Okay,This issue has been of some concern to the twilight fans under the age of 17 or 18 that what it will be rated due to the mature themes of the books that involves pregnancy and giving birth to a child in a gruesome fashion.The scenes very well might be intense if it is adapted rather faithfully from the book which I fear they might.The trailer released showed glimpses of the former scene mentioned  seemed pretty intense.

So,what do you want twifans thje scene remain faithful to the book and get the movie rated R or the scene be tonned down and be rated PG-13?

But one thing for sure if the movie gets rated R the movie will suffer from buisness point of view.Its buisness might be slashed to half or more depending the age of majority of twilight fans whom I presume  to be in their teens.what do you think?



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R stands for restricted. That means if you are under 18 you cannot see the movie without being older or have an adult/someone 18 or older with you. PG-13 stand for parental guidance. That some material or things in it may not be suitable for anyone 13 or under.

a walk to remember said:

well the movie should be same as written in book without any adit or omission.........



ps- i don't know wat R n PG-13 stands for.............

Well, not all Twilight fans are under 18, but all of them also aren't 18 and older. I think they can still stay faithful to the birth scene without having an R-rating. Yes, you can, I believe, get detail in there enough so that you know it's an intense and gory scene. I worry about though is that someone of the younger Twilight fans may not even be able to handle PG-13 gore. I've met seven-year-old fans and they cringe at the sight of somone getting blood drawn from their arm. How would they react to seeing Bella's mouth seep blood and a puddle of gore once Renesmee is literally cut out of Bella? They may get sick. But Hollywood does have a lot of clever and tricky things to work with. I think you can have the gore, but you can also have it tonned down so it won't be R rated.

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