Defending Like a Vampire: Have you ever had to defend your obsession? What Happened?

I brought this up, because I was defending the Twilight Saga and a young man told me off. This is what he said: 

@MsTWILIGHTfan15 If you dont want to hear what people think of Twilight (Witch sucks) then listen o the song and move on. Dont read the comments. It's just someones opinion about a stupid movie. >:) Now why dont you run along and be stupid like all twlight fans.


To which I replied: 

  There's no need to be rude. I was stating my opinion, too. Look at my username (MsTWILIGHTfan15). You can't be what you

already are.

Yes, I run with Twilight fans. I defend them and I'm proud. Yes, I'm one of those little Twilight fans.

You can think and say what you want, but it won't change my opinions. I have a right to say what I feel- Freedom of Speech.

I apologize if I offended you with any of my comments- I truly do.



So, I want to know if something like this ever happened to anyone else? What happened? Is it all resolved? 


Thanks!!!! <3

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That's a good point. My most recent boyfriend HATED The Saga with a passion. He liked Harry Potter. I oculdn't be myself. Needless to say, this was a reason, too- we are no longer dating. I dressed up like I did before I met him (dark like Cullens in Twilight) and he freaked out. That was the real me. He had done other things, too, but this was the icing on the cake. 

Sawyeh_K(call me mich) said:

everyday man its like they r all so determined to piss us off by dissing twilight nd it gets on my nerves but some are cool with it like my boyfriend john he doesnt like Twilight tht much but he doesnt say anything bad about it whenever somebody asks him he just says "i dont like it that much but if ur into it im cool" and thts tht so i dont get why people cant b cool with it and just shut their giant mouths bcuz if john can sit through the twilight marathons at my house every other weekend why cant the other people that dont like twilight just shut up and let us b free to like what we like or in us twihards' case LOVE WHAT WE LOVE

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