Im sure every 1 wants to know do Jacob and beautiful Renesmee tie the knot when she is older? give your opion yes or no way!!!!

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I hope not i will be furious but happy if Nessie is happy
Im not sure if Bella and Edward would allow it. I mean, think about how angry Bella was when she found out Jacob imprinted on her baby...she nearly ripped his throat out!! :O

But it is possible...guess we'll never know..... :( x
Bella will be fine after all she was going to send Renesmee away with Jacob because if anyone could protect her it would be him & Edward knows Jacob's a good lad he refers to him as good as a son. I hope they do get Married!

If Renesmee & Jacob have a baby will it be Part Human Part Vampire Part Wolf?
Obviously its going to happen.... if Bella and Edward would refuse... that would start up another story.... the imprinting is a permanent thing. Once Nessie reaches full maturity, she's going to love Jacob so much it will impossible for them to be separated from each other. This imprinting is a seal with them two and I highly doubt Edward or Bella.. or any of the Cullens would interfere... well minus Rosalie but that would be great to hear their story...

More so the issue of how Nessie would react when she would find out the truth about how Jacob was going to kill her before... yikes.. that would stir up some trouble in the future.
Well of course they will get marry!! And Bell nor Edward can do anything about it. If they push her,they will probally run away.So they WILL get mary!
I think so, because in Breaking Dawn, on Christmas, Jacob Renesmee gives Quileute version of an engagement ring
yep definitely !! =)
of course - they're soul mates... and Bella and Edward will give them their blessing because he's perfect for her - he can protect her - besides, can you imagine her with anyone else? Jacob would kill him, and Edward, Charlie, and Emmett would probably help him!
if you people had some brands you would now that in the book Renesmee will get to the look as a 7,8 and maybe 9 year old girl that boy that is like her seems to probably look like he is like that so no i don't think they will get married!!!!
i think she would marry jacob eventually. Jacob will be there a waiting her decision either way, if she decides no Jacob will still love her but he will just be a best friend until she realizes the truth. Jacob will never leave her and i think eventually she will fall in love with him.
She has to. No other go.
Of course! That would be the most obvious choice of plots for the 5th book in the series (after Midnight Sun, of course.) There was a really good fanfic on here called First Light-Renesmee and Jacob's story. It was amazing- it told the whole story of Renesmee (once she is all grown up) and Jake. It reads like the 5th book would. It was hands down my fave fanfic on Twifans!!!

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