Im sure every 1 wants to know do Jacob and beautiful Renesmee tie the knot when she is older? give your opion yes or no way!!!!

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What are you talking about. She will mature at age 7. She will look like she is 17 or 18 and will live forever.

Holly-Jayne Tarrant said:
That is true but still I think they should get married because it would be such a good happy ending! I hops the cullens have loads of other adventures so stephenie Meyer will write more books!

if you people had some brands you would now that in the book Renesmee will get to the look as a 7,8 and maybe 9 year old girl that boy that is like her seems to probably look like he is like that so no i don't think they will get married!!!!
yeah im sure she will, but i wish she would go with Nahuel they are a perfect match
Aldo Quintino would be the best Nahuel
i think only stephenie knows the true answer to that, myself i think they will just be close soul mates
I'm assuming your question is guessing later on...not in BD, but if the story progressed. I would say most definitely. There's a lot of fan fiction out there on this topic, and for me, what the other books have talked about with imprinting, I would have to say absolutely.
She and Jacob are head over heels in love. Their wedding would bring happiness to everyone.
I dont think she will marry Jacob. I think she will learn and follow in her mothers footsteps.
Yeeeh i think she will. why wouldnt renesmee fall for jacob, he's everything a girl could want.
yes she does because Renesmee love Jacob and she says yes to him
Stephanie probably isn't going to write a sequel, but we can pretend on
It's the diaries' of the characters.(Bella, Jacob, Nessie, Edward, and Alice)
It's an amazing site, I love it.
Bella's diary is updated monthly, and the rest of the characters' are updated weekly.
that would be very freaky if it did happen
I dntt knoww but Isnt SOOOO wierd that Bella once loved him,oh not so long ago & Edward hatedd him & now its all coo & theyy LOVE each other..?
i think tht they will and yes it might be a bit weird but they both seem happy 2gether

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