Ok, so I looked online if Breaking Dawn is going to be rated R, and the article simply said that it wouldn't. That is good for me, but do you think that Breaking Dawn should be rated R? Leave your answer here!

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I had this conversation with a few people before and I am a little torn.

First off, Stephenie Meyer doesn't really write Rated R stuff, even thought the movie could easy be turned into a Rate R movie. The sex scenes she didn't really go into detail, so I don't think they will show anything much. But one thing that I am worried about is the scene where Bella gets up to use the restroom and starts convulsing, the baby is about to tear its way out, and she begins to vomit tons of blood. I want all these little details in there! haha. I want to see all the gory stuff so that we can get the same reaction from the movie that we got while reading the book. I know that it has to be PG-13 (mainly because that is the target audience, and because the other 3 movies have been PG-13), so I am hoping that we won't loose the intensity in these scenes.


i know it will not be rated R, but i wud so love it if when it came out on dvd tht they make the original version and a unrated version for us older ppl lol. I too dont want them to cut out all the good scenes like bella vomiting blood, the birth of renessmee, or the sex scenes. I know in the book it didnt go into specifics, but come on, anyone tht has had sex can get a mental picture of wht was goin on. I , for one, dont wanna see a "fade to black" moment through out the whole movie. I wanna see just a lil skin

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