Hey guys!! sorry this one'sreally short but i hvent had the time to write..




“This place is, big, somehow.”, Liz said next to me, “Everyone’s staring at you by the way."

“I know.”, I said, and head inside following Edward, pulling Liz by the arm, “Come on.”

We walk into a room and stand across a desk from a middle aged woman with dark brownhair and startling blue, almost ice blue, eyes that she keeps hidden behind reading glasses. She looks up at us, staring intently at each of us, then gives me a smile.

"Hello, well, what do we have here?!?!", she said, "I'm Principal Moreno, how may I be of service?!?!"

"Hello, Principal Moreno, my name is Edward Cullen, these are my sisters Lizzie and Veronica Cullen.", Edward says, extending his hand.

"Oh yes, pleasure to meet you, I have spoken with your father, Dr. Cullen is it???", she asks, shaking his hand, and Edward nods.

"Yes. Unfortunately, he is out of town all this week on a business trip.", Edward said, "Our mother is also visiting her cousins in Canada."

"Oh well tell them not to worry.", she said smiling at me, "I'll take it from here. Make sure to pick them up by 3 pm. sharp."

"I will. Our father is very sorry, he'll be back by next week and will be counting on having a parent-teacher conference soon.", Edward says then looks at me, "Be good."

*No promises.*, I thought, and he rolled his eyes and walked out.

"Well, lets get you both to your class.", Principal Moreno says as she walks out. We pass a few classrooms, and she leads us inside a classroom filled with like twenty kids, "Mrs. Sheffield, your new students are here."

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Good job!!
Hahaha more!!!  I love it 

lolz thx

of course I'll do it later
Sarah Elizabeth said:

Despite being short you still did well girly :) could you email me? 

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