted blue, but had crimson around the pupil. Odd, I have never seen a vampire like this before. Then again I only had knowledge of the what I have seen in vampires.
“Is that normal?” I asked Carlisle very curiously.
“No, it is very rare! I have only met two other vampires in my time with eyes like this!” Carlisle replied. We all stood there waiting for him to explain.
“It is usually a sign of a mutation in the gene!” Carlisle said in doctor terms.
“Okay well, what happens?" I asked "The two vampires I met like this, I met while with the Volturi. They executed them because they saw them as a possible threat! A deformed breed! I ran blood test and found that they both had twenty-six chromosomes instead of twenty-five.” Carlisle explained.
“So is it possible that if this vampire was found that she would have been destroyed by the Volturi?” I asked just as Edward entered back into the room with Alice and Leah.
“Alice had a vision Carlisle!” Edward sounded very disturbed by Alice’s vision.
“In my vision Giovanni was searching for information from the scrolls! He looked desperate to find it before Antanasia knew that he was looking for it! He also was question why Antanasia wanted to know if Edward drank Bella’s blood before! It was as if he for looking for the piece that would solve that answer.” Alice told us. But Edward did drink Bella’s blood when she was bitten by James and when he changed her.
“Changing her is not what he meant! Drinking means a significant amount!” Edward said very worried.
“Don’t they know about James and what happen?” Bella asked him a little perturbed by what was going on.
“No, I don’t think so! Only if one of the Volturi told them would they know!” Edward said hastily.
“Do you think they would tell them?” Bella asked. I studied Edward’s face, he was truly lost.
“I don’t think so! Why then would Giovanni be searching the scrolls for the answers if that was the case! He would know the answer to that question!” Edward finished a little relieved by his realization. Why wouldn’t the Volturi tell Antanasia? Unless they hated her and wanted to see her destroyed! Edward looked at me at that exact moment the thought popped into my head.
“Jake, you may be right! They are hiding something they do not want us to find out! Only the Romanians know the true reasons and we have bits and pieces! But I would be willing to bet that the piece of scroll that Giovanni needs to link this together would be the one Antanasia had Stefan destroy!” Edward added.
“Do you think Giovanni is on our side?” Esme questioned with a disturbed voice.
“I believe he is on our side! But I can bet that she knows the truth! If she is still alive!” Edward answered looking to the painting.
“There is only one problem my son, I do not know who she is! I received this painting from an old friend! We would have to find him to ask who she is!” Carlisle replied sadly.
“Does anyone recognize her?” Carlisle asked as he passed the painting around the room.
Everyone shook their heads as the painting passed.
“Well, let’s hope I can find him! I hope he is still alive!” Carlisle answered disturbed by his own question. This day just kept getting worse!

Carlisle’s POV

I didn’t even know when to begin to look for him. I felt useless and I felt that I had let my family down. I was not use to such disappointment.
“Carlisle, you have not let us down! We just must search for him! Who is this old friend that we are searching for?” Edward asked me trying to reassure my ability to help my family and friends.
“His name is Cosmas. I knew him while I was also with the Volturi. He had given me this painting when I left the Volturi. He painted it. I would always admire it. I was always intrigued by this same woman vampire. He always told me her mysterious ways lay in her eyes. He was only too happy to give it to me when I left.” I replied as I fondly remembered my old friend.
“What ever became of him?” Jaiden asked.
“I know he left the Volturi! I saw him right before I changed you Edward. It was 1916, I was in New York waiting on a train to Chicago! I saw him exiting a train. I approached him and he told he became a nomad. He was constantly traveling. We parted ways and that was the last I ever saw him.” I told them my story. I noticed a smile creep over Edward’s face.
“What was that you were thinking Benjamin?” Edward asked him and everyone’s attention immediately shifted to Benjamin, who was also smiling.
“He no longer lives a nomadic lifestyle, Carlisle. He went back home. However, he has closed himself off to the world, Amun knows your Cosmas! He also knows his whereabouts!” Benjamin answered Edward’s question with glee.
“And where does Cosmas now reside Benjamin?” Edward asked excitedly.
“He lives in Greece. Aeropoli to be exact!” Benjamin finished enthused.
“Then we will have to go to Greece. We must find him and ask him about the woman vampire. We must ask him where she is!” Esme said. Alice was already on the phone booking the tickets.
“Who is going with? We can’t be too obvious!” Alice insisted.
“You are right Alice. I think everyone should return home, if need be! If not, you are all welcome to stay here. Bella, Alice, Edward, and I will go to Greece.” I instructed everyone.
“What about Nessie?” Jake asked looking at Nessie sleeping Bella’s arms.
“I would be willing to leave her here with Esme, Rose, and Jake, if and only if you keep a watchful eye on her!” Bella replied to Jake’s question. Esme, Rose, and Jake agreed to Bella’s request. I knew that was difficult for Bella.
“Then it settled, four tickets Alice! Let’s just hope he is still there!” I said very worried.
We couldn’t afford any mistakes, time did not allow.


