Angela took my blood pressure, and took a look at my charts. "You seem fine, Cece. But we dont know about the baby." she led me to Dr. Sanner's room, my OB-GYN. "Hey, Christina. We're just Oman check the baby's heart rate to make sure that they're OK." I nodded and pulled up my camp around my chest. She put the gel on my stomach, and moved the X-ray thing around my stomach. "There they are," she said. She took a stethoscope and placed it right under my belly button. "Yup, they're fine. Do you want to know the gender?" I shook my head. "I want Levi to be here for that," I told her. "Hey, Cece." Levi said as said as he came in the room. "Want to know, now?" I nodded. "It's a girl." I smiled. "My baby," I said, and patted my stomach. I felt my stomach lurch, and I ran to the trash can, knocking over Levi. He looked at me, saw what I was about to do, and got up and ran out of the room. I threw up, all over my shirt, and doctor Sanners came over and patted y back. She gave me a glass of water, and some saltines. Levi came back in, and gave me a shirt that looked like this:

I smiled and thanked him. "Alice," he explained. I took off my now soiled dress and pulled on the outfit. "Does this happen a lot?" the doctor asked. I nodded, and my stomach lurched again. Levi ran out to the car, and the process repeated. "That means that the baby is healthy," she said happily. Angela burst in again. "It's Levi," she said. "He got hit by a car." 

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serves him right to cheat on me! nd btw dont get it why would levi have to b there cuz its not like hes going t b in the baby's life like a real dad because hes only the biological dad and there is a difference between bio-dad and daddy nd the daddy is alec cuz he doesnt know tht the kid isnt his

True but still
OMG I LUV IT!!!!!!

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