Stephenie we need to know! So I have read the series twice and no mention of showers except in the 4th book but the offer was declined. Keeping it vague so it's not a spoiler. Does anyone have any theories? Wouldn't we want to see a vampire shower in one of the movies??? I say "OH HELLS YEAH"! To a male vamp I would add lol.

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They only shower affter hunting to get the...blood off i guess!
and i didnt make this up, it was on an interview with stephenie meyer!
they dont have to showr other than that because theyre body stopped working so they dont make like...sweat and smell and stuff so they dont need to shower. But when they hunt they shower to get the blood off.
I read in Q&A over at the lexicon that yes they do indeed shower. They do get dirty from hunting at that. And Rosalie likes to was her hair a lot

Here's the link
well i thought this too.
but after reading the series a few times, i realise they mention in one of the books that vampires do not need bathroom breaks or any other human neccesity.
so im presuming that means showers?
Lol, yah they should definitely add in a random Edward shower scene or something in New Moon, even though it wouldn't make sense. I am pretty sure vampires always smell good, but like Noukou said they probably get really dirty after I don't know.
i hope so :P
I would think that they would shower. I mean just cause they are dead does not mean that they still can't get dirty like anyone else. I think after hunting they would need to clean up right?
Well i had the same dilemma to the fact whether vampires shower or not, but my theory is that they do, they have to after hunting and being all blood stained ;) but vampires being so amazing aybe they dont need to! maybe like in the books, they just change clothes and wipe their faces clean- or maybe they dont make a mess.
I say yes, I agree Laurent did say they haven't freshened up in a while. Edward also would leave Bella while she slept & went home to change clothes & I assume shower so he didn't leave her house with the same clothes on. What would the neighbors think? Just to rinse the hunting grime, although Edward "never spills a drop" , he stays clean while he hunts. It's not for body smell though. They smell "sweet, like honey" but better. It's that enticing smell.....yummy.
I think they probably shower, but they don't really need to? Remember, in Breaking Dawn (this is not a big spoiler because it isn't relevant) Edward was hunting and he didn't even get one drop of blood on himself. So they might just shower coz they like to. Hopefully- I'm just trying to keep the Edward shower fantasy alive!

But I had a weird thought- If they stop growing/changing, then their hair should stop growing too, right? So in theory, if someone had a bad haircut when they were turned, they would be stuck with it forever, unless they got it cut shorter.
Yes, I do think about these things!
I vote they take showers otherwise they would never stay clean
yes sure... they dont want to smell awful
Before anyone posts another comment saying that vampires dont shower, they need to take a look at the Twilight Lexicon with the bio's & stuff and look at the personal corrospondence. In an interview Stephenie Meyer says that they do indeed shower to keep their hair clean and the dirt off them. Especially Rosalie. She loves washing her hair...

That is all..

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