I was on a quest to defeat my dad? That's awkward, I've only seen my dad a few times in my life and now I have to confront him to help Percy get his mom back. My life got so odd over the past few days. So, I wanted to at least look nice to a certain degree when I meet my father, and before we left I put this on:


I thought I looked pretty nice. In my backpack, I get my shadow sword, ambrosia and nectar that I 'borrowed', a laptop to contact Luke, the flying shoes, some food if anyone got hungry, the map of where the pearls are., and some money.

"Where do we start?" Percy asked.

I opened up the map, the first location burned into the map. It read 'Atlantic City, New Jersey'. I went there before. We decided to take the bus there. I paid the driver and that was the official start of our quest. 

We stopped near a shop called Auntie M's Garden Shop. We walked inside the store and there was a stone fountain. I looked into it and there was some gold coins in it. Ronnie gasped and put her hand into the water, pulling out some of the things.

"These are gold drachmas, these could come in handy later," she put them in my hand, and I stuck them in my backpack.

"Ok we'll split up and try to find our pearl," I put my hands in my short pockets.

Ronnie and Percy nodded, both taking separate ways and I skipped in my way, whistling as I moved along. Haha just kidding, I was skipping, but I can't whistle for my life. I observed all the statues, looking at the intricate features of their bodies. These looked to realistic.

"There's something not right about this place...wait...people of stone, mythology is real...auntie M?! Oh gods we're trapped!" I began running around to find my friends.

"Percy?! Ronnie?!" I cried out.

I was younger than all of them. I was eleven at the time and these kinda things are nerve racking.

"Shadow?!" I heard Percy shout.

I followed the voice, but it was like a maze and I kept getting lost. That's when I came in contact with the snake woman herself. She gripped onto my hand tightly and I tried to fight the urge to scream. 

"Daughter of Hades?? I've never seen one of them before, you'd be a great addition to my collection. All you need to do is look into my eyes," she whispered into my ear.

I snapped my eyes shut, clenching my fists as I did so. I could feel the snakes in her hair slithering against my cheeks. The temptation to open my eyes was unbearable. 

"It's rude not to look people in the eyes," a snake lightly bit my cheek.

Though I was eleven, I appeared about eight because I was incredibly short for my age. So, to the looks of others it looks like Medusa trying to harm a small child. My size made me inferior at camp half blood because everyone kept trying to protect me more than the others my age. I hate my height.

"Leave her alone!" I heard Ronnie yell.

Medusa looked away and smelled the air.

"Another demigod?" she began to follow her scent.

I pulled the shadow sword from my bag and began sneaking up behind Medusa, my hands shaking violently. I held up my sword and before she could turn around, I sliced her head clean off. Ronnie opened her eyes, staring at me in shock.

"That was amazing," she said in shock.

"I know!!" I cheered, doing a little victory dance.

Percy ran out from behind a row of statues and high fived me.

"Thanks guys, without you I'd be a stone," I laughed.

"Wait a minute..." Percy knelt down, on Medusa's gold bracelet was a turquoise pearl.

"One down!" Percy announced.

"Savage!" I fist pumped.

Savage meant cool, but it was the Irish equivalent to it. Percy smirked at me.

"I dare you to lick the juices from Medusa off your sword," he challenged.

"Ew!" Ronnie giggled a bit.

"I will accept that challenge!" I held up my sword and slid my tongue up to the tip of my sword.

Gods that was foul! It tasted horrid!!! Like whatever poo tastes like, mixed with pickle juice and gym socks. I spit on the ground.

"Ew! Agh! Percy!" I shouted, he was cracking up laughing with Ronnie.

"T-that was hilarious!" he said between laughter.

I began laughing too.

"I hate you so much!" I teased.

Then Ronnie got serious.

"Even with the head chopped off it still works, we should take it with us," she explained.

"Not it!" I held up my hands.

Ronnie did the same.

"What?! No fair! Ugh, fine," Percy lifted up the decapitated head.

I grabbed the map and a new location burnt into it. We were going to the Parthenon in Tennessee. Ew, country music.

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