Ok umm, this is something I put together, don't know if I'll write it but we'll see:) 
This is the main plot I guess u can call it that, so, I hope u enjoy it!!!:)-Ronnie

"If you stay, I'll do anything you want."

About two years ago, Jesse Aarons made a promise to the girl he loved, that if she didnt leave him, that if she didn't die, he would do anything humanly possible to make sure they stayed together. To this day he still doesn't know if she listened or not, but she lived, and he had to leave for a while, though not before reminding her of their promise, of his promise to her, and that no distance will keep them apart. After a few unanswered calls, and them growing apart, he came back to Forks, only to find out that she left, without leaving a single trace, leaving him with a broken heart. Life, for him, went rather crazy after that. He hasn't seen his former love in almost two years, not until he moves to New York to see if he can make something out of his life, and finds out she's there, figuring out that fate has brought them together once more in a chance meeting in this concrete jungle. At first resented, Jesse, who's not as fond as her as he once was either, reluctantly finds himself doing all he can to get back into her life, to get answers, with rather poor results. But, there's a chance that she'll open her heart again, and let the spark of their once ignited romance unite them once more, if he can prove himself to her, and vice-versa. Maybe with her help, he can find the answers to the questions that have haunted him since day 1, as to what happened between them?!?! What changed?!?! Could he have prevented this outcome?!?!? He starts to wonder what he did wrong and how his life got so off track, and that maybe he can get it back on track. Maybe, he can find out, where she went....

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Lol haha ok;)

Sarah Elizabeth said:
Ok :) More please :) Love it girly, just watch numbers, anything below 100 stays as a whole word, just giving some writers tips ;) 
Btw guys if u have a title for it I'd love to hear it:$ thanks 
I love it zomg!!




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