Im sure every 1 wants to know do Jacob and beautiful Renesmee tie the knot when she is older? give your opion yes or no way!!!!

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no duh
he imprinted on her and even tho she will b
fully grown up in 7 years she groes super fast
so shes not gonna b like 7 
Yeah,think do and I Will love of all the world to sure other site,i Have a fun inspired on the team twiligh,I'd like to met do of the word,.
Yes i believe they will get married!
Well honestly I think he will but I just can't imagine it!!!!!!!
Honestly I think she will. She is growing up with Jacob around and as she matures she'll just grow to love him. It's fate really. I mean he did imprint on her after all. They were meant to be together.
I would love for them to get married! Nessie is a part of Bella and Jacob has always wanted to be with Bella and he would get to experience it though her. That would be great! I couldn't imagine Jacob with anyone else, just think if her and Jake had a baby it would be half vampire/human/wolf possibly!
I sure hope she does, I'm banking on it.
Duh cuz Bella always wanted Jacob in her family in some way and Edward finally warmed up to Jacob in some ways cuz he's just amazing like tht and one day renesmee will some how fall in love with Jacob
I'm not sure that the writer will have them marry but she may end the series showing them in love!


shes made 4

I don't want it to happen I mean Nessie is cute and all but Bella won't mind its Rose, and Edward who will hate it
Most definitely!! But then Edward will be Jacob's dad in law
Wow wat a mix..... A werewolf with a vampire for a dad. Lmfao!!!!!!!

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