Im sure every 1 wants to know do Jacob and beautiful Renesmee tie the knot when she is older? give your opion yes or no way!!!!

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well, i think so in the end yeah.... i wrote my OWN version a book, a continuation of the saga..... but the funny part is that Jacob has to fight for Renesmee because another Vampire will a new charecte...... h i wish there will be an ORIGINAL 5th book!!
Well i have a couple thoughts on renesmee and who she could end up with there could be 2 ways it could end up one being she could end up with jacob but i dont think that bella would have a problem with it if she was willing to send her away with him she knows how he cares about her so i dont think that would be a problem. But then there is a chance that she could end up with Nahuel but thats only if he comes around to get to know her so that is iffy. but with that being said jacob wouldnt fight it if thats wat she wants because its all about making her happy but the question will be unanswered except for how u think it will be unless Stephanie decides to write another book to continue her story
Sure !! and if i'm Bella !!! i will allow it !! :)
Yes I think they would get married Edward called jacob his son-in-law and nessie loves jacob alot!!! and at the end bella was ok with it!
i think yes they will marry.Renesmee will love him.But Edward wont like that :)
well yeah hes perfect for her (and me haha) and like they say in the book u just cant ignore that degree of love and affection or adoration i cant remember
yea of course they will get married thats how jacob and bella are family thats how they will love each other.Renesmee and jacob will love each other so much how would they not get married?!?!
yes they are made for each otha kinda of like how bella an jacob are made to be with each otha but sense thats not gonna happen jacob still had to find a soul mate
i think so! But, bella was mad bout the imprinting thing but in the end she knew that he is the best for her. And that he will take care of her well. I would be so happy
I definatly think they would. I think Edward and Bella would be cool with it. I mean, of course Bella was mad at Jacob when she found out he imprinted on her daughter but, I think she's cool with it now. As long as Renesmee's in good hands I think her and Edward would allow it.
:O I guess they will get married !

But , after a lot many discussion and problems as a werewolf marrying a vampire will be quite a big thing for all of them !

Hope , they do get married . xOxO

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