I think she looks like Bella, but she has a man voice and in the movie she acts.....like she doesn't want to be there.

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Here's my take on Kristen aka Bella.

Kristen was 17 when she started filming this movie. Bella is a complicated girl, as many 17 year old girls are. Bella, the character doesn't really know what she wants. Forks? Arizona? Mom? Charlie? Edward? Jacob? What have we seen so far. in the movies from Kristen?? Bella had to enter a strange but familiar town that nothing changes. She is attracted to someone that might or might not be human. Based on that opening 40 minutes of screen time, Kristen was spot on! The love and lust she had for Edward was seen clearly. Every moment in Twilight, Bella/Kristen was staring at Edward like he was a sparkly GOD. Look how she looked at him when he was playing her song on the piano.

From the SPOILER preview screen shots that I have seen, besides the "kiss me" part, she looks like a 18 year old girl that might of lost her man for good.

Kristen is doing a good job for the Bella up to date. I think she will really do well with New Moon, and Eclipse.

I am more worried about Breaking Dawn. That's my favorite Bella!
I think that Stewart makes an excellent Bella because she is just as goofy and backwards as Bella is.
I think she's a pretty good Bella, she definitely looks the part.
Kristen is a very serious actress and it seems like she takes her work very seriously, However, I agree that she might be a little too independant in the movie compared to how she's described in the book. She plays the part very well in terms of portraying a drawn-back, nervous girl, who's always considered herself average and is suddenly put in a position where she is the center of attention simply because she's new in town. The only thing I think she didn't get quite right is the desperate love Bella feels toward Edward in the book. She's a little too self-sufficiant in the movie.
That's my opinion anyway.
ITA. She acts like a young woman who is a very private person and extraordinarily shy. She's "squirmy" because Bella doesn't like attention to her, and she doesn't like to hurt people's feelings, which situations force her to do over and over in the Twilight series.

I think KS is a really, really good actor. Going back to Panic Room--man, she NAILED the sullen teen-age girl, with the added chip on her shoulder of her parents separating and her father going through his second childhood, expressing it with his d***.

I'm looking forward to seeing her play Joan Jett. Very difficult role but I think, if anyone can do it, KS can.

Barnabas Collins said:
I think she plays a perfect Bella, I personally wouldn't want to see her replaced by anyone else. All the weird things she does actually makes her seem more human to me rather than someone overacting?? anyways thats just my two cents, good topic!
I think she looks like Bella but I agree with the acting points. My son hates how she does the thing with her eyes and looks like she is tryingt o remember her lines. She doesn't sound natural. If you compare her to the other actors like Taylor who is also young, very different. Just my two cents. My sons think that MIchelle Ryan (Bionic Woman) would be better. lol
I completely agree! The noises she makes is quite annoying. However, I do have to say that she represents Bella well and if anything I think she plays a weaker character than is depicted in the book. Bella may be clumsy and inept but you can still maintain a strong character. I didn't see that really come out, but she does a great job.

Abbie Cullen said:
oh yeh has anyone else noticed how in the movie shes always doing this weird breathy thing. Like shes exhaling loudly or something.... it drives me a little crazy lol I'm telling you if you havent already noticed you will now and it will be all you can think about when your watching it!
I don't think she is clumzy enough... I would be a great bella in that department... lol, I have had LOTS of concusions.

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