Im sure every 1 wants to know do Jacob and beautiful Renesmee tie the knot when she is older? give your opion yes or no way!!!!

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No, Bella did not tell Jacob to imprint. Imprinting is something that cannot be controlled. But I will never tire of Bella and Edward. But I would love to learn more someday about Nessie and Jacob...but I don't want her to rush growing up.

Cullen-Black said:
It would be very cool. Why not. I wish Stephine would write about their love story. No more Edward and Bella they live happily ever after.

Someone tell me did Bella tell Jake to imprint Renesmee?
the only exception would be....the foreshadowing Edward told in BD...remember when Edward mentioned that Nessie is the only other of his kind that wasn't his sister? This character's name has slipped my mind for the moment...nuel...or something like that...I don't have my book here with me to reference lol....but could we see a love triangle forming in the mother like daughter? Of course Jacob is what is perfect for Nessie...but a girl can change her mind. What a story that could make...Nuel's army of half vampires/sisters battling with the pack...over Nessie. hmmm, ideas!
welll it would only make sence who else would she marry??
I'm pretty sure they will get married because renesmee already calls Jacob "her Jacob". so why not?
The bond between Jacob and Renesmee is far stronger than the bonds of marriage. But I don't see any reason why they wouldn't just make things official. Surely Edward and Bella would want nothing more than to make their Nessie happy...and that would mean allowing her to have Jacob.
I think Tey will get married! It is quite to depressing to think that Jacob will get marreid (I'm team Jacob!) But it ture! He has to marry her. He will love no one eles becasue he has imprinted on her! So they have to get married!!!!
wow guys i didnt think this many people would reply to my discussion
its between jacod and nahul. i vote jacob evenn tho i dnt like him much.
no i dont think they will marry but will have a very close friendship and they will not let any other emotion take over .... besides i dont think bella and edward would allow it lol
Whatever makes Nessie happy. And they probably will because Jacob's a perverted freak and a nasty bagggg!!! I hate Jacob but love Jasper!!!
it would go against everything jacob has said bout vampires.. i dont see it happening, enemies are enemies.

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