Bella’s POV

The hardest thing I had to do was leave my precious Renesmee behind, but I knew she was in good hands. Benjamin and Tia had decided to stay. Benjamin did not wish to return and explain anything to Amun. It was quite clear that Amun’s suspected betrayal caused a permanent fissure in their relationship. The Denalis decided to return home for a couple and days and they would come right back. They left right after we decided to go to Greece. The Amazons decided to stay. Zafrina was thrilled by the idea of spending more time with Renesmee. I made her promise to only show Renesmee beautiful illusions.
“Bella, do you think I would show her anything less then beautiful! I will show her your face my dear!” Zafrina promised me. I was content with that. Siobhan, Liam, and Maggie also decided to stay. Carlisle asked everyone to respect the hunting lines and to please hunt further away. They all promised they would. It was hard to watch Jasper and Alice and Carlisle and Esme say goodbye. At least we were not in any immediate danger in Greece. We left with Leah and Jaiden to the airport. Our flight was only three hours after theirs. At the airport, we kissed them goodbye and told them to enjoy their honeymoon.
“Remember your promise to me Alice!” Leah shouted as she was going through the gate.
“What is that about?” I asked Alice as I kept smiling and waving as they boarded the plane.
“I told her if anything was to go wrong, I would call her right away!” Alice replied.
“Alice, now she will sit by her phone and wonder when the call is coming!” I said a little disappointed by the promise.
“That was the only way I could get her to be happy about going, Bella!” Alice snapped at me.
“Okay, I understand! I am sorry I didn’t trust your judgment!” I said to her very apologetically.
“It’s okay Bella! I think everyone is a little on edge right now. I am sorry I snapped at you!” Alice replied very remorseful.
“Okay! So how do we know where to go once we get to Greece?” I asked Edward and Carlisle.
“Well Benjamin gave us this address to give to our guide!” Carlisle said showing us a piece of paper.
“We have a guide?” I asked.
“We will!” Edward said certain of it. We still had two more hours before our plane boarded. Then I was thinking about Renesmee and how much I missed her already.
She would be waking soon. I left a note for her telling her that we would be back in four days. I told her how much I loved her and would miss her. Edward came and wrapped his arms around me.
“She is in good hands, Bella!” He whispered softly in my ear. I knew that! I just believed my hands were the best for her to be in. Having Edward standing so close was driving me insane! I wanted to wrap myself around him and never let go.
“I know Edward! I love you!” I said gently to him.
“I love you too, my beautiful Bella!” He kissed my neck very softly. Oh what I wouldn’t give to be home right now! Edward started laughing.
“Me too!” He said still laughing at my yearning for time alone with him. Our flight schedule was so grueling. We would first layover in Philadelphia, then from there we would layover in France. It was too bad that we could not get on the same flight with Leah and Jaiden, but it was booked. Alice had taken the last two seats when she changed their flight for them. Then from France we would arrive in Athens, Greece in the evening. We still had almost a five hour trip to Aeropoli from Athens, which was actually perfect considering that Greece was generally sunny. Our plane was boarding finally. I hurried to call Rose.
“Bella, she is okay!” A voice answered the phone.
“May I talk to her?” I asked.
“Jake took her hunting. He should be back soon. I will tell her you called and give her tons of kisses and hugs!” Rose assured me.
“Okay Rose. We love you all! Don’t forget to tell Renesmee, that we love her!” I said solemnly.
“I won’t I promise! We love you too! Be safe!” Rose said as she hung the phone.
“C’mon Bella we need to board.” Edward told me guiding me by my waist. We were now hopefully going to have some answers to the puzzle we were trying to put together.
“More than my own life, Renesmee!” I whispered softly as I boarded the plane.

Jaiden’s POV

As we boarded the plane into our first class seats, I wondered about what promise Alice had made Leah.
“What were you talking about as we boarded the plane?” I asked her curiously.
“Alice had promised me that if anything was to go wrong, they would call us and let us know! Also, do you think maybe we could just spend two weeks in France and come back early? I would like to see my family before we leave to Romania. God only knows how long we will be there for!” Leah replied looking a little disappointed.
“Leah honey, what ever makes you happy? That is all I want and I know this is difficult to be split apart from everyone right now!” I said wholeheartedly. I didn’t care about anything as long as she was by my side.
“I know, but I want to make you happy too. I know it is important for you to show me where you grew up!” She said still upset.
“Leah I am the happiest being with you! Two weeks is plenty of time to show you what I want to show you!” I smiled approvingly. She put her head on my shoulder. I gently caressed her head. We were both tired. We haven’t slept since the night before. We had a long flight ahead of us. We would layover in D.C and then we would leave for France. We had fallen asleep on the plane trip to D.C. We were woken up by the stewardess announcing the landing instructions. We gathered our carry-on bags and headed for the exit. We only had a two hour layover in D.C. Leah wanted to get a magazine to read on the plane, so we stopped at a shop on our way to our next gate. I saw a headline on a tabloid. It said ‘ BEASTLY CREATURE SPOTTED IN LONDON, ENGLAND’ I grabbed it and put it on the counter with Leah’s magazine.
“Why do you want that? They are so fake!” Leah said confused by my choice of reading material.
“Leah look at the headliner! This is no coincidence!” I told her very certain that this creature was one of the rogue vampires that we would be facing.
“You don’t think that thing is what the Romanians were talking about?” Leah asked with widened eyes realizing why I was buying the tabloid.
“Yes, I do!” I whispered as I paid for the magazines.
“C’mon let’s get to our gate! Maybe I can catch Edward before he boards for Greece.” I said as I grabbed our purchases, Leah’s hand, and headed for our gate. I had hoped they would be landing in Philadelphia before we took off. There was no answer so I knew that they were still on the plane.
“What does it say Jaiden?” Leah asked me uninterested in her own magazine now.
“A couple spotted a beastly creature while walking through Brockwell Park late Friday evening. The couple states that the creature stood over eight feet tall, had claws on both hands, enormous fangs, a distorted face, and hissed at them. The couple’s dog broke free from the leash and tried to protect the couple. The couple ran, but the dog was ripped to pieces from the beast. The dog, Caesar, was a three year old Great Dane. This was no small dog.” I finished reading right there. I looked to Leah who was in shock.
“If I do not get hold of Edward before we board this plane, we will have to call him from the air phone on the plane.” I told Leah. Leah didn’t speak, her face was still frozen.
“I am just bigger then a Great Dane!” She murmured out. “I am the smallest of all the wolves!” She said frantically. Now I knew why her face was frozen with torture. She was afraid for everyone by the description of this beast.
“And that is just one! There are more!” She said starting to panic. I had to calm her down.
“Shhh, Leah I will never let anything happen to any of us! We will survive! I promise you that right now and here!” I said to her holding her face in my hands and looking into her eyes. She calmed a little. I had to get hold of Edward and fast!
Leah’s POV

