I think it should be rated R so we can see the honeymoon scenes and there "time alone". HELLO WHO WOULDN'T WANT TO SEE EDWARD NAKED?

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They will attempt to have it rated at the point that will capture the largest audience. They will make every attempt not to exclude any large segment of fans. Sex may sell, but money talks.
I totally agree with you! The honeymoon chapter was my absolute favorite! My vote is 'R'!
ROTFLMAO!!!!! Y in the world would i think you would say anything else. And yes ALOT OF LUNCHBOX!!!!! lol

Mandee is Ruler of his lunchbox said:
I think we need to see a little ass and A LOT of lunchbox.........hahahahahaha If the movie isnt exactly like the book someone is going to get serious..this isnt a death threat or anything but......with this obsession you never know what a twifan is capable of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PG-13 , IN TITANIC YU SO ROSE'S BODY , SO Y NOT EDWARDS ? and im too young to c R movies . . = (
Has found today)))
well it should be R because ir it isn't it wouldn't be like the book and the way the book is it's perfect.
Rather go with R!! We want to see some ass!! Or it wouldn't be like the book, of course....
Yes Breaking Dawn should be rated R. Come on if thay read the book then thay know what is going on in Breaking Dawn and if thay can read it then we can see it in rated R or do a unrated one when it comes out on DVD.But we need to see us some Rob with some pillow biteing and some bed breaking.
Me for one. I have absolutely no desire whatsoever to see Edward Naked.

Or Bella for that matter either.

Now Alice on the other hand......Please keep it PG 13 infact given the storyline of that book keep it rated G to ensure no nude scenes between those two.
definately as long as they stay true to the book and whatever they rate it im sure it will be awsome!! but Edward naked sounds tempting LOL!!!
I think to correctly tell the story as it is in the book it may have to be rated R.

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