Stephenie we need to know! So I have read the series twice and no mention of showers except in the 4th book but the offer was declined. Keeping it vague so it's not a spoiler. Does anyone have any theories? Wouldn't we want to see a vampire shower in one of the movies??? I say "OH HELLS YEAH"! To a male vamp I would add lol.

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I think they DO shower. Their skin is not made of teflon....
That is a very interesting quetion. You would think that since their skin isjust so perfect and everything that they wouldn't bother. But, all of you are right, that would be absolutely guh-ross if they didn't clean up after hunting.
I'm pretty sure that they dont because, like they mentioned several times, they are pretty much rocks and there are no internal organs to produce sweat or any bodily odor.
Thts a VERY good question!! they must though right?? I mean in the beginning before they learn to "eat" properly they cant go out in public with animal blood all over them... or when they play baseball i imagine they would get kinda muddy.... but still very good question we MUST ask Stephenie!!!
well..i alwasys asked myself that too...but as Noukou Whitlock said..the y must get really dirty after hunting right?so they have to!
and hell yeah we would love to see that in the movie lol ♥
ya but it cant b holy water or u know wat wil happen
i guess
They don´t sweat...but they become dirty...I guess they do shower!
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Thanks! Make sure to leave comments on what you think!
they probably take showers when bella is away from them.
i dont think they do they can just wipe off the blood.... i think.
Well I guess so.
What if they're covered with blood, then they have to shower.
Or in the first book, Laurent mention something like that if I'm right.
I guess they do shower and I surely agree with you.

We NEED to see a showering MALE vampire. 8D

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