I think that if Bella was saying that her dream was edward it was weard when she said she fell in love wth Jacob.allthough I understand how she felt but I was wondering if u were surprised too...

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Of course not.
ok...I didn't like her less too...but it seemed weard because...I don't know it came from nowhere it was quite surprising...

Courtney Dimples said:
Of course not.
A little... yes. Coz i believe Edward and Bella has this exra ordinary love that can not be swayed by anything or anyone well they ended together in the end
Bella falling for Jake in Eclipse is what makes it the best book of the 4 to me. Edward needed to know what he left behind and what he allowed to happen. It is he who has to feel as though he won her back. Did I like her less NO!! She needed to be between the two to know what she really wanted. Reading the Fire and Ice chapter and the one after(can't recall the name) and you will get the whole picture. She loved him becuase they could have the physical relationship she could not have with Edward but at the same time her heart was not there and regardless of the physical if the heart is not in it why continue to hurt him. I felt for Jake I really did, but not enough for me to say she needed to pick him. TEAM EDWARD!!! True love always wins :-))
oh that's cool...i have read the book and i got the feeling that's y i was not dissapointed...but the truth is that it was a huge thing to happen in the book...i love both of edward and jacob...but i thought that her love for edward was so strong that anything or anyone could abstact her..but i was wrong...obviously a person's feelings is a tough thing to control...
No!!!!!! Edward left her feeling very vunerable. Jacob was her rock, he was there for her. so in my opinion i think it was quite natural. And i even liked her more for being so strong despite everything (its very hard wen u realize u are in love wit a Vampire and a Werewolf). I totally agree wit ohwhyowhy, she said it best. GO TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!
ok...i wanna listen all yr opinions :)
Well she is only human but i was totally thrown as I knew how she felt about Edward she would die for him, but he created the the h*** in her chest and Jacob was filling it when he left I was fustrated by the fact that she did indeed love Jacob but to feel her pain and heartache was very strong...To be in love with two extraordinary beings her best friend and her one and only other reason for breathing and existing Edward!!!! she was torn within herself but I am very happy how it ended and I think it is explained about the love Jacob and Bella shared but it was no match for the Love that consumed Bella's entirety for her one and only Edward............
wow...that's excactly what i am saying...see i was a little confused at the begining because it sounded weard..but then you really feel her pain and the dillema.....thanx for the response:)
I agree... bella is important for the books for the cullens and the blacks so we ll always continued to like her even if she fell in love with eric!!!xD!!!lol
No because she knew she be with Edward forever

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