Chapter 16: Open up Your Eyes.. 

Will's POV

Channel surfing at the speed of ten channels per minute, doesn't do a damn thing to entertain you when your mind is thinking about ten things at the same time. I decide to watch a baseball game that was on, but hardly even pay attention to it. I sigh and stand up looking out the window when I feel the need to turn around. I do it, looking at Ronnie in her bed, finally noticing that she's shifting uncomfortably in the bed. She's waking up, she's waking up!!!!!!! 
"Ronnie!!", I say somewhat loudly as I reach her bed, "Ronnie can you hear me?! Say something."
Her breathing turns rapid, then she squeezes her eyes hard, and slowly, her eyes flutter open. I smile wide at her as she looks at me alarmed, but it turns into a rather faint pained expression. I mumble, "Don't worry Ron, I'll go get your father and Dr. Shepherd." 
She stares at me quietly, and I watch as her hand, trembling, reaches her right rib cage, feeling it, clutching to it. She looks down at it then notices her gauzed hand, and looks up at me as if waiting for an explanation. I put my hands up in defeat, and go  outside to the counter to Dr. Grey, "Dr. Grey, Where's Dr. Shepherd?!?!" 
"He had to leave for a bit Mr... ", she said staring at me with a puzzled look in her blue eyes. 
"Aarons.", I say, "His patient is awake." 
"Veronica Cullen's awake?!?", she asks surprised. I nod a bit excited, "Well I will page him and Dr. Cullen right away."
"Thank you.", I say taking out my phone and calling the first person on my contacts, Alice. 
As I reach Ronnie's room again she answers, "Will, what-"
"-She's awake Alice.", I blurt out. 
"What?!? I'll be there as fast as I can!!", she says, and yells something to someone, then hangs up. I smile a bit and go sit back next to Ronnie's bed, finding her staring at me quizzically. I stare back, "It's alright Ronnie. You're going to be fine. Everything's going to turn out fine." 
She keeps staring, but opens her mouth to say something, "I-I.."
"Yes??", I say encouraging her to continue, "Go on."
She tries again, "I-I have, I have a headache."

"Well you're pretty banged up."

"Why?!", she asks quietly, staring into the distance, "What-What happened?!"
I sit up taking a not so needed breath due to me being a vampire, "You were in a car accident." 
She spaces out for a bit until something catches her off guard, "What?! Car accident?!" 
"Yea. And you're obviously hurt because of it.", I say watching her intently, "You don't remember do you?!" 
She stays silent for a few minutes, obviously thinking what to answer, "Bits and, pieces. A lot of stuff are, blurry." 
"Your dad and doctors will have you back to yourself in no time.", I say reassuringly. She looks around, leans her head back onto the pillow, and is about to say something else when Dr. Shepherd walks in. 
For the next half hour he checks her vitals, explains what happened and her injuries, asks her questions that are so simple she shouldn't have a hard time answering, like how are you feeling?!? And what do you remember?!? While he does that stuff I stay seated texting everyone the good news, answering replies, and reminding them what time are visiting hours. It literally took me the whole half hour.
"Alright Ronnie, everything seems to be in place. Now I'm going to ask you these last few questions.", Dr. Shepherd says watching her intently. She nods, "Can you give me your full name?!"
"Veronica, Marie, Cullen.", she says between breaths. 
He nods, "Very good. How old are you?!" 
"Fifteen years old.", she says clearly this time.

"When is your birthday?!?"  

She takes a minute to think, "May 15th, 1996."

"What is today's date?!"

Ronnie stays silent for a few minutes thinking what to answer, which makes me impulsively say, "November 13, 2011." 
"Let's have Ronnie answer the next question.", Dr. Shepherd says while writing something on his pad, "What day is it today?!" 
"Sunday?!", she says rather indecisive. 
He nods encouragingly, "Very good. Now, I need you to follow this light." 
He turns on a small flashlight and starts moving it in front of her eyes. Her eyes flicker for a second and she leans sideways hiding her face in her hands, screaming something I can't understand. I rush over to her and put my arms around her shoulders, "That's enough Doctor." 
He stops looking at Ronnie with a quizzical look in his eyes, then leaves without saying a word. I rock Ronnie back and forth, reminding her, "It's ok Ronnie, you're ok. It's all over now." 
She takes a deep breath trying to calm herself down, and looks up at me with terrified eyes. I open my mouth about to say something when Carlisle runs in...

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This is ur lucky day then:p I have finished Decisions and now I am going to post the epilogue... 

Sarah Elizabeth said:
Love love love love love!!!! Is that enough loves? :p write more soon please girly!!! I need to be distracted from exams 
Whoops forgot to comment on this one!!!
I love it!!

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