Im sure every 1 wants to know do Jacob and beautiful Renesmee tie the knot when she is older? give your opion yes or no way!!!!

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YEAH i would love it if Stephenie would make a book from Renesmees' point of view it would be so cute seing her going out with Jacob and then marryng him awwww
of course she will!!! they ARE mprinted after all. and i mean wouldn't it just be tragic if they didn't.?? i now have the unrestrainable urge to write a fanfic about it...... thanks for the inspiration!!!

but i thought she could only grow up to be 6 years old??
NO and i don't want them 2
I so agree with you !! First Ligtht was amazing !!!

Twilighter126 said:
Of course! That would be the most obvious choice of plots for the 5th book in the series (after Midnight Sun, of course.) There was a really good fanfic on here called First Light-Renesmee and Jacob's story. It was amazing- it told the whole story of Renesmee (once she is all grown up) and Jake. It reads like the 5th book would. It was hands down my fave fanfic on Twifans!!!
I believe they will get married.. sometime down the track, as some of you say, when Renesmee is ready,
until then Jake is like a brother/best friend/protector, who never pushes the boundaries of what Nessie needs at the time.
Example of how imprinting is for life and that nothing can stop it..
Sam and Leah were going out then along came Emily..
Sam imprinted on her and there you have it.. it was just the way it had to be.
So yes, I believe they will be together forever :)
i kinda hope she will merry jacob because than everyone will live hapily ever after. I am so sad that breaking dawn was the last book. i kept re-reading the last chapter because i didn't want to finish the book. :S i wish that she would make just one more book and tell how everything went out. If bella perfected her gift and if the volturi finally did get overthrown. that would be a book i would surely read.
i really hope not! i don't think renesmee was such a good idea in the first place and jacob is way too involved in edwards and bella's life already. i think the whole imprinting with a child thing is creapy!
I think it would feel strange for Bella, I mean Bella loves Jacob even though she loves Edward more! She has kissed Jacob and if he marries Renesmee Jacob will be Bellas son-in-law :S And what would she say to renesmee about her relationship with Jacob!
Maybe I'm in the minority here...but I was not a fan of this storyline at all :(. And I am staunch Team Jacob!! I wanted a better ending for his amazing character!
yeah so jacob will leave bella and edward alone

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