Do you think Bella didn't like Jacob imprinting on Renesmee because she was jealous??

I'm just curious to hear you people's opinon..

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hmmn, i don't think she's jealous. in the book, it was implied that she's worried because renesmee's still young.
NO WAY! :D Bella didn't like it because it seemed to her strange because Renesmee was so young. (my opinion) :) Bella was disturbed in the past when Jacob was told that someone (I can not remenber now who was it) :0 was imprinted when she (the object) was still a baby. Bella love Jacob as a dear friend, Edward is Bella's destiny. :D
no bella is in love with edward
no it was because thatwas her baby her lil girl i kno because im like that with my 14yr old son and my 8 yr old lil girl lol u have to seeme my kids say mommy stop having a cow lol
Maybe lol
umm hell no she didnt want him imprinting on her daughter cause its her daughter and its kinda gross!! put yourself in her position and imagine someone doing that to your baby girl!!
Bella wasn't jealous. She loves Edward. Its just kind of gross to have someone feel that way about your baby....and  also Renessme felt closer to Jacob than to her. That was more of an issue I think
of course not...she is angry cuz it is soooo weird for her..her best freind with her daughter..just it..i think
maybe!!! it cul;d b... her sub-concious culd hav been jealous... she wuld get away with it since at the time bella didnt kno how 2 let edward read her thoughts... it wuld b vry strange 2 b jealous of ur own daughter. but that wuld cause a mothr daughter problem whenbella explains the jacob loving her and jacob kissing bella then bella kissing jacob then her getting jealous bcuz jacob imprinted on nessie.. it wud make a vry good comedy tho 2 c edward jacoba and evryothr characters reaction........

No,not really.She actually mentionated when she become a vampire that all the big and bright love that she had 4 Jake has become now into a truly friendship. : )

So,no.She;s not jealous;just a newborn :)) and worried about her daughter :)

Definitely not. Bella freaked out because 1) Renesmee was a newborn 2) She's her daughter. 3) Bella had moved on from the end of Eclipse & is happily married to her soul mate
No, I don't think so. She was just furious and also devastated because she thought he was making a claim to her, taking Renesmee away from her, when she barely knew her herself. And I know most people think her reaction was mainly due to that she was a new vampire, but in my opinion, it was because she was a mother. A mother's maternal instincts are to protect their children, keep them safe. I think Bella felt threatened because, how could she see to it that no harm would come to Renesmee when someone else was making a claim to her?

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