Stephenie we need to know! So I have read the series twice and no mention of showers except in the 4th book but the offer was declined. Keeping it vague so it's not a spoiler. Does anyone have any theories? Wouldn't we want to see a vampire shower in one of the movies??? I say "OH HELLS YEAH"! To a male vamp I would add lol.

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My theory is that they do but take 1 minute showers cause there so fast.
I think that they kinda have to shower cuse they're gonna kinda stink any way, you know with the whole being dead thing, so yeah I think that they shower...
ya they shower even though ur immortal u still need to stay clean!!!DUH!!!!
Bella only asked Edward to help her wash her hair but we all know what she was thinking and it wasn't abought her hair lol.But i think thay do.
hi this a guesten fans ask alot and Stephenie (the auther of twilight,new moon , eclipse, and bracking dawn) has the awncer to:Q: This is going to sound insanely curious but… do the vampires bathe? Given that you said the hunting is messy (no clean puncture wounds), I’m assuming that they get dirty… or at least bloody. So do they take showers? Do they comb their hair? Brush their teeth?

A: Vampires do shower, but they don’t get dirty the same way we do. Outside dirt, yes–blood and mud and whatnot (though most vampires don’t get a spot on themselves when they eat–its all a matter of practice), but not sweat or body oils. They would never have B.O., ha ha. One girl asked me why Alice had a bathroom and if vampires have to pee. No, they don’t (they use all the blood, creating no waste), but they do shower. (And of course they have to have bathrooms–houses are just built that way, and when they want to move, it would look a little weird on the real estate listing: eight bedrooms, no baths.)

They do wash the dust and rain out of their hair, too. And Rosalie particularly spends a lot of time doing hers. (Hair is dead cells–the vampire transformation doesn’t affect it. If you’ve got split ends, sorry! Not getting better. Ha ha).
LMAO I've always wondered this....
Yes they do cause in Twilight there's once that bella went to the bathroom to have 'human moments' and when she cames back she saws edward with another clothes AND with the hair wet, so i think they do(:
I think they must shower - they're not self cleaning (or there was no mention of it anyway and I cant see how that would work). I mean think of their hair - what happens if they get blood or something in it - does it just magically disappear? I think its impractical to imagine they don't shower, especially when they spend so much time outdoors hunting.
They DO shower. Lol. Stephanie even said so, she answered ALOT of weird and random questions on her official page. Just go there and click FAQ and if the question you was looking for wasn't on there then its at twilight lexicon, the link is at the bottom of her page under FAQ
showering after hunting

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