Do you think that vampire hybrid ( male or female ) can have babies?

we all know that female vampires cant have babies cuz their bodies are frozen , cant change ..

 in the opposite , male vampires can have babies like our edward * team edward forever*...

but wht about vampire hybrid Nahuel and renesemee and nahuel's sisters

i think they can have babies... 

male like nahuel can have babies ..he is half human too.. even the full vampire can have baby.thats normal!!!

also i think renesemee and other females can have babies.they are half humans ..their body can change ..they grow up..

i was thinking about that when i saw the discussion * do you think renesemee will marry jacob*

if they got married and she can have babies..wht the baby will look like ?

 *half human , half vampire , half werewolf *...omg , he will be a very strange creature...

wht do you think guys?



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Renesmee had blood and changes, so I would think she would be able to give birth.
I actually thought of this wuestion the other day, and I think the answer is no. I mean, it's true that Renesmee grows, but she is going to stop changing as soon as she reaches adulthood, so I doubt she can have kids. But the males probably can

I think she will be able to, her body will be fully developed in order to carry a child.... awe Jake and nessie babies soooo cute!!

Well I think yes she can because like a human she has blood.. she still changes.. and imo should be able to have a baby. And if she wasn't able to have a baby I don't think Jacob would have inprinted on her, because if Sams theory was true in the book, (i think it was sam or billy) they inprint to make bigger and stronger wolfs.. what could be stronger than having part vampire, part werewolf! But if it was Jacobs baby it wouldn't be half human, half vampire, half werewolf lol. She herself is half human and half vampire so the baby will be half werewolf, quater human and quater vampire! lol So to be picky but 3 halfs would make more than a whole person! If you see what I mean. :)
Most likely.  If her body can grow an d change then why not?  As for males, if a full vamp can father a children what reason could there be that a half vamp couldn't.

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