Stephenie we need to know! So I have read the series twice and no mention of showers except in the 4th book but the offer was declined. Keeping it vague so it's not a spoiler. Does anyone have any theories? Wouldn't we want to see a vampire shower in one of the movies??? I say "OH HELLS YEAH"! To a male vamp I would add lol.

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they don't shower because they don't want all the sparkle to rub off!! lol. JK. maybe not only are vampires so abnormally beautiful but they also smell amazing 24/7 too? haha
Vamps prob do take showers,but it isnt mentioned in the book as it is a small thing,but who cares there look over power it lol
Probably showers - wot if you got blood in your hair? -bit hard just to stand at the sink isn't it?
Yeah. I mean why wouldn't they? Specially after hunting, and all that blood all over them, and dirt...You get the idea.Probably Steph didn't mention this tiny detail, since she thought it wouldn't matter.Water wouldn't hurt vamps, so of course they could and would. They smell always funky fresh(lol), so no need for soap haha.
Of course. They must be clean. Don´t can so mutch eng. :P
I think they take showers because.. well, they do not sweat but when hunting or playing baseball, or when the fight or .. I do not know ... but they must be dirty in some point!

and I do not know if you can understand what I say because my English sucks... lol
Why would they have to??? Aren't they perfectly clean???? Wellll...never mind...maybe they do.
yeah i think they shower even thought its not mentioned (wish it was...) it makes sense for them too. but only to get rid of the blood and dirt and stuff. i dont think they can smell bad...ive always kinda wondered too about their breath LOL i mean if they are drinking blood and killing animals with their mouths wouldnt you think it would smell a little weird??? Think about Bella how sensitive she is to the smell of blood wouldnt she have smelt it on him unless he brushed his teeth? idk lol just a though someone write me with what u think ^^
I don't know but I certainly like the idea of a vampire showering. :D

I don't know if they shower but I know they wash their hair. LOL  Evidence: The vampire women have different hair styles and in BD (the book) Bella talks about Alice's hair is 'slicked' back. So therefore, they must use some time of product. Also more EVIDENCE: Sometimes Rosalie's hair is straight and other times, it's curly. Curling irons, flat irons, etc.


i hope so cause i would love to see edward  in a shower
I think they must sometimes in breaking dawn Jacob gets food in rosalie's hair so she has to get it out somehow.also in breaking dawn Edward swallows a piece of wedding cake where does that go!!!

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