Stephenie we need to know! So I have read the series twice and no mention of showers except in the 4th book but the offer was declined. Keeping it vague so it's not a spoiler. Does anyone have any theories? Wouldn't we want to see a vampire shower in one of the movies??? I say "OH HELLS YEAH"! To a male vamp I would add lol.

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I'd have to say they do shower...especially after a day of hunting! Maybe they go swimming in a stream or something but they must have their ways of keeping clean. Maybe they don't perspire or emit other bodily odors but they're bound to get dirty at some point. I think a shower seen with Edward and Bella would be awesome!
Girls,girls,i think u guys are getting a little carried away with fantasies of Rob/Edward in the shower,lol (although is not a bad image lol) But i think in Eclipse Jasper mentions something about how weird it was to stand in the rain,so my guess is that their skin repels water so i think the would only shower for wiping off blood,mud,ect.purposes.Not like a thorough clean up.
I often wondered the same thing, but I assume they do. Like others have posted, after hunting, wouldn't they want to shower?
I think so. Based on what everyone else is saying. But can they cut their hair or even dye it?
if they did not shower, they would'nt be as perfect as they are though;) and after hunting, they must be quite dirty;p
I imagine that they do, but this is typically seen as a human quality, therefore I can understand why Stephenie chose to leave it out. However, there are a lot of scenes like this one that if included could have spiced up the books for us non-teenagers.
I would think that they wouldn't really need to shower but probably do just out of habit from being human. And the need to fit in with humans. Not to mention the fact that they never sleep so why not shower just to pass time? Idk just a thought.
i don't know girls, but in the last book, after bella and edward spend the night making love.....he mentions Renesmee.....and bella doesnt know if she should go to see their daughter or keep making out with edward....then she decides that her daughter comes first.,,,and edward helps her to find clothes and they both change without even going to one of the lines.....she says that vampires don't have mundane activities = going to the bathroom

What do you think?
They would have to, right? Or not....They do get dirty, so yeah. But I dont think that they could..stink? Because they have scents..but they have to smell bad once and a while...AHH my brain. Idk lol
Taken from

Q: This is going to sound insanely curious but… do the vampires bathe? Given that you said the hunting is messy (no clean puncture wounds), I’m assuming that they get dirty… or at least bloody. So do they take showers? Do they comb their hair? Brush their teeth?

A: Vampires do shower, but they don’t get dirty the same way we do. Outside dirt, yes–blood and mud and whatnot (though most vampires don’t get a spot on themselves when they eat–its all a matter of practice), but not sweat or body oils. They would never have B.O., ha ha. One girl asked me why Alice had a bathroom and if vampires have to pee. No, they don’t (they use all the blood, creating no waste), but they do shower. (And of course they have to have bathrooms–houses are just built that way, and when they want to move, it would look a little weird on the real estate listing: eight bedrooms, no baths.)

They do wash the dust and rain out of their hair, too. And Rosalie particularly spends a lot of time doing hers. (Hair is dead cells–the vampire transformation doesn’t affect it. If you’ve got split ends, sorry! Not getting better. Ha ha).
vampires dont shower their scent sticks to them so they dont need to shower.why does it matter anyway. they shower off set anyway
I would love to see ANY of them shower!!!

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