Im sure every 1 wants to know do Jacob and beautiful Renesmee tie the knot when she is older? give your opion yes or no way!!!!

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yeah i think they would but not till later on....if Bella was willing to let Jacob take Nessie then she would understand that the love they will have later isnt something that could ever be broken. And that Jacob really is looking out for Nessie best interest.
Of course they will. It would be odd if they didn't. Bella always wanted Jacob in her family and Edward told Jacob in BD that he considered him like a brother. I always figured they'd get married when she got older. I just hope one day Steph writes about Renesmee and Jacob's developing romance.
I shouldn't have read this LOLOL. Now I'm upset because I'm not done with the book :(

Danielle Cullen <3 said:
I think so, because in Breaking Dawn, on Christmas, Jacob Renesmee gives Quileute version of an engagement ring
Bella and Edward may not have been happy when Jacob in printed on Ness. I believed that by the time that Ness has grown up they will remain very close friends, but eventually will get married. I believe that Bella and Edward will eventually approve of the marriage, as they would know that Jacob would do anything for her to keep her happy and safe.
It think they will be together because they are soul-mates
I kind of hope she does :) I mean, i'm not Jacob's biggest fan but at least it will make renesmee happy.
creepy thought!
if this ever happend edward will be totaly excuse to bite his head off!
and i'll help him!
imagine to have a dog for son!or... a dog have sex with your daughter! creepy!
yes i do because in the series she thinks about him alot and she calls him her jacob so theres a good chance that if he asks she will say yes and for him he imprinted for gods sake
Of course they are going to get married Its part of imprinting. Bella and Edward have accepted that already and they know it is coming so there will be No problem.
lol i think writing a book at the which it will be true in my book about them getting TOGETHER ..(jacob and Renesmee) but it hasnt been typed yet..but my whole book is written on paper XD!..if my book is about like 700 pages..i cant picture it on the computer book is called Equinox..and it continues the life after breaking dawn..:o!!! chapter one is up on my blog if you want to read it :D 2 and 3 will be posted later today!!!!

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