How was I suppose to help fight against some creature that could tear me to shreds? How were any of us suppose to survive against an army of these things? I couldn’t breathe again! Jaiden grabbed my face and spoke to me trying to calm me down. It helped a little bit, but I could not get this horrible image out of my head of this beast tearing us apart.
“Call Jasper! Tell Jasper to get hold of Edward and tell Jasper what we have found!” I gasped and the words just spilled out of my mouth in desperation.
“That’s a great idea!” He said stroking my cheek as he dialed the phone. I could hear the phone ring.
“Hello.” Jasper said.
“Jasper, this is Jaiden! No, we made it to D.C. and we are waiting on our flight to France to leave, but Jasper I need you to get hold of Edward! I need you to tell him to pick you to tell him to pick up a copy of ‘Star Trader.’ Yes, the tabloid Jasper! There is a story about some monster attacking a couple in London! I think these might be what we are up against! Thanks Jasper! I will, we will call you as soon as we land!” Jaiden ended his conversation with Jasper. Then next thing I knew our plane was boarding.
“Leah, look we don’t have to go if you don’t want to! I have some papers in my father’s lab that could be of help to us though!” Jaiden spoke very softly to me.
“No, let’s go! Let’s try to enjoy ourselves!” I said forcing a smile. He grabbed my hand and our carry-on bags. We headed to the gate to board. I don’t think there was anyway that I could see how we would survive.

Jasper’s POV

“Emmett, I need you to come with me!” I exclaimed coming down the stairs. Jake was back with Nessie and he was playing with her on the living room floor. He looked up at me when I burst into the room.
“What’s up? Where you going?” Jake asked. I hesitated to say in front of Esme and Rose.
“I just need to go to the store really quick!” I said. Esme and Rose looked at me with a curious look.
“Yeah, I’ll go with you Jazz!” Emmett said. I stared at Jake because he would need to know too.
“Jake, would you like to come with us also? Just the guys!” I asked him hoping he would get the hint.
“Yeah, sure! Rose, can you please watch Nessie?” Jake kindly asked Rose.
“Sure can. Get out of here with the stinky boys, right Nessie!” Rose said taking Nessie from Jake. We headed to Emmett’s jeep. We got inside and sped down the drive.
“Where are we going Jazz and what is this about?” Emmett asked me questioning my motives for leaving.
“Yeah, what gives?” Jake seconded his question.
“I just need you to drive me to the nearest place that sells tabloids!” I said to Emmett.
“TABLOIDS!” They both exclaimed looking at one another.
“Are you becoming girlie on us or something Jazz?” Emmett laughed.
“No, now I know why Bella is always throwing you around!” I laughed at him. He threw me a scowl.
“Well are you gonna tell us why or do we have to guess?” Jake asked still confused by my request.
“Let me try to call Edward first, then I will explain everything!” I said hastily. I knew that their layover in Philadelphia was only an hour and they would be rushing to the next gate.
I called Edward, he should of answered, but he didn’t. I called Alice.
“Hello, Jazz! We made it fine! I already told Edward he is getting the ‘Star Trader.’ Right?” She asked me. Of course, Alice would have seen this before I could tell them.
“Yes, sweetie! I love you have a safe trip!” I told her.
“I love you too Jazz!” She said as she hung up with me. So Edward already knew what was going on.
“Well, are you gonna tell us or what?” Jake said once again.
“Well, while Leah and Jaiden were laid over in D.C., Leah wanted a magazine and Jaiden noticed an article on the ‘Star Trader.’ It said something about some type of creature attacking in London and Jaiden sounded certain that it was the new vampires. And it didn’t sound good either!” I told them as we sped to the store. We pulled into the parking lot.
“The ‘Star Trader’ right?” Jake asked me.
“Yes, get the most recent copy and if you see anything bizarre on any other tabloids, grab them!” I instructed him. Jake was out in no time and he had three tabloids in his hand. All of them stated attacks by creatures that were enormous and strong. There were three separate sightings; London was the first, Japan was the second, and Nigeria was the last.
Why would they be attacking out in the open and in heavy populated areas. They had not attacked humans yet, but they had killed livestock and a dog. The humans managed to escape. This was truly strange, but what was even more disturbing was that the attacks were occurring all over the world and these creatures were even more superhuman then us.
I don’t know if my battle skills could help when it came to these rogue vampires. We all looked at each other.
“Is it safe for me to leave the pack here?” Jake said concerned with the packs safety.
“I don’t know!” I replied. “ We are going to have to discuss it with everyone!” I told him.
“I just hoped that they find Cosmas and hurry home.” I finished. Emmett and Jake nodded in agreement.
“We don’t say a word to Esme and Rose until Carlisle and Edward gives us the okay! Understood!” I said looking at Emmett in particular.
“Yeah, I got it! Don’t worry, I won’t say a thing!” Emmett promised.
“We got to come back with something! We said were going to the store! Go get Nessie a toy Jake!” I instructed him once again. I looked at Emmett he was wondering the same thing.
“Do you think we will live through this?” He asked as Jake walked away.
“I hope so, but it will be one hell of a fight if this is what we are battling!” I said very conflicted now. I hoped that they had no powers because then I don’t think we would stand a chance.

