Okay, so Eclipse is my favorite book of the saga.  I have been very excited about seeing it...I have already purchased my $30 ticket to see all three movies on Tuesday night...and then.....


I get the email stating i have 4 guaranteed tickets to the Lopez show Tuesday night where "Carlisle" and "Esme" will be guests.  OMG! WHAT SHOULD I DO?  What would you do?  Flying out to California is no big deal....I'm an airline employee so I fly for free.  I only need a hotel room for the night and I suppose a rental car unless someone is willing to pick me up from the airport  and take me to the Warner Brothers Studios...along with my 20 year old daughter.  lol....


So, what would you do?  I do love Carlisle...but missing opening night of my fave book?  It's not like I can't and won't see the movie anyways.





The confused Dazzled Wolf Girl!

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Eclipse is my favorite book too and I purchased my midnight showing tickets for 6/30 on on 6/1. The only thing that would keep me from going is if something goes wrong from this time to that time and I pray it doesn't because my 10 yr. old daughter and I are so anxious to see the movie. Not much an Esme or Carlisle fan but if I had to pick a character besides Bella and Edward that I like the best it would either be Alice or Carslile.
Eclipse is my 2nd favourite book so i think i would choose esme and carlisle, even though i would still be torn.. ahhh you poor thing its a hard one.. i think if it was breaking dawn(my fav of the books) i would go see it, even though i could watch it a hundred times i think i would be to anxious if i was somewhere else on opening night ahhahahahhhaaaa.. What is esme and carslile to you? Like debra said if it was bella, edward,jacob i would so be there.. but in saying that i am from australia and if they came down here i prob go see them as i probally dont get as many chances as the people who live in america (you guys are so lucky) ... Sorry im probally confusing you.. just pick the one you think you wont regret, what do you really want most to see esme and carlisile (which i must say they are great actors) or seeing your favourite book come to the big screen on opening night?? You only get one opening night do you think you would get another chance to meet carlisile and esme?
Wow, for me this is a no-brainer! Go meet Carlisle and Esme! You can see the film any day of the week, but it's so rare to be offered tickets to meet some of the cast. You might be shown clips from the movie when you're with them, but i don't know what kind of event it is. Seriously though, you really should meet the cast - i think you'd regret it if you didn't.
I agree with Nikki Law. The movie will be the same opening night or the next. Passing on meeting any of the cast is crazy!!!
Eclipse is my 2nd favorite book after Breaking Dawn.. but I totally agree.. Seeing Peter Facinelli & Elizabeth Reaser is a ONCE in A LIFE TIME thing.. even though you already purchased ur tickets to see the movie & you won't see it on the day it comes out.. you can always go watch it.. When can you see two of the actors who contributed in making this story come to life. GO TO LOPEZ LIVE GIRL!
gettin tickets 2 go c the cast is close 2 once in a lifetime 4 me so i would definitely go to the show! u could c the movie later & might b able 2 get a refund on ur tickets if u do it early!
oh thts hard but if u like the Lopez show and Carslie and Esme tht much go but u will I guarente u will c the movies sometime 

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