So last night i went to go see Remeber me and it was amazing. I acually liked the movie better than the twilight movies. rob totally suprised me it was amazing.Rob was so sweet in this movie. The whole story of the movie was just exellent. I can't wait to buy this movie when it comes out on DVD.

please share ur opinion of the movie and how Rob does in it

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I agree with u on all of that except I cried soo bad...I never saw that coming and it was depressing...I totally loved the movie though..and he surprised me too what an amazing actor....
i loved the moviee...i really cried so much!! :) and rob was soo damn hot...again...xD ♥
I thought Rob did great! I enjoy him as an actor. All the other actors were good also. I enjoyed the love story but the overall story was so sad.
I loved Remember me!!!! Rob was AMAZING!!! he was in his best performance ever..
I cried so much:(
I really loved it! Surprisingly. Totally balling my eyes out too. lol I didn't go in with many expectations. I just wanted to see Rob & Emilie act outside of their respective humungous other projects.The critics ticked me off a little though. Ok maybe a lot because very few of them actually reviewed the acting all they moaned and groaned about was the ending. I thought the ending was done very well.

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