Alright so... This is my last part of Decisions... :'( really sad because I enjoyed writing this story, there were times when I had writer's block, but I'm glad I was able to end it in a interesting way lol..  I hope u guys like reading it though!!<3

Decisions Epilogue....

Alice's POV

It's been a month since Ronnie woke up from her coma, a month full of operations, intense physical and psychological therapy sessions, and being stuck in a hospital bed sedated half of the day. The effects from the crash weren't as severe as they thought, but they weren't mild either. Some days she's back to her old self, drawing in her free time and talking, but there are days that she can't think straight or answer as quickly, though I think it's due to having her sedated most of the time. She doesn't remember much from before the accident, well, she hardly remembers anything from her childhood, though she never forgot her loved ones. One step at a time, you can see her improvement... 
Today she was being discharged, finally, and we've been helping around the house, from cleaning to decorating to making sure the house was adapted to her needs. Jess, the girls, and the rest of the guys have been all week in the woods doing who knows what.  I finish putting a few empty glass vases in Ron's room due to me getting a vision that she would be showered with flowers, when I hear Carlisle's car come into the driveway. I clap my hands in delight and run downstairs at the speed of light, going to stand next to Jasper and Rose. Smiling wide, I watch as Carlisle walks in holding the door and with Ron's bag, "Come in Ronnie, everyone's here to see you."
It takes her awhile, but Ronnie finally walks in, supporting her weight on her crutches. Her leg is in one of those braces that look like an oversized boot, Dr. Shepherd specifically said she couldn't put much weight on it yet, so she's using crutches. 
She looks at us nervously, not really sure what to say so I walk over to her, gently hugging her, and excitedly say, "Welcome home Ronnie!!" 
"Thanks, Alice.", she answers quietly and smiles a bit, "It's, it's good to be home."
"We're happy you're home.", Jasper says also coming forward. Ronnie, without fear of getting close to Jazz could put her at risk, gives him a one arm hug, and Jasper smiles hugging her back. Carlisle asks her if she wants to go upstairs and rest for a bit, and she reluctantly nods and heads to the stairs. While Jazz takes her in his arms and carries her upstairs, I take her bag from Carlisle and follow him to her room. He sets her on her bed and places her crutches next to her nightstand. Ron looks around for a bit and I set her bag on the floor, when the room gets ambushed by Sarah ad Hanna. 
"Ronnie!!", they both say at the same time which makes Ronnie's eyes light up.
"Hanna!! Sar!!", she says smiling at them both, "What are you guys doing here?!?"
"We came to see you duh!!", Hanna says this time, giving her a sweet bouquet of white roses, "Here ya go."
"I'll take that.", I say taking the bouquet and placing it on one of the vases, one down. 
"So sweets.", Sarah says while sitting on Ron's bed, also giving her a bouquet of cute pink roses, "How are you feeling?!?" 
Ronnie sighs giving me the bouquet, "Good, overwhelmed, I guess." 
I do the same with Sarah's flowers, "I know it's a bit hard, but, it's going to be fine."
"Fine.", she mutters looking at her scarred arm "Fine seems, impossible." 
"It isn't.", Sarah says soothingly, "You'll be out and about before you know it Girly." 
"In fact.", Hanna says reading a text message, "Why don't we go somewhere?!? You know take your mind off of stuff?!" 
Ronnie's eyes light up again at the idea, "I'd love to."
"Great!!", Hanna says standing up.
I raise an eyebrow, "What are you-"
"Alice.", Sarah says reassuringly, "Can I talk to you for a second?!?" 
I roll my eyes and nod, following her outside of the room, "What are you guys planning?!?"
"We've got a surprise for her in the woods.", she whispers smiling, "Carlisle and Esme already know about it, we told them before coming up here." 


"Yes oh it's just what she needs to raise her spirits. Just dress her up in something a little more, well not formal but not too casual either."
"Alright then.", I say happily, I love dressing Ronnie up, "We'll meet you there."          


