Be honest did you read the book and really wanted to see the movie? Or did you see the movie which made you want to read the book? Personally I saw the movie first and then read the book series several times.

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no, actually my friend dragged me into the theater while i was everything but kicking and screaming in protest i thought it would be a completely horrible movie i hated the whole concept the minute we stepped out of the theater i was pretty much begging her to let me borrow her book! lolz i look back on that day now and laugh, im a bigger fan than she is now! i read the series in a week my mom was always mad at me she would find me every morning wearing my clothes from the previous day sprawled across my still made up bed with a twilight series book in hand and the light on i ended up reading the series nine more times after that i have no life outside of twilight any more i even quote lines from the books its horrible im officially a fanpire!
read all books before the movie was ever announced!!!
i saw the movie while i was reading the book. i tried 2 resist. but then my sis bought it n i couldnt resist
First i see the movie tree times and the book read in 2 days.
I read the book first. at first i really wasn't interested in the movie or book at all. kids at my school loved it so i decided to read it. i could even remember the movie commericals for it. I LOVE TWILIGHT. you need to always read the book first then the movie. the book is always better
I heard the advertisement for the movie but haven't seen it yet and so I read all the books in like 3 weeks, and then I saw the movie.
I saw the movie, and loved it. But am now disappointed since they left so much out. But New Moon will make up for it, it looks so much better than Twilight!
I saw the movie first and was like wait I have to missing something and boy was I. am so glad that I read all of them. I am addicted to the saga. Team Edward!!!

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