Edward’s POV

Before we could land in Philadelphia, Alice had a vision of Jaiden tearing through and reading a tabloid.
“Jasper will be calling to tell us to pick up the ‘Star trader.’” Alice politely informed us.
“What could possibly be in a tabloid magazine?” Bella asked mystified by Alice’s statement.
“There was an attack by some creature in a park in London and Jaiden thinks that these may be the creatures that we will be facing in Romania.” I answered Bella’s question.
“How…How bad was the attack?” Bella proceeded with a lump in her throat.
“I am not sure!” I said trying not to worry her. Alice had caught a glimpse of the headline. I sure hoped it proved to be wrong. I looked to Alice, who was now staring out the window. Just then I was back in my own vision. I could feel every part of my body tense again. I was shifted back through time. There stood Aro, Caius, Marcus and their wives. They were torturing Constantin while Antanasia begged them to stop. I could hear every crack of his harden flesh, as they ripped him to pieces in front of her. Her sobless tears were of no use. It was just as she said, no mercy. Before they ripped his head from his body, Aro spoke.
“So you thought that you were the Great One, Constantin? You are not so great now!” Aro spoke with such hatred. Just then Caius tore his head from his limbless body and he was thrown into the blaze.
“You were never the Chosen Ones!” Aro shouted at Antanasia. She just continued to sob helplessly.
“Where is the missing piece to the scrolls?” Aro demanded of her.
“I will never tell! It will die with me!” Antanasia roared back at him. Just then the male vampire from my first version appeared.
“She had her brother destroy it!” He answered Aro for her.
“Trader, you will pay one day!” Antanasia hissed at him.
“Very well, then it dies with you! And when you die the legends die too! Cosmas, you may tear her arms off!” Aro instructed COSMAS? Just then my vision ended. This was so confusing! Cosmas was there when Antanasia died the first time. He helped destroy her and the Romanian empire.
“Are you alright Edward?” Carlisle asked trying to shake me from my trance.
“No, I am not! Cosmas is the male vampire from my first vision! Did he ever tell you the story of how he came to stay with the Volturi?” I asked Carlisle hoping he could shed some light on the vision that I just saw.
“No, other then he was an old friend that they did a favor for!” Carlisle answered perplexed by my question. I could hear him thinking ‘Why?’
“Because he helped the Volturi destroy Antanasia and her empire! He was there!” I answered and all of their faces stood in amazement. We were getting ready to land.
“We need to ask him about that day and why he helped them! The woman vampire was not there! We need to look at the tabloids also!” I said very thoroughly. Our world felt like it was crashing down around us and at expeditious rate.

Esme’s POV

Jasper, Emmett, and Jake returned with a toy for Nessie. Hmmm…Do they think that they can hide their true intentions from me? They forget I have been a mother to them for a long time. I decided to pull Jasper to the side and speak with my over-protective son.
“Jasper will you please come here and speak with me?” I asked using that ever so evident motherly tone.
“Yes Esme!” He answered as he followed me into the kitchen. Emmett and Jake just looked at one another. I recognized that look of guilt or the look of being deceitful. A mother always knows that look.
“What is it you are hiding Jasper?” I asked him being very insistent. This was not my usual demeanor, but if they thought they were protecting me by hiding something, they were sadly mistaken. Jasper's gaze turned downwards to the floor.
“Okay, so is there something you are not telling me because you want to wait for Carlisle to be the one to tell me?” I asked in a firmer tone. Jasper’s head slowly turn up to meet my disapproving stares.
“Well, I just…I just..don’t..” Jasper was saying until his phone rang. I could hear Alice’s tiny voice on the other line.
“Just tell them already Jazz! I love you!” Alice voice sounded so distant, even more distant then just being over the phone. I wanted them all back safe and sound.
“Okay, I love you too!” Jasper said earnestly. Then he hung up and looked back to meet my stares again.
“Well, I am waiting!” I said patiently tapping my foot. That was just an annoying human motherly habit I had picked up.
“Call Emmett and Rose in here, please! I do not want Nessie to hear this!” Jasper said.
“Rose, Emmett, can you please come here?” I asked. Rose and Emmett joined us in the kitchen. Emmett also had a look of guilt out on his face.
“Okay, now out with it you two!” I demanded. Rose looked at them both and crossed her arms across her chest.
“What is this about?” She asked now demanding to know what is going on.
“They are keeping something from us, trying to protect us!” I told her.
“Oh really! Em!” Rose said now intently staring at him.
“But…I…it wasn’t my…I am just going to shut my mouth! Jasper can explain! It was his idea not to tell you both in the first place!” Emmett blurted out.
“Thanks!” Jasper growled at Emmett.
“Okay here it is! Read these!” Jasper said as he pulled out some tabloids from under his jacket.
“What now you and Em are turning girlie on us?” Rose asked laughing at them.
“Just read Rose!” Jasper demanded now staring her down. I picked up the first paper, the ‘Star Trader.’ The headline read ‘BEASTLY CREATURE SPOTTED IN LONDON, ENGLAND’ I looked up to Jasper and he nodded to me. All the headlines were similar. Just then Rose caught on.
“OH!” She exclaimed as she read one of the papers. “But Wait! You don’t think…..” She was stopped by Jasper before she could finish.
“Yes, we all think these are the CREATURES that we will be facing in Romania!” Jasper said intensely stressing the word CREATURES.
“Jazz, have you ever seen anything like this? Or would you know how to stop them?” Rose asked with apprehension in her voice. She wanted assurance, but she knew as well as the rest of us that there have never been any vampires like this. I could feel a calmness set over me. It was Jasper trying to control our fears and worries.
“No Rose! I have no idea!” Jasper stated. What would become of us? I wanted Carlisle and the rest of my family home. Now I know why Jasper did not want to tell us.

