Im sure every 1 wants to know do Jacob and beautiful Renesmee tie the knot when she is older? give your opion yes or no way!!!!

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I am totally Team Jacob so I would be really depressed, but since she will grow up with Jacob constantly by her side, her mother Bella (duh), always saying good things about him, and seeing Claire grow up with her wolf, I don't see how she couldn't. I say that yes she will tie the knot.

I don't think so! I mean I agree that they will be together 4ever but marry...?no guys....I don't think so...
I don't think so! I mean I agree that they will be together 4ever but marry...?no guys....I don't think so...
That would be so cool! I like it!! and Jacob the right choice this time!! LoL XD

anna cullen said:

I think Nahuel will come back and try and win Renesmees heart and there will be a battle between him and Jacob, but Jacob will win and he and Renesmee will marry

I think that Jacob and Renesmee should get married, i mean they are the each others halves and well they just are going to be happy together. If nessie had to choose and she said no, well that would okay but in the end they are going to end up together. But that's just between Jacob and Renesmee. Bella and Edward's decisions are a different story. In my imagination, i think that Bella would be okay with the fact that they want to get married, but Edward on the other hand..might not like the idea. Bella at the end of breaking dawn, kinda got used to the idea that Jacob and her daughter are going to be together. But i dont think that Edward ever grasped that concept. So it would be harder for him to accept it. But that shouldnt stop them, if they want to get married, then they should.
I so agreee with you on this. I wish Stephenie Meyer would write a new series of books on Nessie and Jacob, and then we can also get some more of Bella and Edward. I feel that story line just isn't over yet. There is soooo much more I wont to know.

Monika Lopez said:
Obviously its going to happen.... if Bella and Edward would refuse... that would start up another story.... the imprinting is a permanent thing. Once Nessie reaches full maturity, she's going to love Jacob so much it will impossible for them to be separated from each other. This imprinting is a seal with them two and I highly doubt Edward or Bella.. or any of the Cullens would interfere... well minus Rosalie but that would be great to hear their story...

More so the issue of how Nessie would react when she would find out the truth about how Jacob was going to kill her before... yikes.. that would stir up some trouble in the future.
I 100% think they will get married, specially as Edward is big on the old fashioned way and stuff, plus it means something for Alice to get planning at aswell which will keep her happy x
YES way!! I wish that another book would come out that focus on Jacob and closure for him (reneesme)..  :)
of course they will... so happy for Jake:)

i dont understand how anyone can say no. they WILL. its inevitable. some people on here dont even understand their situation, i was reading the first few pages of comments and people were thinking Renesmee stops growing at 8/9 years so shes a little girl the rest of her life so that makes it creepy or people are so obnoxious theyre stuck on team jacob thinking bella still loves him and he wouldnt do that to her..


If people knew and understood the imprinting thing then they would know the answer immediately and if people read breaking dawn properly instead of skimming over it to say theyve read it would know. its a pretty much guaranteed yes.

i think she would marry jacob
Bella and Edward cant refuse, i mean Nessie loves Jacob too, she was the reason Bella wanted Jacob so close when she was preggo. I think they, it didnt sound like many people who imprinted didnt marry the girl so.

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