I thought I would, but I didn't. It just hurt. I actually got a pain in my chest all 3 times I saw it.....How about you?

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I cried each time I watched it and I have seen in 5times and when Bella is sitting in the chair watching the time pass her by I feel it in the pit of my stomach the complete emptiness.
yea i cried with the break up scene, god it was heart breaking and i loved the way the camera turned to its side when showing bella face, showing her felling like her world was falling down, OMG amazing, Bella screaming in her sleep made me feel so sad, i even cried when jacob didnt want to be friends with bella, the rain poring down, jacobs confusion about the change in him and bellas pain in her face, i love The Twilight saga so much and loved New Moon just as much as Twilight lolxx
I cried, like I didn't know it was coming but it
was so heartbreaking her believing his lie and how miserable they were apart.
No.. I was angry.. I love that scene because it acted out so beautifully. I have memorized it and I drive my family nutz!
i almost cried it was so sad
i didn't cry but i felt the pain in my chest :(
i didnt cry but i thought kristen look really pretty in this scence :)
I cried through the book and the movie break-up scenes...I don't think I have ever done that with any other book. It affected me very deeply. I could envision the absolute pain and hurt they were both going through in that moment.
Well I seem to be the freak here, but I was sooo waiting for that scene and the whole way through it I was trying my hardest not to laugh out loud. I was shaking with supressed laughter. I think I did had tears in my eyes but from laughter. That scene in the book and the movie makes me laugh, even when Jacob 'broke up' with Bella amuses me, I found the Jacob breaking up scene in the book way funnier than the movie though.. hmm... But yeah, funny stuff.

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