Will and I catch his scent and run a little deeper into the woods, and stop in front of a faded colored wooden bridge that was built on top of a fallen tree trunk so that it connects humans to the other side of the river. Jess and Ronnie had painted it new again, now it's losing it's color, just like Ron was losing hers. I sometimes wondered what connection she had with these woods, she always seemed so happy and at peace after she went home from visiting this place, I had asked her once, but it sounded plain imaginary or probably crazy what she told me, but of course she was still a child, a mere 10 year old, when I asked her.
"Jess?!?!?! Jesse!!!!", Will yells at the trees, waiting for an answer, **God I hope you weren't stupid enough to do something.**
**Damn damn damn...** were a few grumbles that came from Jess's mind, **GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!**
I cover my ears, gosh damn it thoughts can be so loud sometimes. When his thoughts finally come to a mumble tone, I slowly walk through the bridge towards the other side, and look around, when I hear some scratching on wood. All in a second I run towards the treehouse, climb inside, and take the pocket knife away from Jess, who was thinking about mutilating himself. He looks at me with angry wet eyes, pained but cold because I ruined his plan.
"Give it back.", he said coldly, standing up. 
"Hmm, you will have to fetch it.", I said, and look at Will, "Will."
"Yes?!??", he asked confusedly, "What is it?!?!"
"Catch.", I said, and throw it to Will as hard as I can. He catches it perfectly, and throws it into the trees as hard as he can to make sure Jess wouldn't find it ever again.
"HEY!!!! that was my pocket knife!!!!!!", Jess yelled at me, angry, "You shouldn't even be here."
"Jesse Aarons, we were making sure you didn't do anything stupid.", Will said, climbing inside the treehouse too.

"I DON'T CARE!!!!!!! this is our place!!! We built it!!!!! Neither of you should be here!!!!!!!", he yelled even louder, and kneeled on the floor of the treehouse, "This is our place, just ours."

"Jess, mutilating yourself won't help her come back."

"Well what am I supposed to do?!?! Watch her die while I die of guilt like last time?!?!?!"

"Who said she was going to die?!?!?!" 

"Will, did you see her?!???!?!"

"Little bro, did u see her breathing?!?! She's not dead you know, and she's not going to die." 

"Will, I- can't, I can't go. It's too painful. Please don't make me go."

"Jess, she needs you.", I finally forced myself to say, "Don't you think she would want you there when she wakes up?!?"

He looks at me, sighs, and pauses for a second to think. Jess was stubborn, but I could easily tell in his thoughts that he really did, does I mean, love my sister. His eyes don't look away, but there is something in his expression that makes him look like he's thinking about a million things at the same time, like he is calculating his next move, how he was going to react to what he does, and his whole strategy and mood at the same second. After a minute passes, he finally takes a deep breath, nods silently, and gets up.

"Fine. I'll go.", he mumbled, and I nod.
"Thank you.", I said, "Now let's go."

All three of us walk in silence all the way to the car, and we drive to the hospital again in silence. I look at Jess through my mirror, and he just stares through the window, trying to compose his expression to a blank, emotionless gaze, but I could easily see that he was regretting his decisions and was anxious to see my sister wake up...

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Omfg I love it!!!
Thx Hannie <3
Thx Rache <3
Who is the sister? And btw, I luv it!! Can I b in it? I'm Argentinian 
I'm the sister lol. I was in a car accident with my cousin and friend and Jess was my best friend turned boyfriend haha.
And sure u can b in it, I'll need to know what u wanna b, human, half blood, vampire, werewolf. Ur talent or power(if u want one), ur hobby like, if u sing or dance or play an instrument or paint or all of these lolz... And ur physical description, hair color eye color, skin color, etc. 

well then -_-

Ok so I'm a brunette with Long brown hair and olive skin, and milk chocolate brown eyes. I'm a hybrid, the daughter of two hybrids, Nessie and nahuel, and I used to live in Argentina, but like Nessie wanted to go home, so now I live in forks. My power is that I can make things move with telekinesis, just by thinking about moving them. 
Lol thx Mich, and let me c what I can do cuz I was still thinking how Nessie was going to be portrayed but an adult will do.. 

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