Do you believe long distance relationships(online specifically) can work?Why or why not?


I believe in long distance relationships but they won't work unless both people put their whole hearts into it and are willing to be patient until the day they can be together.If you really love someone,you should be willing to wait as long as it takes.Of course,I mean a few months,if necessary.A few years is pushing it a bit far

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Elena,one is also supposed to be realistic.If you can't be realistic,you are just setting yourself up for heartbreak.Trust me,I know that from experience

Actually,My heart was broken because I was NOT realistic.I will not make that same mistake again.

I can't get on chat right now,I'm not at home.I'll get on chat later

if the person was atleast in the same country,sure I would try being a little adventurous and unrealistic again. But, taking a chance being in a relationship with someone who is not ATLEAST in the same country is pushing it too far,literally

Elena said:
what do u think i didn't have the experience? i do like being unrealistic sometimes.what is to be so realistic is life?u were realistic still u broke ur heart.sometimes be unrealistic u will see u r happier than before.and thing happen it happened to u once but it may not happen next time.everyone is not same.try to trust people even if someone had broken ur trust before.come to chat we can talk about it there.
Elena,some people don't have the luxury of being able to travel anywhere in the world

Elena,that is a movie.I am optimistic.But I am optimistic within reason. Being optimistic does not mean living in a fairy tale.

Again, I would date someone long distance as long as it is in the same country. I will not set myself up for heartbreak by allowing myself to fall in love with someone who is in another country and who I know I could never be with.

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