well i liked twilight but when i saw the new moon pics i was like "Wow this looks so much better than twilight" what do u think

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it will only keep getting better and better ^_^

Alicia Black said:
Yes I am 100% sure it will be better, I mean, Twilight was really good, but Catherine was a nut-job. Chris is much more relaxed but focused at the same time, so yes, it WILL be so much better, and plus, the books just get better, so hence the better movies.
New Moon will absoulutley be better than Twilight! 100% better...
i think that its going to have more action than twilight
i think that its going to have more action than twilight
I agree! I think it is going to top Twilight and then some! I loved Twilight because I love the book but it could have been better! Just watching the trailer for NM is proof enough!!
I loved Twilight of course but i think that New Moon is going to be sooooo much better! It looks amazing!! Im sure when Eclipse is out next summer nd then Breaking Dawn, the movies are just going to up themselves nd there going to get better nd better (: at least i hope so lol
its going to be wayyyyyyy better espically since i saw the jacob black preview!! i cant wait!!
i suppose we all read the books alerady but i have to say twilight was a gret movie the start of their love but new moon is a wonderfull story i mean the break-up made me cry i cried the hall story so yes i m sure it will a little bit better but i m not sure about eclipce the story isn't so good for me just the part were he propse to her and the hot scene except for that i don't knoww i'mnot sure
oh seriously NEW MOON is more better than twillight..............and n-way I think ummmmmm Jacub is getting more hotter than Edward............TEAM JAKEWARD
i think it will be better, i can't wait :)
new moon seems a lot better
Twilight, directed by Hardwicke, brings the heart and soul of the book to life. I don't care if Hardwicke is eccentric. In fact, it took someone who thinks outside of the box to communicate Twilight as written by Stephanie Meyers.

If it wasn't for Hardwicke, we would not have the two core actors, KS and RP, as Bella and Edward. I don't know how much she participated in the rest of the cast selection, but she was the decision-maker for those two.

Weitz is a poor selection for director for the Twilight series. He destroyed "Golden Compass," a very popular fantasy trilogy that was predicted to be as big as Harry Potter. He is not creative, he does not think out of the box, and uses special effects as a crutch to compensate for his lack of innovative director skills.

His direction was so poor that the second and third Golden Compass series books were not made into movies.

From what I've seen released about NM so far, I see Weitz again using campy cliche vamp-flik tactics created--and repeatedly used--in other vampire movies. The problem with this is the fact that the reason the Twilight book series was such a hit was because it WASN’T just another vampire story. It was really the story of the magic of a young woman’s first love with a guy who is WAY different, and just happens to be a vampire.

The books and the Twilight movie touched the hearts of women of all ages, and many men. This is the Twilight movie franchise’s core audience, many of whom saw them saw the movie in the theater more times than they care to admit [RAISES HAND].

The changes Weitz has made to the Twilight movie saga are profound and will corrupt the storyline in later movies because they will have to incorporate Weitz’s piss-poor ideas for consistency. I think most Twilight books fans will see the NM once, but I doubt many will see it anywhere near the amount of times they did .Twilight. So Summit risks losing the incredible support from Twilight’s core group of fans.

Some of the changes are so bad—really, I dread seeing it in a theater because some of the Twilight movie (and certainly book) fans will laugh at stuff in NM. The critics are going to have a field-day with some of the cliché vampire movie styles Weitz has tried to combine in a movie that is not a campy vampire story. I can see so many jokes from comedians. I’ve written about this many times on this website, and won’t reiterate it here.

One thing that is, IMO, a real threat to the Twilight franchise is Weitz’s lack of creativity in Dakota Fanning’s look. I’ve also written about this here and will just give a short summary: Instead of capitalizing on Fanning’s innocence and allowing the actor to bring evil to the character (which is actually the most creepy thing about young girl vampires—they look so beguilingly innocent yet are capable of such evil), he makes her look like a soft-porn teen-tramp, and he doesn’t even do that well. All she needs is a short school uniform skirt and a lollipop, and she’s perfect for a pedophile’s fantasies.

This is especially bad now that we've learned about the young, pretty, 11-year-old blond girl’s kidnapping and being used as a sex slave for 18 years by that monster, Phil Garrido, in Antioch, California.

This is a story that is going to take a year or more to unfold, and there will be comparisons (conscious or not) drawn between the look Weitz created for Fanning and a young blond sex slave, suffering repeated rapes starting when she was 11 years old.

What makes it worse is that one of Fanning’s previous movies, made when she was much younger, has her portraying a very young girl being raped. There are extremely uncomfortable scenes that she was in, and that movie was pounded by the critics and many others. I understand she acted very well, but the movie bombed, and I think it’s because women (especially mothers of girls) simply could not, or would not, watch such a movie.

For a franchise that depends on women, especially young women, for its success, this is really bad. People are so disgusted and outraged at the real sex-slave’s experience, and the fact that the authorities for years had ample reasons to have investigated Garrido’s back yard where she was held but failed to do it. People are already looking for someone or something to blame for this young girl’s ordeal, and there is a group of religious extremists who are just waiting for an opportunity to blame any of society’s problems on Hollywood and movies.

If the brain-trust at Summit and Weitz, combined, had two neurons firing at the same time , they would yank Fanning back for an emergency change of her blond child-trollop look to avoid the threat of backlash from a public that is horrified and outraged at exploitation of young innocent women.

But even if this horrible real-life sex-slave news had not occurred, Weitzs choices for Fanning’s look is just so overall poor. The red lipstick is horrendous and distracts from Fanning’s face, limiting her ability to portray evil. Moreover, it doesn’t make her look like she is evil…it makes her look like she’s exploited. The red contacts for her eyes—which Weitz seems to think is some new brilliance on his part, when tinted contacts to change actors eyes has been done for at least 50 years—are just a further distraction, and also the use of a cliché vampire look. If he just used the contacts and no tramp-red lipstick, it wouldn’t be so bad, but to combine them makes her look like a cartoon. Finally, the slick upswept hairstyle makes her look older when the true creepiness of the character is that she is obviously a very young-appearing female .

If he wants to make Fanning really believable as an evil child vampire, if he’s going to copy someone else’s ideas, he should incorporate the approach used in “Let the Right One In” and “The Orphan,” both of which have truly creepy evil female teen characters. The evil in these movies come from within the actors, and their youth is a key part of their ability to do evil. They can draw people in because people don’t expect a young girl to rip their throats out.

Alicia Black said:
Yes I am 100% sure it will be better, I mean, Twilight was really good, but Catherine was a nut-job. Chris is much more relaxed but focused at the same time, so yes, it WILL be so much better, and plus, the books just get better, so hence the better movies.

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