Jasper takes them outside and leaves me alone with Ronnie, "Alright Ron, let's go out. Let's get you dressed." 
She groans, which makes me smile, same old Ronnie, "Alice I-"
"No buts.", I say going into her closet. I pick out a purple sheer dress with a black elasticized waistline, these grey knee high socks, and one of her black combat boots. I help her into it and let her hair down and alone, then give her a simple charm bracelet, "Done." 
"Alice do I have to?!", she whined standing up with her crutches, "It's not like it will make a difference." 
I chuckle, "Well it's obvious you haven't forgotten your distaste for fashion." 
She gives me a half smile, "I need something to hold onto."
"That you do.", Carlisle says as he comes in, "You look very nice. Beautiful." 
Ronnie rolls her eyes, "You're supposed to say that dad." 
Carlisle smiles at that last word, ever since she woke up she's been calling Esme and Carlisle "Mom and Dad", it's hard to get used to it though. Reminds me of the vision I had about a week before she woke up. He kisses her forehead, "Well I mean it. Now, your friends want to take you somewhere. Distract you for a bit."
"Distraction's, good.", she says as Jasper takes her downstairs again. I go with him and see that Sarah and Hanna have Ron blindfolded, "I hate surprises."
"This one's good. You'll love it.", Hanna tells her excited, "Come on Jazz." 
Jasper and I follow Sarah and Hanna into the woods, and my eyes go wide as I see what they had done. They had repainted the bridge and treehouse, had twinkly lights and white ribbons tied in the trees  and everywhere there were blankets and sleeping bags placed next to the fire. I smile widely as Sarah and Hanna cross the bridge and go stand in their places, still amazed at the beauty of it. Jazz places Ronnie on the floor and makes sure she's holding onto her crutches, "Can I take it off?!?" 
"Yes you can.", Jess says while walking up to her smiling, a beautiful bouquet of red roses in his hands. He gently takes the blindfold off, "Surprise." 

"Surprise!!!!!!!!", everyone yells a second after he says it, andRonnie looks around and her eyes go wide in amazement. She puts one hand over her mouth, obviously trying not to cry, and when she puts her hand down she's smiling from ear to ear, this is definitely what she needed.
"Did you-How-This-", she said trying to think what to say, she's having one of those everything gets jumbled up in her head moments, "It's, It's amazing!! Oh my God.. I love it!! This was your idea wasn't it?!?" 
"Well we thought you needed something to cheer you up. We all worked on it.", Jess says, "What better way to raise your spirits then in a place of your childhood?!" 
"It's beautiful.", she says giving him a tight one arm hug, "Thank you." 
"You're welcome.", he answers, kissing her. Someone clears their throat and he stops, looking over to everyone else. They were all casually looking away, trying to hide their laughter. Jess smiles, "Come on, everyone's been waiting impatiently to see you." 
"I'll take this.", I say as Jess gives me the roses, "I'll put them in your room." 


"You're welcome.", I say playfully winking, "Have fun."
"Not too much fun though.", Jasper says laughing. I chuckle and take his hand, wave to Ronnie and the others, and we slyly leave back to the house.
"You think she'll be fine?!?", I ask Jasper.
"She'll be fine. Didn't you see all the bodyguards she has?!", he answers chuckling, but then turns serious, "She'll be fine. She's going to be back to herself in no time."
"I hope.", I say, and we head back inside to the house...

The End....

is only the beginning....

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F*** spammers... -.-
It was all my idea not theirs. They be liars!!! It was my idea! See now you're happy because of my genius powers!! Mwhahahahaha
Love it
Lol xD thanks Hannie<3

Mrs. Cameron Mitchell said:
It was all my idea not theirs. They be liars!!! It was my idea! See now you're happy because of my genius powers!! Mwhahahahaha FUS RO DA!! Love it
Well spammers u think u will win, but u won't. I shall make sure u won't:$ lol jk u guys have taken over Twifans and made it dead. Thanks a lot. 

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