do u guys think that teresa palmer looks like kristen stewart

check out this trailerfeturing teresa palmer she looks just like kristen in the trailer its called take me home tonight



do u guys think so? i was like wow when saw her in the trailer is that kristen stewart i thought

watch the trailer please thats were u really go wow are they the same person

 do u think they look alike? leave comments please thanks for reading this

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No, I don't think so. For my opinion they don't look very much alike. Maybe their facial shapes resemble each other a bit. :)



They actually do look similar! There was a short pause in the trailer honestly thinking it was Kristen! But when Kristen had blonde hair there were some similarities!! WOO Go Tessa!! AUSSIE!!!!!

She does look a little like her. They could be sisters but Kristen is the pretty one.

No, i don`t think they look alike at all.
not at all really excep maybe the blonde hair...but other than that i see no smilarities
they dont look alike.its only the hair thats similar
They look alike kind of. They have really similar facial features for sure.
only a tiny tiny tiny bit..nothing more...
nopppp!! i mean  maybe She have some resemblance but nothing amazing
At first No but if you keep going back and forth you can see a slight similiriaty (I forgotten how to spell??) lol
i think she could be her sister! :O but the above pic (lrge) isnt teresa... its kristen. i compared it to a photo of kristen with blonde hair, and its her.

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