Leah’s POV

We touched down in France about 6 p.m. I was emotionally and mentally exhausted. I think Jaiden could tell so. We made our way from the airport to our hotel by taxi. The night was just starting to come to life in Paris. The lights were spectacular, but for all their splendor, I could not keep my eyes open. We were staying at the Champs Elysees Plaza. Jaiden had booked it himself. After we checked in, we headed upstairs to our suite. Jaiden whisked me off my feet as the Bell Boy opened the door. He briskly stepped over the threshold and reached in his pocket to tip the Bell Boy. He still had me cradled in one arm. After the Bell Boy left, he gently set me down. I was in awe by the room, it was absolutely astounding. It looked more like something Alice would have chosen. She would be so proud of Jaiden. I turned around to say how much I loved it, but as soon as I turned Jaiden’s lips were on mine. I lost all ability to think and my sudden weariness was replaced with an exuberant amount of energy.
“ I…!” I managed to gasp out between breathless kisses. I felt a rush of warmth from the top of my head down the rest of my body. My knees were weak from the passion exploding before us. I have never in my life, not even with Sam, felt such an emotion like this. I was enthralled in the wraps of my desire for Jaiden.
“I…! Jaiden managed to say. Once again, I was lifted in his arms and in no time we were in the bedroom of the suite. His hands slid over every curve of my body desperately searching for a place where they belonged. I ripped his shirt open and the buttons flew in every direction. He stopped kissing me and just looked to me. His eyes were full of lust, temptation, love, and immense joy. We were like two ravaging creatures that could not get enough of each other. I woke the next morning with a smile that would have lit up the world. I was in Jaiden’s arms.
“Good morning Mrs. Morale!” Jaiden said in his sweet voice. I looked up to see a beautiful smile on his gorgeous face.
“Good morning Mr. Morale!” I said with an even bigger smile.
“How do you feel this glorious morning?” Jaiden asked me laughing at his own question.
“I feel wonderful! I am starving though!” I declared giggling as my stomach growling.
“Well, I better feed my little wolf girl!” Jaiden said gently tracing his fingers over my face. He grabbed a big huge terry cloth robe with the hotel monogram on it. He held it out for me to put on. Then he led me to the dining room of the suite where room service had already set a spread for us to feast on.
“HMMM…it smells fantastic!” I said ready to dive into the spread of omelets, croissants, sausage, bacon, and fresh fruit.
“I didn’t know exactly what you wanted, so I just ordered almost everything!” Jaiden laughing as he stared at my widened eyes. My stomach was not in protest of anything, growling in favor of the food. I was so famished. The trip really took a lot out of me and last night of course.
“Thank you! I love you for thinking of everything!” I said kissing him softly.
“Vous êtes l'accueil, mon cher! Je vous aime avec tout mon coeur! Merci d'être ma femme!” Jaiden just let the French flow from his lips. I was just amazed at how beautiful the language was and especially coming from those lips. Paris really was the city for love and lovers.
“Which translates to; You are welcome, my dear! I love you with all my heart! Thank you for being my wife!” Jaiden said so I could understand him.
“You could speak French to me all day and not have to translate, because it is beautiful just in its own original form.” I told him blushing. We continue to finish our breakfast.
“So what are we doing today?” I asked him as I finished my fifth croissant. They are so delicate and delicious.
“I thought we might take in some sites, go to dinner later, and if you don’t mind I would like to stop at my father’s lab.” Jaiden answered me.
“Sounds perfect to me! As long as I am with you, everything is perfect!” I said then I noticed a paper on the table. It was in French, but it did not take a rocket scientist to understand the headline and the picture. There was a sketch of some horrible creature.
I looked to Jaiden. He grabbed the paper and picked it up to read it.
“Is that a tabloid? And is that what I think it is?” I questioned Jaiden.
“No, it is not a tabloid! And yes it is the same beast!” Jaiden said panic-stricken.
“Where? Where did it attack?” I asked scared myself now.
“Turkey!” He answered. “But this time it killed two humans!” He finished trailing off into thought.
“We must get to my father’s lab!” He hastily said to me.
“What does your father have to do with this Jaiden?” I asked worried to all extremes now. His father was dead! What could he possibly have to do with this?
“I will explain on the way! Are you finished?” He asked me in a hurry now.
“Yes, I am!” I said
“Let’s get dressed and go Leah!” He instructed me. I was ready to panic and lose it.
“Calm, Leah. I am sorry! I will explain everything, but I think I might know what these things are! The answers could be in my father’s documents! Please just stay calm for me.” He was begging me. I took a deep breath and agreed. What would his father have know about these beast?
Carlisle’s POV

