Im sure every 1 wants to know do Jacob and beautiful Renesmee tie the knot when she is older? give your opion yes or no way!!!!

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idk man... its weird... i mean jacob was in love with bella ... and he kissed her...and now kisses her daughter...ew
yes-after all jacob should be happy after all he went through-so they better marry
Yes I think Edward will slow

I hope so
Of course! He has imprinted; they are destined lovers and thus must marry! But even if it didn't happen for whatever reason, he'd be there always to protect her and such, which would be more tragic a lovestory than Edward's and Bella's...
i pray that wont happen ,i jst fell jacob isnt the right person 4 her ,so no i dnt .
yes absolutly yes if not he will b hartbroken and he might hurt the somone she falls in luv with

uh ya but have u even read the books or did ur eyes j fly threw the pages they said if it makes nessie feel better they wood

Rose Patterson said:
Im not sure if Bella and Edward would allow it. I mean, think about how angry Bella was when she found out Jacob imprinted on her baby...she nearly ripped his throat out!! :O

But it is possible...guess we'll never know..... :( x
I don't have a problem with Jacob and Ness, but I think it would be fair if Nahauel got in Jake's way the way that Jake got in Edward's way in Eclipse and most of Breaking's only fair ; )
I think that she will. Of course! Why wouldn't she? He will be everything that she ever will need or want. She will be cherished and has been since her bith.
I'm not through the book yet, but if at this point if Renesemee doesn't stop growing she will be old by four so it doesn't seem like she will live long enough to marry Jacob. I will cry if she dies for Bella and Edward and for Jacob,but I don't think that is what will happen if I know Stephenie Meyers.
yes they will get marryed and have a baby before she stops growing(that might be akward for bella)and they will live happily ever after
Jajajaja I wish !! I think that it could be wonderfull !! But I dont know if Bella and Edward will aprove it ...

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