Do you think Bella didn't like Jacob imprinting on Renesmee because she was jealous??

I'm just curious to hear you people's opinon..

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Totally agree! It's not just because Bella was a newborn, it's because she is a mother. That is her baby.

Bree Cullen said:
No, I don't think so. She was just furious and also devastated because she thought he was making a claim to her, taking Renesmee away from her, when she barely knew her herself. And I know most people think her reaction was mainly due to that she was a new vampire, but in my opinion, it was because she was a mother. A mother's maternal instincts are to protect their children, keep them safe. I think Bella felt threatened because, how could she see to it that no harm would come to Renesmee when someone else was making a claim to her?
Jealous? no way. In Renesmee, Bella found someone she loved even more than Edward. And FAR more than Jacob. Bella was pissed because Jacob imprinted on her newborn baby. It was a mother thing.
I think she may have been a little jealous, but for the most part just annoyed because of Renesmee is still young and she didn't think she would have to deal with that kind of thing for a while. Plus it must have been a shock to begin with. The reason I say she maybe a little jealous is because when she "watching" Renesmee's dreams she gets a little annoyed when she is in them the same amount as Jacob.

I can see how you thought that, because she even said who ever he imprinted on she would think she wasnt good enough

But i think she was mad bc personally think she was mad she had to share Nessie with someone who cared so much about her, besides the family in a way. Or that becuase she couldnt have Bella he went for her daughter.

Yeah when u first think about it its gross but thats not how it is he just wants to be whatever Nessie wants him to be. He nvr once thought of her that way. And personally it someone imprinted on my child i would kinda be greatful bc i know that person will always be there for her and protect her, bc i get that at frist hes more of a big brother nothing else. and I know in the future she will be happy bc the feelings are same

yes n no..i say yea 4sho bella jealous cause hellooooo.on the 3rd twilight light movie she admits that she loves edward n jacob.even though bella loves edward more. still doesnt change the fact that she also love jacob..even on her wedding night u can tell she still has feelings for him otherwise it wouldnt hurt her so much to lose bella baby grow into a woman bella dnt want jacob to be her daughters man.cause bella n jacob did had something or yall forgot that kiss.da look eye to eye.jacob told bella even after her heart stops beating he'll still love her.hello or yall forgot that last part.....


bella feeling betrayed by jacob.cuz he knew she still got  feelings for him at dat moment still..n other reasons...

No she just finds it weird because it's her newborn baby and she wants Renesmee to meet someone and fall in love, not to be imprinted. But towards the end she's fine with it and so is Edward. And Jacob has no feelings at all towards Bella, because once you imprint on someone you forget about the other person you used to love. I think its sweet that Jacob imprinted her because he can protect her forever and she will be safe. But she got jealous at first because Renesmee and Jacob were really close and Bella didn't even get to meet her. 

Well if I was Bella I wouldn't want my daughter to fall in love Jacob!!!
I don't think she is.. Maybe

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