As we landed in Athens, I realized we still had a five hour drive. Well, it would be five hours for humans. Once we rented a car, we headed on our way Aeropoli. I could see the worry on Bella’s face. She wanted to be with Renesmee, as much as I wanted to be with Esme. Edward pulled Bella closer to him. I knew he could hear all of our concerns.
“How long do you think it will take us to get there now?” Bella asked.
“Probably two hours.” Alice answered as she sped down the winding curved roads of the Greek countryside. Greece was beautiful even at night. We drove for about two hours and twenty minutes until we reached Aeropoli.
“We don’t need a guide! I know my way!” Alice declared to us. Of course, she knew her way. Edward was in the backseat snickering at Alice. We made it through the town and we ended back on a road that curved very sharply to the right. On the left side of the road there stood an old brick house. It almost looked like a church.
“Okay everyone, we are here!” Alice announced. The house was dark except for a little bit of light illuminating from the back. I picked up the big heavy door knocker and let it slam. We could all hear the shuffling of feet behind the door. A short dark-haired older man with a thick mustache answered the door, he was human.
“Good evening, we are looking for Cosmas!” I said to the man. He stared wide-eyed at us. He gestured for us to enter and led us down a narrow hallway to a room. He gestured for us to wait outside. He went in and I could hear him speaking Greek on the other side of the door. It sounded like Cosmas, but his voice was a bit raspy. The man came back out and signaled for us to enter the room. Cosmas skin looked grey in color, his eyes were pitch black with a film over them, and his body looked worn. He looked like he was aging and not well.
“Carlisle, my old friend! How are you? What a pleasure to see you here in Greece and after all this time!” Cosmas exclaimed with a half smile. I am sure that is all he had energy for.
“Please do not be troubled by my appearance. I am slowly dying, the way I wish! Who is this you have brought with you?” He asked pointing to Edward, Alice, and Bella.
“This is my son Edward, my daughter and Edward’s wife Bella, and my daughter Alice.” I introduced them all.
“How do you do?” Edward said shaking Cosmas hand.
“Well what brings you here to Greece, Carlisle? It must be of great importance if you have sought me out!” Cosmas said with wonder in his tone.
“Cosmas, do you know that the Volturi are dead?” I asked him. I figured we should start from the beginning.
“NO! How? I have had no contact with anyone in about fifty years!” Cosmas announced to us. “The last vampire I spoke with was Amun!” He finished.
“Well that is how we found you! Amun’s son told us that he knew of whereabouts!” I told him.
“We destroyed the Volturi about four to five months ago. They threatened Bella and Edward’s daughter. Their daughter is biologically their daughter, not by creation. Bella became pregnant while still human and during the birth she almost died, so Edward changed her.” I explained to him. “But there is more Edward has the ability to read minds, Bella is a very powerful shield, and Renesmee can show you visions through the touch of her hand. Cosmas, Antanasia is back in rule and in order to stay alive we had to help her destroy the Volturi.” I went on and finished the story. I told him about Giovanni and everything that has happened that led us to him.
“So, Antanasia is back! I always figured as much!” Cosmas said disturbed by the thought.
“Cosmas, who is the woman vampire that is in this painting? I have been having visions of the past and you two are in front of Antanasia talking about the prophecy of the scrolls!” Edward asked. Cosmas’ eyes widened, he was shocked.
“You have had visions of the past, my son? How strong are these visions?” Cosmas asked Edward very intrigued by what Edward had told him.
“At first, they were like clouded dreams. I was not able to make out everyone’s face and they seemed to be hazy. Now it feels like I am in the same room with them.” Edward thoroughly answered Cosmas.
“Have you ever drunk of your wife’s blood? Other then transformation, have you drank a significant amount of her blood?” Cosmas asked waiting for Edward to answer.
“Yes, once! She was bitten and I did not want the transformation to take place. I sucked the venom from her blood and almost killed her in the process.” Edward said reflecting on the painful memory.
“And the child did she bite or drink any of the her blood before Bella was transformed?” Cosmas asked hanging on Edward’s every word.
“Yes, when she was first born, but it was not a significant amount!” Edward told him a little confused as the rest of us. Cosmas started to laugh hysterically.
“We searched for centuries for you and here you stand before me!” Cosmas laughed at his statement.
“It does not matter if she did not drink from Bella! It was only you that had to drink from her! And as for the woman vampire in this picture, that was my mate Daciana. She was Antanasia younger sister. That was until Antanasia had her destroyed. That is when I sought out the Volturi to help me destroy her empire.” Cosmas told us as our mouths fell open. I would have never guessed that Cosmas was the reason Antanasia’s empire was destroyed and the Volturi rose to power.
“And now you say you have a bargain to fulfill! Well, if she suspects anything she will surely kill you all! Those scroll hold the key to her destruction. We only speculated on how to destroy her from legends that we had heard. The scrolls, they are the key to everything. I doubt she will ever let you near them.” Cosmas finished with disdain in his words.
“You are the…” Cosmas was interrupted by a pounding on the door. We could hear the old man that answered the door screaming. We could hear growls and screams coming down the hallway.
“We must leave they have found us here!” Alice shrieked in a panic.
“Here my friends!” Cosmas led us through a secret doorway in the wall. We could hear the man being ripped apart.
“The creatures they are here!” Bella whispered with a dismay.

