Rachel and Mich decided to help me train that day after the Luke incident while Ronnie trained with Jake and Percy. We all stopped when a siren went off and Chiron's voice trailed through the air telling us all to meet at the training grounds. We didn't have to move because we were already there. Haha sweet. Chiron walked in, and we all waited for the other demigods to come where we stood. 

"What's up Chiron?" Ronnie asked.

"Capture the flag," Chiron responded.

Ronnie, Mich, Rachel, and Jake celebrated at the response while Percy and I pondered over what was so cool about it. Once Chiron made the announcement we were put into two teams based off our parents. Percy and I were on a team with the Apollo, Hermes, and Demeter cabins and the other team was, well the other team. We were screwed. The ares kids were on the other team?! No fair! 

"Go!" Chiron called.

Percy and I ran around like two chickens with their heads cut off and Luke told us to follow him. I was hesitant, but Percy wasn't. I told Luke I didn't want to and I ran off to do my own thing. I was almost immediately surrounded by kids on the other team. Oh fudge....

"You're cornered now," a girl said.

"Well duh!" I replied.

She tried hitting me back with her spear and I blocked it with my sword, shadows bursting off the sword with each hit. I closed my eyes, trying to use my powers to escape this. When I opened my eyes the girl took a step back.

"Whoa..." she pointed at my eyes.

"You're scared Clarisse?!" someone called.

"Shut up!" she shouted back at them.

It was too late for her and everyone around me now. A burst of shadows flung the back and while they were on the ground I made a break for it. I saw a kid from my team and I ran over to him. 

"Hey," I panted.

"Hey kid. You're one of the new kids am I right?" he asked.

"Yeah I am, I'm Shadow," I replied, fighting off someone else.

"I'm Will, son of Apollo,"

"Apollo? Seems legit," I hit another person.

"Who's your parent?"

"I dunno," I lied.

"Ah. Go east! The flags there!" he told me.

I ran off through the trees to find the flag. Yeah, Percy found it. I saw him from the other side of the little creek. He found Ronnie too. They were all intense with their fighting. Percy won, surprisingly. He's a pretty good fighter. We all cheered because no one has beaten Ronnie before. Rachel, being daughter of Athena always put her there because Ronnie's an excellent fighter apparently. 

That night we held little shindig and it was pretty legit until a fiery monster came out of the bonfire. Well shite....

"Percy Jackson! Bring me the bolt in exchange for your mother!" it boomed.

The monster threw a ball of fire causing an explosion in one area. Percy ran past Chiron. 

"My mom's dead!" Percy answered.

"No, you're mother's with me in the underworld,"

"Percy come back! You can't make a deal with Hades,"

That name caused my heart to drop into my stomach. I ran over to the beast which turned out to be my father.

"Leave him alone! He doesn't have the bolt!" I shouted at my dad.

Hades turned his attention to me and bent over to look at me closer. 

"Don't fool me Shadow I know its you. I can tell by your accent," he said.

"Darn it!" I stamped my foot on the ground.

"And nobody likes a liar little one," 

"I'm not lying! Percy wouldn't have the bolt! And I'm not little!" I persisted.

Hades laughed, then disappeared.

Later that night I spotted Percy storming out of his cabin, and I decided to change out of my pajamas and follow him. I guess Ronnie had the same idea. After talking Percy into letting us go, we discussed with Luke and he gave us a map, a shield, and a pair of flying shoes. We thanked him and we snuck out, eager to begin our first quest.

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Ma first quest s*** yea this just got personal Lol love it btw <33333 

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