Im sure every 1 wants to know do Jacob and beautiful Renesmee tie the knot when she is older? give your opion yes or no way!!!!

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They have to get married. He imprinted on her and "it's impossible to ignore that kind of adoration". Edward and Bella accepted the imprinting at the end of BD. Bella was going to have them run away together because she knew he would always take care of her and love her. Isn't that all we can hope for our children? That they are happy, safe and loved? What would be the better question is,  can they have children?? Things that make you go hmmm.......LOL

um well if u read breaking dawn correctly she would stop growing in seven yrs so i personally think renesmee will marry jacob

Charlotte Whitehead said:
No Because she grows too fast they would never be able to be together forever
dude he was still in love with bella and then he impronted on her making him fall in love with her so there

Jordan Mitchell said:

I hope not because that would be soooo gross! I mean, didn't he have a thing for Bella, now he's going after the daughter?! You couldn't be more of a PERV, Jacob!!!!!!


No way!!!

I wish stef would tell us...that would be really cool!! all of her ideas rock!


Yeah...I don't think I'd let a guy who hit on me marry my daughter after he wanted to kill her...I mean he imprinted on her at the moment he wanted to kill her...if it wasn't for the imprinting he would have killed her...

Rose♥Cullen said:
i really hope not! i don't think renesmee was such a good idea in the first place and jacob is way too involved in edwards and bella's life already. i think the whole imprinting with a child thing is creapy!
I hope not. But whatever makes  renesme happy, I'm sure Edward and Bella will stnd behind her. But I hope to god she finds someone else!!!!
I would like to see them get married.that would be so great to see their love for each other grow.
Well I have to awnser. Ofcourse.. That's the whole inprint thing right.. The love is uncontitionaly. And ofcourse Bella Would be like.. WTF. But Nessie is happy. So is she. And I'm not sure about Edward.. He has a temper :P
yes totally he imprinted on her
yes totally he imprinted on her
It is a Mabey. Renesmea is gonna die when she gets older. In the book it says that she is half human and half vampire but since she grows so fast that means she will die when she gets older and if her and Jacob do get married then it will have to be when she is young. 
She already realizes that she loves Jacob and he is hers forever. She is mature in the book like when she is only 3....

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