Robert Pattinson: A Poem


i can see you now
sitting in your chair
in a dark mist
cigarratte in the corner of your crooked smile.
looking up
your finger smoothly tracing the rim of your bourban
the sweat from the glass dripping on the table.
the music so loud communication is simply gestures.. expressions.. passing grazes..
you watch them pass with purpose.
you just sit there
in your corner
surrounded by friends
listening to the music
drink after drink seeping you into that momentous state you crave
where everyone is there and gone all at once
the music penetrates through you and you need nothing else
except maybe another cigarratte
perhaps the smoke in the room is enough to suffice
this is home to you
i see you there so clearly
laughing at a joke you can't really hear, but you've heard it before so it is funny again

you stand up.
you bend over to grab something....
you stick your cigarrette into a glass ashtray on the black table.
no one would have noticed if you had just thrown it down,

the floor already littered with used comfort.

you pull your guitar strap over your shoulder and smile.
you run your fingers through your hair right before you step on the stage.

the pick in a comfortable spot awaiting deployment.

A spot i would give anything to be only once.
you reach up and grab the pick from your tight lips.
sit down on the stool in the low spot light.
the smile on your face told me once again you were home

When you sang you melted my heart like wax melting and reforming,

changing. molding

around each word you utter.
how can life be so cruel as to see fit

to deny me someone like you.



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