Im sure every 1 wants to know do Jacob and beautiful Renesmee tie the knot when she is older? give your opion yes or no way!!!!

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I agree 100%

im sure sure why it would make people mad, and they dont understand the imprinting at all if they say no.

Nikki said:

i dont understand how anyone can say no. they WILL. its inevitable. some people on here dont even understand their situation, i was reading the first few pages of comments and people were thinking Renesmee stops growing at 8/9 years so shes a little girl the rest of her life so that makes it creepy or people are so obnoxious theyre stuck on team jacob thinking bella still loves him and he wouldnt do that to her..


If people knew and understood the imprinting thing then they would know the answer immediately and if people read breaking dawn properly instead of skimming over it to say theyve read it would know. its a pretty much guaranteed yes.

I would like to think that she would one day. I wished the had done another book lol to see Renesmee and Jacob together when she is older! Would have been good

I believe they will always be together and when Renesmee gets older. Her and Jacob will tie the knot.


I believe Renesmee is capable of having a child so like Stephenie Ince said. It would be part human, part vampire, and part shape shifter. :o


It would be interesting. lol

No Because she grows too fast they would never be able to be together forever
Well I think so ;)
yes i do
Yes I think someday in about three years you know when renesmee is fully grown and renesmee and Jacob are together theyll definitely get married. I mean come on they are imprinted lovers and all they belong together so what will stop them from getting married... Hopefully not her parents if you know what I mean.
u know i wonder the samething gd question

I hope not because that would be soooo gross! I mean, didn't he have a thing for Bella, now he's going after the daughter?! You couldn't be more of a PERV, Jacob!!!!!!


I think she will because you can tell that they are very attached to each other

Andrea said:
of course - they're soul mates... and Bella and Edward will give them their blessing because he's perfect for her - he can protect her - besides, can you imagine her with anyone else? Jacob would kill him, and Edward, Charlie, and Emmett would probably help him!

They have to get married. He imprinted on her and "it's impossible to ignore that kind of adoration". Edward and Bella accepted the imprinting at the end of BD. Bella was going to have them run away together because she knew he would always take care of her and love her. Isn't that all we can hope for our children? That they are happy, safe and loved? What would be the better question is,  can they have children?? Things that make you go hmmm.......LOL

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