Jaiden’s POV

We rushed to get dressed. We hailed a taxi as we ran out the front doors of the Plaza. The doorman helped us to get one.
“Prenez-nous s'il vous plaît à 28 Rue Beaujon! Dépêchez-vous!” I told the taxi driver with desperation in my voice.
“Oui monsieur! Immédiatement!” The taxi driver replied. It only took about twenty minutes to arrive to my father’s secret laboratory. I looked around for the secret key. I went to put it in the door and the door opened. I could smell a familiar scent. It was not that old. She had been here. I pulled Leah behind me. I froze time long enough to get further into the lab. I didn’t want to take any chance that we would run into another vampire unexpectedly.
“Ewww! It stinks something awful in here!” Leah shrieked trying to cover her nose.
“I’m sorry Leah!” I said with an apologetic tone. I was sure it smelled awful to her.
“No, this is worse then usual Jaiden! I think I am going to be sick!” Leah said as she broke free from my hand and ran for the door. I followed after her. She was already outside on the side of the brick building throwing up. I rubbed her back and helped hold her hair back for her.
“Are you okay Leah?” I asked her. Her vomiting was never ending. Then finally she stopped. I cradled her in my arms.
“Go Jaiden. I will wait out here. I will be fine!” Leah said with weakness.
“Okay, but if you see anything unusual you come and get me!” I instructed her. I did not like leaving her outside by herself. I just had to find my father’s documents. I made it into his lab slowly. Once inside I could see the destruction. Vials were broken, papers scattered, equipment smashed to pieces, and the fake safe was ripped from the wall. I hastily looked for the documents.
“They’re gone!” I said to myself. She must have them. That is how she turned those creatures into what they were. I remembered that my father kept another set of documents somewhere in here. It was a secret. Where did he say he kept them? The past vision came flooding back to me.
“I want to know Joham!” The female vampire said insisting on some answer from my father as I walked into the lab.
“No, if those THINGS were ever created they would be indestructible!” My father told her.
“I want those documents or else!” She told my father with so much animosity.
“Or else what? What could you possibly do to me?” My father said to her laughing.
“Il n'est pas que je vous ferai Joham! Il est que je pourrais faire à votre fils!” She threatened my father in French. I remember this statement brought horror to my face, ‘It is not what I will do to you Joham! It is what I could do to your son!’ The look on my face pained my father.
“Quand je suis mort et enterré vous pouvez avoir les documents, mais pendant que je suis toujours vivant, pas une chance!” My father spoke with abhorrence. His translation was equally as frightening, ‘When I am dead and gone you may have the documents, but while I am still alive, not a chance!’ The thoughts of this day made me wish I had never come here. The woman vampire left after that and my father gave me instructions.
“If you should ever have the need for these documents after I am gone, they will be here Jaiden.” He pointed to a secret compartment that looked like it was part of the wall. I hadn’t even realized that it was there in all these years.
“But father who was that vampire?” I asked him with confusion.
“You need not worry about that Jaiden! I will leave you these documents! I will leave you the full set of instructions! She will not have the full set of instructions, for if these creatures were ever created they would be the end to all!” He told me very carefully.
“The password is N-A-H-U-E-L!” He added. “This is very important!” My father finished. I snapped back into reality and went to the panel wall. On the side of the wall was a very well-hidden keyboard. I punched in Nahuel’s name and out popped the paneling. The documents lay in the compartment just as my father had said. I looked at the first page, thankfully I had learned to read scientific documents from my father. The top sheet said ‘Savonauts.’ We now had a name for the creatures that were attacking.
I was distracted by a voice and it was Leah’s voice.
“Jaiden, can we go please! I don’t feel so well!” Leah called from the doorway.

Jacob’s POV

We haven’t heard from Bella, Edward, Carlisle, or Alice since they arrived in Greece. I hoped that everything was okay. Leah had called earlier and told us that they arrived in France. I was rocking Nessie to sleep. Her eyes fought to stay open as her little mouth drew a yawn.
“Go to sleep precious baby.” I softly whispered to her. Her little hand crept its way up to my face. Instantly, I saw Edward and Bella. She missed them.
“They will be here before you know it.” I assured her quietly. She finally drifted to sleep and I gently laid her in her crib. I was staying at the Cullen’s while Edward and Bella were away. I walked back down the stairs. Rose, Emmett, Jasper, and Esme looked concerned about something.
“What is the matter?” I asked looking at them staring at the news. I paid closer attention.
“I am standing here in the very spot where two men were attacked and killed by an animal of some sort. The town of Aydin, Turkey has been devastated by this attack. They describe the creature as being over eight feet tall, standing on two legs, razor-sharp claws and teeth, distorted body, and a ghastly face. No one has ever seen this creature before and they hope to never see it again. The whole country of Turkey has been put on a curfew and the Turkish military is out searching for the beast.” The newswoman drifted off and all of our faces were blank. That was until she said this.
“The creature was seen jumping into the Aegean Sea heading for Greece. This is Cathy Jones reporting for ABC World News. Back to you Bob.” Our faces were all panicked now.
“When was the last time anyone heard from them?” I asked hoping that they were okay.
“Alice called when they arrived to Aeropoli. They were on their way to Cosmas’ house. It has been three hours!” Jasper said hysterically now. Everyone immediately picked up their phones and started to dial.
“WAIT!” I shouted. Everyone stopped and looked to me.
“What if they are trying to escape and the phone ringing leads the beast right to them?” I said trying to think quickly. Rose, Esme, and Emmett stopped dialing. But Jasper’s phone was already ringing on the other end. We all heard a voice.
“Damn it Jazz! Don’t you ever listen!” Alice shouted over the phone. Then we could hear growls, crashing, and something being thrown. Then the phone went dead. Jasper’s was next on the phone to the airlines.
“I need a flight to Athens and quickly!” I heard him almost sobbing over the phone. His mood control was all over the place. Esme did not move. Her face was blank and she was in shock.
“Carlisle!” She whispered.
“WAIT!” I shouted again. Everyone looked at me and Jasper stopped talking.
“They will be okay! I know they will! Just calm down and let us give them a chance to call us! Please!” I begged. I knew I was right because there was no way that Bella would leave Nessie behind, she would fight her hardest.
“How do you know that, Jake?” Emmett asked holding Rose who was sobbing tearlessly.
“Because of Bella and Nessie!” I said very confident. I felt calm all of a sudden and I knew that Jasper was now back in control of himself. We sat looking at the clock waiting for the phone to ring.

