Im sure every 1 wants to know do Jacob and beautiful Renesmee tie the knot when she is older? give your opion yes or no way!!!!

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yeah im sure she will, but i wish she would go with Nahuel they are a perfect match
Aldo Quintino would be the best Nahuel
i think only stephenie knows the true answer to that, myself i think they will just be close soul mates
I'm assuming your question is guessing later on...not in BD, but if the story progressed. I would say most definitely. There's a lot of fan fiction out there on this topic, and for me, what the other books have talked about with imprinting, I would have to say absolutely.
She and Jacob are head over heels in love. Their wedding would bring happiness to everyone.
I dont think she will marry Jacob. I think she will learn and follow in her mothers footsteps.
Yeeeh i think she will. why wouldnt renesmee fall for jacob, he's everything a girl could want.
yes she does because Renesmee love Jacob and she says yes to him
Stephanie probably isn't going to write a sequel, but we can pretend on
It's the diaries' of the characters.(Bella, Jacob, Nessie, Edward, and Alice)
It's an amazing site, I love it.
Bella's diary is updated monthly, and the rest of the characters' are updated weekly.
that would be very freaky if it did happen
I dntt knoww but Isnt SOOOO wierd that Bella once loved him,oh not so long ago & Edward hatedd him & now its all coo & theyy LOVE each other..?
i think tht they will and yes it might be a bit weird but they both seem happy 2gether
I think they are well suited to each other! The book gives the impression that they are soul mates. Renesmee loves Jacob a lot and always misses him. Renesmee is truly happy with him. Jacob loves Renesmee more than anything, he would be willing to die for her. I think that Edward and Bella would do not oppose to their getting married, though not like it. Bella knows Jacob and know that Renesmee is always safe with him. I believe that they are happy together forever!

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