Im sure every 1 wants to know do Jacob and beautiful Renesmee tie the knot when she is older? give your opion yes or no way!!!!

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i think they would be perfect for each other! the hybrid vampire and werewolf ^^

but.. i saw some pics of renesmee.. she is waaaaay to big! she ain´t 3 years old in those pictures!  

I think so, I am hoping for a movie and book based on it.

Of course. Imprenting has an immense power, so Renesmee and Jacob will not be able to be apart. The only thing is whether or not Bella would allow it. We already know that Edward approves of Jacob, and has accepted him into Bella's (and his own) life.

I would love to see how the story would continue with such a spectacular couple (wolf meets human meets Vampire)!

Btw. I just found this free quiz on Twilight:, feel free to add me so we can battle :-)

Totally!!! They will so be getting married!!! Too we won't see it

yes she'll who would not lyk to....?

 Yes, because even though Bella was seriously angry I think that they would allow it because they know that they would be giving Renesmee to someone who would love her forever.

Well, hopefully.  I mean, he has IMPRINTED. His life would be awful if she didn't want to be with him. But probably, because while Bella was pregnant she wanted Jacob around a TON, and then after she was born, she said her need for Jake to be around was "Long gone".


Sooooo, yeah.  Plus I think they are a great match :D And now Jake doesn't need to be a sad sack all the time about not getting Bella.


^.^ heh.

I believe that jacob will marry renesmee.But i guess only time will tell

i think they would, they make a wonderful couple (well would anyways)

If they decided to create another movie between those two, I'd love to see Jacob marry her one day.

yes that would be great and what if they have kids?!

I hope they do they are so cute together ! but Edward and Bella are cuter !

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