Do you think that Kristen Stewart will be able to portray Bella's character properly in Breaking Dawn?

I dunno guys, do you think she has it in her? She's a good actress and all, but the whole pregnant with a vampire hybrid and birth scene is pretty complex. Of course there's CG - but its going to take alot of dedication on her part. Lemme know what you think.

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well shes been doing good so far and if the directors and screen writers etc didnt think so..she wudnt of got the part in the first place
yea she has been doing good, but she's going to be even worse [depression] in New Moon just because of the events taking place. I think she fits the description of Bella perfect...i think she'll pull through. Its funny - I never even payed attention to her until twilight but she's played in a couple of other scary movies.

Julianna Zavatti said:
i think so far shes been doing pretty good but the way she acts on the screen to the way bella acts in the books bella in the books is actually more kind of preppy almost not really lol but in twilight i felt like she was a little too depressed but im hoping new moon will be better. as for breaking dawn i say lets get through eclipse first! lol if she can pull it off in eclipse...and well, then i think she can do it in breaking dawn
I think she could do it. She's been brillant so far as being Bella and she's got a mature head on her shoulders so it should be no problem for her. and she'll be carrying rpattz baby ;)
I doubt whether Kirsten would be able to play precisely.She did pull off with new moon, but that doesn't speak for her best performance in BD where a lot of delicacy is obligatory and would witness perdition if she doesn't deliver her lines.

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