Be honest did you read the book and really wanted to see the movie? Or did you see the movie which made you want to read the book? Personally I saw the movie first and then read the book series several times.

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soo many people told me that if i read the books first i would be mad with the i watched it first...and i still ended up being mad that there was so much left out..
yepp same with me my sisters came with me to the movies and they read the book before and they were so mad
lets just hope that we wont get too mad with NM and Eclipse..and eventually
I became a fan of twilight after the movie thanks to a friend. Now I can't stop reading the books.
I read the first three books before I watched the movie. I always prefer to read the books, they can go into much greater detail the way I imagine the characters in my head is always better.
I watched the movie first. I am 29 years old, single, no kids and I had never heard of Twilight before my nephew told me about it. Of course, I was in the mind set of "another vampire movie great just what this world needs", seriously I always thought that if you had seen one vampire movie you have seen them all. Boy was I wrong! I watched the movie and became hooked. I really think I watched it a hundred times before I read the books. But when I finally did read them... WOW! I finished the whole set in two weeks. The movie left so much out but I still love it and wouldn't change much about it, well, maybe one major scene that was left out, but that's it.
i read the book first then saw the movie-since then i have read the series 4 times-first time I read it in 2 weeks
I saw the movie first and the whole time I felt like I was missing something. When I read the book I was so relieved to get so much more of the story.
I saw the film 1st cos my cousin had seen it 5 times already and wanted someone new to go with her and see it.. I'd seen the trailer so went along and thought ok this is good so she said read the books they are even better.. I got Twilight and before i'd finished i knew i needed to get the rest, i ended up reading Breaking Dawn before the cousin who got me into the saga in the 1st place :D
I saw the Twilight trailer, I guess it was last December, and I thought I want to see that movie! I heard that it's based on book. Then I was at the library and suddenly there it was; Twilight book right in front of me!! I read it and fell in love with the story. After I read the first book I went to see the movie which I loved too even though it's not as "deep" as book. After that I read the rest of the books and now I can't wait to see the movies :D
I watched the movie then read all the books in 1 week maybe even less but i know i couldent put the book down i even read it through the night. BUT I LOVED THEM
well when the movie was about to come out everyone was talking and writing about the books and the movie so i decided to see what was the big deal about this story, so before i saw the movie i got all four books and read them in a week
i fell in love with the saga and edward and well everything
i watched the movie after reading the intire saga and i was dissapointed that they left so much stuff out, but the one thing i'm most upset about is that edward and bella don't say i love you at any point!!! i mean edward says you are my life now, and there's the lion and the lamb quote but still
so anyway i read the books first and then saw the movie

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