Alice’s POV

We were slowly creeping through the passage in the wall. We could hear the creatures destroying the house. They were throwing and breaking everything in their path. Growls and hisses filled the house. Then there was a voice.
“You go check that room! Find him! He is here somewhere!” A woman’s voice commanded the creatures. I wondered why I could not see them coming, but that thought was erased from my mind quickly. Over the last year it seems that I have been running into things I couldn’t see. I focused on Jasper and my love for him. Then a vision came. Jake shouted, ‘Wait!’ Jasper’s phone was ringing. The vision was over and I knew that meant my phone would be ringing shortly. I struggle to reach for my phone without making noise. It was so tight in the passage that I couldn’t grasp it from my pocket. Edward was now trying to frantically help me. Ring…ring….ring. It was too late.
“Damn it Jazz! Don’t you ever listen!” I squealed at him. Too late there was an arm coming through the wall right above our heads. We ducked and ran as fast as we possibly could.
“He is in the wall! Get him now!” The woman demanded. Little did she know that it wasn’t just Cosmas, but there were five of us in the wall. Holes were punched through the walls as we made it through the maze. The moonlight shined through the walls like they were Swiss cheese. I could feel the creatures on our heels. We came to a dead end in the wall. I was about to panic until Cosmas ushered us into some sort of elevator, also very narrow. I was scared it would break with all of us in it. Then like a rocket it shot downwards. The doors opened and we stepped off. We could hear the creatures smashing the house to pieces above us. We were in some sort of underground tunnel. I could see the moonlight shining in at the end of the tunnel. Cosmas dismantled the elevator.
“Are…are those the things we will have to face?” Bella whispered a little rattled by what just happen.
“I think they might be!” Edward said whispering to her. “Where does this lead Cosmas?” Edward asked still whispering.
“I have a boat waiting at the other end.” He softly spoke to Edward. We could still hear growls, wails, and hissing, but the further we walked it became more and more distant.
We were walking away from the house. We heard some thunderous running above our heads. Then there was nothing but silence. We stopped walking to see if we could hear anything else. We could hear a woman’s voice.
“They couldn’t have gotten far! Find them!” She ordered someone or something.
“Curse you Cosmas! And whoever is with you, I will find you all!” She yelled with anger.
She must have picked up our scent in the house. Just then Edward looked at me. I realized what he was thinking.
“We have to get home and quickly!” Edward exclaimed.
“If they have our scent will they go to…” Bella didn’t finish her sentence.
“We must hurry! Cosmas, please get us out of here!” Carlisle begged him.
“My friend I will and I am going to split from you! I need to find out what they were doing here!” Cosmas explained.
“Who was that woman vampire?” Bella asked.
“I am not sure, but I will find out! When the time is right I will meet you in Romania! If the scrolls are correct you will need help!” Cosmas said. Edward nodded having seen Cosmas’ thoughts. I wanted to know what was in the scrolls that we would need help with.

Leah’s POV

We made it back to the hotel just in time for me to make it to the bathroom. I was so sick to my stomach.
“Mmmmm….” I moaned holding my stomach as I left the bathroom. It had to be all the croissants that I ate. I slowly made my way to the bed. Jaiden brought me some water and helped me under the covers.
“Leah, maybe we should take you to a doctor.” He said extremely concerned with my condition.
“If it doesn’t pass by tomorrow Jaiden, then we will go to the doctor.” I said to him falling asleep. Soon I was dreaming. I could see Jaiden trying to stop one of the creatures from attacking me, but instead he was killed.
“NOOOO!” I screamed waking myself out of my sleep. Jaiden was at my side immediately.
“Leah, it was just a dream.” He said bringing me back to reality. He was staring at me waiting for an explanation.
“I’m sorry!” I said smile at him crookedly. My nausea had passed and I was feeling better.
“How do you feel Leah?” Jaiden asked still scared by my bellows.
“I feel better. It was probably something I ate!” I said trying to reassure him.
“What was that all about?” He asked me inquisitively. I didn’t know if I should worry him with my fears.
“Nothing I just had a nightmare about the creatures.” I said only telling him a half-truth.
“The Savonauts?” He asked me.
“The what?” I asked now I was the confused one. What was he talking about?
“The creatures that are attacking, they are called Savonauts!” He replied.
“How do you know that?” I asked him wondering where this new information came from.
“My father’s documents describe them in great detail. However, the only real way to stop them is written in the scrolls in Romania. These creatures were unleashed over three thousand years ago. The answer to their demise is in the scrolls.” He answered my concerns.
“Do you think that Antanasia knows this information?” I asked with a look of puzzlement on my face. If she knew how to stop them why would she need us then?
“I am not certain, but it looks like we will find out in a couple of days!” He said saddened by his reply.
“Why in a couple of days?” I was now confused once again.
“Jasper called. The creatures attacked Cosmas’s house in Greece while Edward, Bella, Carlisle, and Alice were getting answers from him.” He said. My eyes widened, my mouth fell open, and immediately I was sitting erected in the bed now.
“Calm down, they managed to escape. They are all on there way back to Forks. They need these documents. We will be leaving in the morning.” Jaiden finished. I had to admit as much as I wanted a honeymoon, I was relieved to be returning to Forks after news like this.
“I’m sorry that we have to leave Jaiden. I know you wanted to show me Paris, but I don’t know if I could stay here knowing these new revelations.” I told him.
“I understand. There is more!” Jaiden said hesitating to finish.
“What more could there be Jaiden?” I asked getting a little frustrated that I had slept through all of this.
“It seems that the Savonauts picked up everyone’s scent in Greece. Carlisle and Edward fear that they might be heading to Forks!” Jaiden reluctantly answered me.
“What?” I shrieked. “Get us on a plane now, Jaiden!” I demanded. The tears were pouring down my face. I couldn’t control them. Then as I pointed to him to pick up the phone, time froze. I looked around to see why he had frozen time, but it wasn’t Jaiden. Jaiden was frozen too. I pointed again and Jaiden was back to life again. What the hell just happened?

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