Hey, sorry this took me so long :P I've been at the hospital, getting my cast off, and now I'm going through tons of PT so that I don't have to have surgery. Hoping for the best!!

Dani and Ana and Hanna rushed into the details as soon as I told them. Dani picked this dress: http://www.newweddingdress.net/wedding-dress/spanish-wedding-dresse...
Ana picked this one: http://whitewedding-dresses.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/Wedding-...
And Hanna picked this one: http://www.firstqueen.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/designer-brida...

I immediately fell for Hanna's dress. Sarah took cover of finding a venue, and chose this one:http://balihotelfinder.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/wedding-....
We relied on Alice to find the appropriate caterers, DJ, mucisians, makeup artists, hair stylists, dance instructors, and bakers. Ultimately we decided that Alice would be the maid Of Honor, and that Sarah, Dani, Hanna, Ronnie, Rosalie, Ana, Ashley, Haley, Molly, Nicole and Michelle would be bridesmaids. Phew.

As the day progressed, I decided to apply for a job as an OB-GYN nurse, since I had gotten my degree in nursing. I had always wanted to get a real job, but Aro made it quite difficult for me to. I wound up at the Seattle women's hospital, and my first day on the job, I ran into Carlisle. I had dirty scrubs on from helping perform a C-Section, who was now in recovery with her twins, a boy and a girl. Carlisle seemed surprised. "What happened?" he said, worried. "Nothing, I have a job here. I'm a nurse." he smiled. "what a surprise! I was just finishing a conference. How convenient to see you. So let's see the ring?" I pulled up the chain on my neck. "I don't want it to get lost during surgery," I admitted. He smiled, and was on his way. 
All my girls were waiting for me when we got home, dressed in  dancing clothes, and holding champagne. "Girls, I'm pregnant, remember? I can't go dancing," I told them. "Its not for you silly, it's for Sarah!!!!!! Riley proposed!!" I smiled at this happy news. Sarah definitely deserved it. 

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wait ur marrying alec right? nd also i like my dress better but i LUV ur story

Kk thanks u guys luv ya both 
Love this (:
Love it

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