well i liked twilight but when i saw the new moon pics i was like "Wow this looks so much better than twilight" what do u think

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I love twilight..... more so after reading the books......they have more money for NM and a new director and this saga is growing by leaps and bounds more books sold after the movie.....our movie cast is growing in size and popularity there winning more awards...I pitty anybody thats not part of the twilight family up for any awards that we as fans have any say in.........as far as your question I think each movie is going to be different and not nessarly better then the previous one..... they all will have to stand on there own .....word of mouth travels fast with the internet and that may make or break each movie...... how many times we pay to see NM will tell how good it is.........I like what I have seen so far I think we will have another blockbuster........
yeh I think this will be much better. Can't wait to see it now. I think Chris will do a great job at the directing of New Moon. The trailer says it all.
yep i think it looks soo amazing already! def looks like it will be way better! cant wait!
YEAH,more money and bigger production will make it better in that sense.but less rob boohoo! lol

as from what iv seen from new moon, it look's as though they had stayed as close to the book as poss this time,so thats a big thumbs up.they could of made twilight more like the book,but as a small budget film and didnt have alot of money to work with i think it was pretty damn good!lol
it will be better one because they have money from what they made from twilight so they can have more stunts and stuff like that and two because chris is like really based on the book and really wants to make us fans real happy so he is trying to relate the movie to the book as best he can.
Yes i love the job done by chris weitz so i think its gonna be better since more jake xD Team Jacob
im not sure cos there will b more action but then again i dont no cos personally im TEAM EDWARD but edward isnt obviously gonna b in the next movie as much as Twilight. also the volturi r gonna b in new moon which will b quite kwl to finally see wat they look like after reading bout them in the books. even tho edward wont b in it as much i guess it will b kinda of better to finally see the volturi and to see how bella and jacob r 2gether. sry i kidna of went on a bit there!!

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