Im sure every 1 wants to know do Jacob and beautiful Renesmee tie the knot when she is older? give your opion yes or no way!!!!

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well Jacob has imprinted on Renesmee so that means that Jacob will want to and i think Renesmee will say yes to her wolfe boyfriend. so that is my guess so yes Jacob will marry Renesmee.
not to appose to your answer but i think that bella and edward would want renesmee to be happy and you cant fight an imprint, bella knows what it is like to be away from her love so i don't think bella would never put renesmee through the pain

Rose Patterson said:
Im not sure if Bella and Edward would allow it. I mean, think about how angry Bella was when she found out Jacob imprinted on her baby...she nearly ripped his throat out!! :O

But it is possible...guess we'll never know..... :( x
yes way the bonds between them are very strong!!!!And,they look cute next to eachother!
I think it's a good story line...It would be gross the whole mother daugter thing, but this isn't real life..LOL..The reason he was drawn to Bella is because he was meant to be with Reneseme..
I don't want them too!!!!! Renesme is EDWARD and BELLAS kid last in the book Bella wanted to kill. Jacob for imprinting on her. An let alone that Edward pretty much hates Jacob.
I think so. I mean he imprinted on her and that mean he has to be with her, and also that they're meant to be together. But it would be weird for jacob to mary nessie because like he used to like bella u know =P it's just weird, but I wouldn't mind it coz they would be cute together :)
oh yeah n also wat the hell will their baby be =P half vamp half wolf? kinda weird but i also think that...THAT'S SO TOTALLY AWESOME!
Well right now Jake is sort of like the best big brother anyone could ever ask for. As she gets older he will be her best friend. When she is old enough, Nessie will have the choice to spend the rest of eternity with him or not, but why would she choose not to? How could she refuse a love like that? No one in the world will love her more than Jacob Black does. Of course they will get married.
omg! i hope not! and even if they did think of how wierd it would be if they had a baby.....think about it, a quater vampire , a quater wolf ,and 50% human.....gee i wonder how that would look
Yes, I think that Jacob and Nessie should get married because I knew that Bella was not right for Jacob anyways because he
did not imprint on her.So, Nessie sould marry him!
Dont make jacob become a Phedofilia LOL
Let the story string up just as we've read, it is more beautifull (in my opinion) than fabricate the story into something more weird than an grown up men imprint a baby who just born.

Shari Grant said:
Well not in the movie Breaking Dawn. She is still just a toddler by the end of the film.
Δℓιиα ♱ Ѵσℓтʋяι said:
i very hopy that renesmee will marry jacob and all the family will come (Cullen and Black)
but what kind of baby they will have??

what you think?
I really, really hope not. I really love Nessie and I really hate Jacob. And I got really irritated when he found a way to continue in the story. Why couldn´t he just kill himself when Bella turns into a vampire? And then we could all forget he ever existed and live happily ever after. Honestly, Ness has got to have better taste than that. Though, if she does, I would still love her. Especially because that would mean she's an adult and dosn´t have to stay at the Cullen´s house and that means those dogs won´t have to hang around there either. I can´t wait till they leave us alone!

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