so if you havn't seen new moon yet you haft to go see it. but anyway. When i saw new moon i thought it was better the twilight.

if you agree or dissagree say why please


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i 100% agree they did leave so much out in twilight
but i think in new moon everyone will be happy
i think they left stuff out in both movies but thats y the books r better i guess but i hav to say i think new moon was better
cant's wait to see it. so sad this movie release on Nov 27 in my country. hate it so much!
Agreed! A lot better, new director and bigger budget payed off :D
well iam not to sure , new moon was good , but to me it had a diffrient feel to it . may cuzit's a diff.director . I mean i read the book but maybe that was what made the movie kinda off to me . But the fight secne was great and i like love the end cuz i was worried that they would cut the good parts out ! but I liked it ,i wanna see again. can't wait tile the next one , god that s gonna seem like forever ! lol
however not a fan of the effects to much !
new moon is a lot better than twilight
it was alot better than twilight. although the music sucked horribly. the music in twilight was far better than new moon. I was a little sad not seeing all of the cullens all that much but the wolf pack more than made up for that :)

i liked how they kept it true to the book
I just feel that the visual effects was a bit like a video game . and the make up looked well .... iam not sure what you would call it . but yea they did follow the book pretty well . I was yelling at the screen very time bella and jake ALMOST kiss ! , even though i know what was going to happen ! lmss ! lol
New Moon was way better ,but the books are the true winners hands down.
New Moon was better cause it stayed really close to the book. The Wolf CGI was pretty cool.
I completely agree they included alot more from the book in new moon then they did in twilight. It was also better because it got way more into the story and will probably hook alot more people into the saga!

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